School Age Publications


School Age Publications

The Water Education Foundation offers a variety of programs to teach our students, our future voters and leaders, about one of the most critical issues – water. The programs teach students about the history, geography and science of water. Students also learn about the difficult political and policy decisions surrounding this complex issue. Foundation programs are suitable for students in grades K-14. In addition, the Foundation serves as the California coordinator for national Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) K-12 program.

All Foundation classroom materials are consistent with the standards of the California State Frameworks for Science and History/Social Science. The Foundation’s education director is available to conduct teacher training workshops in the use of our school programs. This service is free to those organizations that purchase 20 or more school programs.Travel expenses are to be paid by the hosting agency and this service excludes Project WET. Teacher workshops can help your organization meet its Best Management Practices requirements. Contact Brian Brown for more information about such workshops.


No-Know Game

Plastic mounted board game that teaches children – and adults – about the source of their drinking water, what pollutants water may encounter as it moves through the watershed, and how to avoid contributing to nonpoint source pollution. Durable 17×22 inch game board. Game comes with four playing pieces, die and 64 game cards.