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Aquafornia news Porterville Recorder

$30 million for Schafer Dam to be enlarged awarded

A needed project at Schafer Dam at Success Lake that was put on hold for 15 years is now going to be completed. Earlier this week, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $30 contract to begin construction on Phase I of the Success Reservoir Enlargement Project to enlarge Richard L. Schafer Dam. The project will be for abutment widening of the dam and also the relocation of an existing road near the dam.

Aquafornia news Mendocino Beacon

Gualala River Estuary conservation effort takes a $2.1 million step toward success

Thursday, the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy announced that it has received three grants totaling over $2.1 million for the Gualala River Mill Bend Conservation Project that they are stewarding for the community.

Aquafornia news Manteca Bulletin

Ripon OKs groundwater JPA with SSJID, Escalon

The City of Ripon is now part of the South San Joaquin Groundwater Sustainable Agency. The Ripon City Council recently approved the Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement, partnering with the South San Joaquin Irrigation District and City of Escalon.

Aquafornia news Windsor Times

Windsor agrees to start the process of connecting wastewater services to Lytton Tribe

It’s been more than a decade since discussions began about what would happen to wastewater if the Lytton Tribe were to have their lands west of town put into federal trust. At its May 20 meeting, the Windsor Town Council voted unanimously to move forward to the next step, creating an agreement to have the wastewater treated in the town’s facility.

Aquafornia news Reno Gazette Journal

Southern Nevada Water Authority: Las Vegas water pipeline plan shelved

Citing conservation gains and a third straw to the bottom of Lake Mead, the Southern Nevada Water Authority on Thursday voted to shelve a proposal for a multi-billion pipeline that would have moved water from Northern and Eastern Nevada to Las Vegas. The vote means the pipeline staunchly opposed by rural communities, American Indian tribes and conservationists is dead – or at least going into a long, deep coma.

Aquafornia news The Fresno Bee

Opinion: COVID-19 pandemic and need for clean water at rural homes

As the world continues to grapple with the most devastating public health crises in modern history, the San Joaquin Valley has been hit particularly hard, resulting in mass disarray. Small rural regions and underserved communities are now experiencing threefold the challenges that existed prior to the pandemic.

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Aquafornia news UC Berkeley News

Blog: Drought ‘refuges’ protect young coho salmon from summer heat

The researchers discovered that salmon survival depends in part on how long isolated pools spend disconnected from flowing water: the longer the dry period, the fewer salmon were able to hang on until the wetter months of fall and winter. And though fewer salmon overall survived the drought years, the researchers did find reason for hope. In certain streams and pools, which the researchers call drought “refuges,” salmon survival was similar in both drought and non-drought years.

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