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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: Feds reduce flows out of Folsom Lake to conserve Sacramento region’s water supply

The U.S Bureau of Reclamation will cut flows out of Folsom Lake in half by the end of the week as water levels at the reservoir near historic lows. 

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Unintended consequences of conserving water: leaky pipes, less revenue, bad odors

Under orders to slash water use amid a historic drought, cities and towns across the state saved about 75 billion gallons in July, eclipsing Gov. Jerry Brown’s once-daunting order for a 25% reduction.

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Injunction against federal water rule may expand

A federal judge in North Dakota is allowing arguments over the scope of his injunction blocking a new Obama administration rule that would give the federal government jurisdiction over some smaller waterways.

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Heat waves and droughts are holding steady, but they’re much more likely to mix

In fact, the longer and hotter the heat wave, the bigger the jump in the odds that it coincided with drought conditions, according to a study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Drought making some California fruit smaller, tastier (with audio)

The drought is changing the size and flavor of California’s fruit.

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State plans tighter oversight to stem Russian River pollution

A newly developed plan designed to improve water quality in the Russian River and address fecal bacterial contamination throughout the watershed will have profound ramifications for many North Coast residents, as state regulators target faulty sewage systems and other means through which human and animal waste may be entering waterways.

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Recycled water catching on in Inland cities

When you wash the dishes or flush the toilet, you may think you’ll never see that water again. In more Inland communities, the chances are good that you will.

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Rough fire now largest active blaze in California

The Rough fire has reached Lewis Creek in the Monarch Wilderness and is expected to move east as thousands of firefighters and air crews continue working to contain the flames.

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California drought maps (graphic)

The Drought Monitor, which collects data from 50 different weather indicators, have shown an increasingly red California since 2011, the last time the drought map was clear.

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Editorial: Central Valley water pumping needs more oversight, now

At Whole Foods stores around Southern California, fancy-produce shoppers are being offered a new, drought-conscious option: “dry-farmed” tomatoes.

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Editorial: California’s doing great on water conservation — but only above ground

For the second month in a row, Californians exceeded the statewide 25 percent savings target. … A massive, unaddressed problem is the fact that California’s groundwater is being used far faster than it can — or will — be replaced.

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Legal Advisory: Deadlines for comments on groundwater issues approaching

The clock is ticking for submission of public comments on two groundwater-related issues being addressed by the California Department of Water Resources.Comments are due Sept. 4 on DWR’s proposed draft emergency regulations governing how groundwater basin boundaries may be modified or redrawn under the state’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. Adoption by the California Water Commission is slated for October or November.

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Blog: Slowly, with Earth pushing hard, a confederacy of concern develops

The role of a journalist is not hard to understand. We are translators. We sort through the myriad details of complex subjects and choose the most salient to build a narrative that is simpler for readers to understand. There could not be a more important era to deploy that skill than now — the dismaying, dangerous, fabulous, primal decades of the 21st century.

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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: California takes new approach on water regulation for pot farms

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife helicopter circled over steep timberland in Humboldt County’s coastal mountains, prowling for potential water diversions and environmental damage caused by what is arguably the state’s most lucrative agricultural product: marijuana.

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A future of dams — Floodgates open to add barriers to combat drought

Driven by drought, California stands ready to build a water system for the 21st century. Ideas are flowing: conservation, recycling, desalination, aquifer recharge, floodplain restoration, storm water capture. But the biggest, most expensive, most popular item of all is the foundation of the 20th century water system — dams.

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Sonoma County residents’ battle with wineries is about more than water

These days, the redwood-shaded creek by Laura and Ray Waldbaum’s house is a bone-dry path of rocks and gravel, its occasional stagnant pools a somber reminder of the salmon that once thrived there.

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California beats water mandate target once again

The number of water agencies that met or exceeded their mandate increased to 290 in July, from 265 in June. … Longtime California water watcher Rita Schmidt Sudman [adviser to the Water Education Foundation and former executive director of the Sacramento-based nonprofit] said the response is encouraging. 

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When the wells run dry: California neighbors cope in drought

Living with a dried-up well has turned one of life’s simplest tasks into a major chore for [Tino] Lozano, a 40-year-old disabled Army veteran and family man.

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EPA: Clean water rule in effect despite court ruling

The Environmental Protection Agency says it is going forward with a new federal rule to protect small streams, tributaries and wetlands, despite a court ruling that blocked the measure in 13 central and Western states.

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Company aims to ship fresh water from Alaska to drought-plagued California

An Alaska company is planning to be the first to ship massive amounts of fresh water to drought-plagued California, potentially as much as 10 million gallons a month. … Water experts in California are skeptical, not necessarily because of the idea but as a result of the cost.