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Join Us on our September 24-25 Groundwater Tour

Groundwater overdraft, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and groundwater’s importance during a drought are all headline issues across California that will be discussed on our upcoming Groundwater Tour.

As we travel from the Sacramento region to the Napa wine country, we will discuss aquifer recharge, storage and water recycling, well drilling, groundwater use for agricultural, municipal and industrial uses and groundwater contamination in disadvantaged communities.

Our tentative itinerary includes:


Hear about water recycling, drought-proofing efforts during SoCal Tour

Join us October 8-9 for a two-day, one-night tour of Inland Southern California to see how the region has become a leader in managing groundwater, recycling water and promoting drought-tolerant landscapes.

We’ll also visit Diamond Valley Lake, the large reservoir operated by Metropolitan Water District, the Temecula wine country, wetlands along the Santa Ana River and Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District’s low-impact development facility, which shows ways to build water-wise features.


Learn the Basics and Beyond at Water 101 Workshop

As drought and groundwater issues continue to dominate headlines, gain a deeper understanding of the key issues associated with the life-sustaining resource at our popular Water 101 Workshop.

Leading policymakers and experts will serve as the teachers of this 1-1/2 day workshop on Feb. 4-5 at the West Sacramento City Hall.


Drought Tour is Rare Opportunity to See Impacts Upclose

California’s worst drought on record is a hot topic of conversation but most people only have second-hand information about its real impacts.

The Water Education Foundation’s Drought Tour on September 1 & 2 gives you the chance to personally interact with real people facing real problems in one of the state’s hardest-hit areas.


California Drought Tour Itinerary Announced
Tour to focus on drought impacts in the San Joaquin Valley

Join us for our California Drought Tour through the San Joaquin Valley on September 1-2. Buy your seat on the bus today! Early bird prices good until August 3.

As farmers fallow fields, towns receive emergency drinking water and groundwater supplies are depleted, we will explore the impacts of California’s unprecedented four-year drought on the nation’s breadbasket and what steps are being taken to avert disaster.

Hear firsthand from farmers, water managers, state and local officials, researchers, and community activists.


Drought Tour Just Announced

Join us this September for a two-day tour of the San Joaquin Valley to explore the impacts of California’s unprecedented, four-year drought on the nation’s breadbasket and what steps are being taken to avert disaster.

As farmers fallow fields, towns receive emergency drinking water and groundwater supplies are depleted, we will get an up-close view of one of the state’s hardest-hit regions. The Sept. 1-2 tour starts and ends in Fresno.


Groundwater tour among upcoming events
Save the date for our fall tours and 2016 workshops and conferences

Besides our upcoming drought tour, we’ll be hosting a groundwater tour and a Southern California tour this fall.

Rounding out our 2015 tours will be our annual Northern California Tour and the San Joaquin River Restoration Tour. To find more information on all tours and to register, click here. Buy a ticket and grab a seat on the bus with us!


Fall Tour Lineup: Get Early Bird Prices

Our exciting fall tour lineup includes in-depth looks at groundwater in the Sacramento region and drought-proofing measures in Southern California along with our annual Northern California and San Joaquin River Restoration tours.

Early-bird prices are still available for each tour. Click here to see the tour line-up. There, you can get more information on each tour and register securely online.


Save the Date for our 2016 Events
International Groundwater Conference and Executive Briefing

Our 2016 calendar is starting to fill up with exciting events. We are organizing an International Groundwater Conference in San Francisco next June 28-30.

This international conference focusing on the nexus between groundwater and agriculture will provide scientists, policymakers, agricultural and environmental stakeholders, government officials and consultants with the latest scientific, management, legal and policy advances for sustaining groundwater resources in agricultural regions around the world.


New Western Water Magazine Available: “Countdown at the Salton Sea”

In the May/June issue of Western Water magazine, Writer Gary Pitzer explores the challenges and possible future of the Salton Sea in this edition.

The Salton Sea, the shallow, briny inland lake at the southeastern edge of California, is slowly evaporating and becoming more saline. By the end of 2017, the state-mandated obligation for Imperial Irrigation District to provide mitigation water to the sea will end. Without that water, the sea will diminish faster, exposing more playa at a faster rate.


Go Deep into California’s Water Hub
Join us on next month's Bay-Delta Tour

Join us for our annual Bay-Delta Tour from June 24th – 26th for a rare opportunity to visit the heart of California’s water supply, see infrastructure vital to managing water in the state and speak to the experts who operate the projects. You will also learn from key stakeholders representing a broad diversity of specialties including farming, ecology, history and land management.


