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Friday’s Top of the Scroll: Big month for conservation — Californians cut water use by 31% in July

After Gov. Jerry Brown ordered a 25% reduction in urban water use statewide, regulators spent much of the spring chastising water districts for not conserving enough during California’s stubborn drought. Data released Thursday suggest the message is getting through.

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California, US seek permits for giant water tunnels project

Federal and California agencies have filed some of the first permit applications for a proposed project involving the construction of twin 30-mile tunnels to help carry water from the northern to southern and central regions of the state, officials said Thursday.

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Celebration for new Folsom Auxiliary Spillway (with audio)

Crews have completed the Folsom Dam Auxiliary Spillway. The new dam is finished but is not yet connected to Folsom Lake.

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EPA water rules take effect in some states

New federal rules to protect smaller streams, tributaries and wetlands took effect on Friday – but only in some states.

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Judge rules Obama administration water rule should be halted

A federal judge in North Dakota on Thursday blocked a new Obama administration rule that would give the federal government jurisdiction over some smaller waterways just hours before it was set to go into effect.

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Another hurdle for twin tunnels

Operators of California’s giant state and federal water projects are formally asking for permission to take at least some of their water before it reaches the Delta, setting up another bureaucratic hurdle that must be cleared if Gov. Jerry Brown’s twin tunnels are ever to be built.

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California beats water conservation goal for 2nd straight month

Californians cut water use by more than 31 percent in July, the largest savings the state has logged since a drought emergency was declared last year.

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Californians cut water use 31.3% in July, crushing governor’s target

Californians answered the call for conservation in July, slashing water use by 31.3 percent and exceeding state targets for the second straight month that communities face potential fines for falling short.

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California residents cut water use 31 percent in July

They [Californians] are saving billions of gallons of water every day. The extent of this commitment was evident Thursday as the state released new figures showing that urban water use statewide dropped by 31 percent in July compared with 2013.

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Californians cut water without state imposing fines

For the second straight month, Californians exceeded hefty water conservation mandates during the relentless drought without the state imposing fines, officials said.

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South Oroville water agency seeks to transfer water south of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

The South Feather Water and Power Agency is seeking to transfer about 12 percent of its stored water to agencies south of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

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Fresno State study says drought causes $3.3 billion in farm losses

The state’s historic drought has hit the San Joaquin Valley hard, with farm losses in the billions, an increase in health issues and a decline in income, according to a Fresno State study released Thursday.

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Drought-shamed Los Angeles County cuts supervisors’ car washes

After a very public drought shaming, Los Angeles County employees may soon be driving dirtier cars.

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Suit targets company’s plans for California bottling plant

A fight over Crystal Geyser Water Company’s plans to tap water at the base of Mount Shasta is headed to court after a group sued to block the company from starting up a bottling plant that would produce sparkling mineral water, tea and juice drinks.

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As giant sequoias get a drought checkup, there’s good news and bad

[Anthony] Ambrose is one of four biologists whose work in the trees this summer has led various media to report that the state’s drought could be killing one of California’s most famous treasures.

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Partnership to test whether forest thinning can grow groundwater, snowpack

The purchase of 10,000 acres of watershed land west of Lake Tahoe is slated to launch a living laboratory testing whether the answer to drought lies in fewer trees.

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Learning from Sin City: How Las Vegas saves so much water

The clock reads 7:30 a.m. as Perry Kaye climbs into a truck outside the Las Vegas Valley Water District office, a few miles from the Strip. It’s already a punishingly hot August day in Sin City, but Kaye is ready to do the job he’s done for the last decade: Patrol the city, looking for water wasters.

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Editorial: Let’s not make California’s water mistake

California is beginning to mimic strategies that Arizona has employed for years. But our western neighbor also has lessons for us, if we will listen.

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Legal Advisory: Draft guidelines for planning grants released by California Department of Water Resources

With the passage of the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 (Proposition 1), California voters authorized the issuance of $7.1 billion in general obligation bonds for water quality, supply and infrastructure improvements in California. Included in Proposition 1 is the Sustainable Groundwater Planning Grant Program, which will allocate $100 million in competitive grants for the development of sustainable groundwater plans and projects.

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Blog: Effective responses to global water crisis are largely local

In developing effective responses to severe drought, national governments from around the world look to local programs as sources of innovation, according to a group of global water experts convened by Circle of Blue at an online Catalyst town hall event during World Water Week here [Stockholm].