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Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: California lawmakers OK new campaign rules for water board members

The legislation, which now goes to the governor, would bar elected water board members throughout California from accepting campaign contributions of more than $250 from donors with business pending before their boards.

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Drought has state debating its unregulated pumping

Two bills before lawmakers would require some local governments to start managing groundwater withdrawals, and authorize the state to step in if they fail.

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Fresno watchdog sues over Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Targeting San Francisco’s Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite National Park, a Fresno group is asking a federal court to stop the Bay Area city’s Tuolumne River diversions until the Endangered Species Act is fulfilled.

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Drought debate: Homeowner fined for replacing grass with drought-tolerant plants

[Fran] Paxson’s plight is turning up the heat in the conflict between the aesthetics and the thirst of water-hungry green lawns as California struggles through a third year of drought.

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Plastic bag ban opponents up the ante in Sacramento

Lobbyists have launched a frenzied eleventh-hour effort to kill a bill that would make California the first state to outlaw flimsy plastic grocery bags, delaying a key vote and setting up one of the fiercest legislative battles of the year.

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Drinking out of a paper cup

California regulators over the past century have awarded rights to divert five times as much water as is actually available in the state’s rivers and streams, adding to the conflict over limited water supplies this summer, a new study finds.

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Surface water, groundwater, and drought

California law and state government treat surface water and groundwater differently, with both resources coming under scrutiny as a three-year drought lingers.

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Drought prompts Marin water districts to clamp down on irrigation systems

The use of landscape watering systems between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. has been banned by the Marin Municipal Water District in response to a state call for water savings in the face of the drought. And the North Marin Water District has taken similar action.

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California drought stings bees, honey supplies

California’s record drought hasn’t been sweet to honeybees, and it’s creating a sticky situation for beekeepers and honey buyers.

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Amid California’s drought, many wildfires but no disasters — yet

With California zeroing in on a thousand days of drought, people here shifted their gaze this week with a sense of dreadful certainty, from the cracked soil and parched tinderbox at their feet toward a plume of smoke rising from the woods somewhere off Quail Drive.

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Activists call for a county ban on fracking

Orange County activists are calling for a ban on fracking locally until the oil-extraction method is further studied, and Tuesday they took their message to the county’s top elected officials.

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Report: California should prepare for 3-foot sea level rise this century

California is “woefully unprepared” for the challenge of accelerating sea-level rise and could potentially lose billions of dollars in revenue due to related impacts, according to a final report recently issued by the Assembly Select Committee on Sea Level Rise and the California Economy.

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Storm causes hundreds of lightning strikes, flooding in Inland Empire

A summer storm rumbled across the Inland Empire, causing hundreds of lightning strikes, dropping marble-sized hail and flooding the 10 Freeway during rush hour, officials said Wednesday evening.

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Storm hits Riverside County particularly hard

Nearly an inch of rain fell in parts of Riverside County, which was hit particularly hard by the one-day storm that swept through the Southland, according to the National Weather Service.

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L.A’s water ruler, DWP chief Marcie Edwards, on keeping the city hydrated

The Department of Water and Power began 107 years ago, after Los Angeles bought back the civic water system from a group of privateers. Like its top man, William Mulholland, who began as a ditch-digger, the new DWP chief, Marcie Edwards, also started at the bottom, as a clerk.

Aquafornia news The Fresno Bee

Jack Hall, longtime political activist and governmental strategist, dies at 57

If anybody lived the American dream, it was Fresno’s Jack Hall. … He headed former-Gov. Gray Davis’ Central Valley office and was Rep. Jim Costa’s first district director after Costa was elected to Congress in 2004.

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Water district manager wore burqa as prank

The top administrator of the Olivenhain Municipal Water District apologized this week for an incident at the office in which she wore a burqa as a disguise, intended as a prank on a subordinate.

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Helix Water settles longstanding El Monte Valley lawsuit

The Helix Water District on Wednesday ended its six-year litigation with a business partnership that claimed the water district obstructed plans for a wildlife habitat and water recharge basin in Lakeside’s El Monte Valley.

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Jumping in, River Camp unites Firebaugh kids with the outdoors

More than 200 kids attended River Camp on the San Joaquin River this summer in the rural west side town of Firebaugh.

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Editorial: In a dry year, study reveals contracts don’t hold water

‘Paper water” – it’s one of the oldest (and most sarcastic) terms in the world of California water wonks.