DWR to Offer Preview of IRWM Strategic Plan at this Week’s San Diego Conference
Also on the agenda: Frances Spivy-Weber to discuss mandatory state conversation regulations and the importance of regional planning

Attend the May 21-22 Integrated Regional Water Management conference for a sneak preview of recommended strategies from the Department of Water Resources for the future of IRWM in California, based on more than two years of interaction with IRWM practitioners and other stakeholders.

Headline issues related to drought, mandatory conservation and groundwater management also are on the agenda, which features a top lineup of speakers, including keynote speaker Fran Spivy-Weber, vice chair of the California State Water Resources Control Board.


Top Policymakers from Multiple Agencies Discuss Governmental Alignment at Upcoming IRWM Conference
Also, check out DWR’s Tools Expo to learn more about IRWM strategies for the future, funding and more

How do you get multiple agencies with multiple missions on the same page when it comes to water? The importance of governmental alignment will be discussed by a panel of top policymakers at the Integrated Regional Water Management 2.0: The Next Generation conference in San Diego.

Speakers on this panel are:

  • Col. Mike Farrell, Commander, Sacramento District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Gary Bardini, Deputy Director for Integrated Water Management, California Department of Water Resources
  • Gordon Burns, Undersecretary, California Environmental Protection Agency
  • Dennis Grossman, Senior Advisor for Environmental Science and Policy, California Strategic Growth Council
  • Norma Camacho, Chief Operating Officer: Watersheds, Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • David Bolland, Special Projects Manager, Association of California Water Agencies

Get Early Bird Prices on Bay-Delta Tour
Learn about the project that Jerry Brown told critics to "shut up" about

Join us on our next tour June 24-26 as we visit the Bay-Delta, the heart of the state’s water system and the center of the water political debate. Early bird prices are available until May 24.

Gov. Jerry Brown, during a luncheon speech last week at the Association of California Water Agencies conference in Sacramento, told critics to “shut-up” if they hadn’t spent millions of hours studying the proposed plan to install two tunnels to divert water around the Delta to the south.


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We use our Twitter account @WaterEdFdn to keep you posted on our upcoming events and tours, and the top water stories from our week-day news aggregate known as Aquafornia. We also tweet and retweet breaking news throughout the day.


Agenda Posted for May 21-22 IRWM Conference
Check out the lineup of key topics and informational panel discussions

The drought, groundwater management, coordinating governmental agencies, and Integrated Regional Water Management will be the focus of a May 21-22 conference in San Diego. Topics on the draft agenda include:

  • Making IRWM Even Stronger
  • Integrating Groundwater Sustainability Planning and IRWM
  • Finding Funding: Keeping IRWM Alive
  • Multiple Agencies, Multiple Missions: The Importance of Governmental Alignment

Learn about California’s Farmland and Water Up Close
A few seats left on Central Valley Tour

With so much attention focused on California’s drought, water use and agriculture, join the Water Education Foundation’s Central Valley Tour to get an up-close view of the issues.

The Central Valley, often dubbed the nation’s breadbasket, is at the heart of our three-day tour beginning April 22. The tour also offers participants a chance to learn about groundwater, subsidence and habitat restoration as it weaves through key sites belonging to the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project, the state’s two major water delivery systems.


Frances Spivy-Weber to be Keynote Speaker at Regional Water Management Conference
Register today for May 21-22 conference in San Diego

Frances Spivy-Weber, Vice Chair of the California State Water Resources Control Board, will be the keynote speaker at the May 21-22 Integrated Regional Water Management 2.0: The Next Generation conference in San Diego.

Other top speakers include:

  • Nancy Sutley, Chief Sustainability and Economic Development Officer for LADWP and formerly with the Obama administration
  • Gordon Burns, Undersecretary, California EPA
  • Maureen Stapleton, General Manager of the San Diego County Water Authority
  • Tracie Billington, Chief of the Financial Assistance Branch in DWR’s Division of IRWM

Water-Saving Tips
Learn what you can do to save water at your home

With first-ever, statewide mandatory water conservation ordered across California, go to our Water Conservation Tips page to find ways to save water inside and outside of your house

On the same webpage, you can click open other water fact pages, such as our “Food Facts” page to see how much water is used to produce certain foods – from almonds to butter and a hamburger.


See How Drought is Impacting the Nation’s Breadbasket
Upcoming Central Valley tour also features groundwater, subsidence and habitat restoration issues

As first-ever water restrictions are ordered in California, join the Water Education Foundation’s Central Valley Tour to see how the lack of rain and snow has impacted the heavily agricultural region.

Besides drought impacts, the three-day tour beginning April 22 offers participants a chance to see the hottest issues in water up close: Groundwater, subsidence and habitat restoration.

It also provides participants with a close-up look at the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project, the state’s two key water delivery systems.