Water Leaders

Water Leaders

2016 Water Leaders on Lower Colorado River Tour

The William R. Gianelli Water Leaders Class is California’s premiere water leadership program aimed at early to mid-career, up-and-coming community leaders from diverse backgrounds, including members of minority and ethnic communities. During the one-year program, class members deepen their water knowledge and enhance their leadership skills. The competitive program draws participants from across all stakeholder groups and fosters a stronger understanding of the various perspectives on water.

Post Jennifer Bowles

Program Overview

Led by Executive Director Jennifer Bowles, the Water Leaders class brings together 20 or so participants in their early to mid-career from across California and various stakeholder groups. The program deepens knowledge on water, enhances individual leadership skills and prepares class members to take an active, cooperative approach to decision-making about water resource issues. Each class member is paired up with a mentor from a leading stakeholder group or who works as a policymaker.