Project WET


Project WET

The Montana-based Project WET (Water Education Today) is an international, award-winning nonprofit that publishes activities and provides training workshops for K-12 educators.

The program promotes awareness, appreciation, knowledge and stewardship of water resources through its classroom-ready teaching aids

The Water Education Foundation is the coordinator of Project WET in California, and organizes workshops for K-12 educators across the state.

What is Project WET?

  • A publisher of materials and lesson plans for teachers and for children.
  • A source of leadership training and capacity building courses, seminars and workshops for water education providers.
  • A global water education delivery network designed to reach children through educators.
  • A provider of information, support services, and consultation for people who have questions regarding water education for teachers and children.
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Project WET Guide

Project WET activities are designed to engage students of all ages – in formal and non-formal education settings – in the study of water through interactive simulations, use of models and reality-based scenarios. The award-winning, NSTA-recommended Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide 2.0 continues our dedication to 21st-century, cutting-edge water education with 64 activities studying water science, as well as water challenges from multiple viewpoints.

General information

The Goals of Project WET

Project WET believes that informed people are more likely to participate in the decision making process and to make a difference through their actions. Project WET invites educators, resource managers, community leaders and concerned citizens to join Project WET in educating young people about one of the most precious resources on the planet – water.

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