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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: California poised to restrict groundwater pumping

For as long as California has been a state, groundwater has remained its most exclusively private natural resource. … All this may swiftly change, pending the governor’s signature.

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Temperance Flat Reservoir: It’s getting serious

For decades, federal water leaders have flirted with a larger version of Millerton Lake, northeast of Fresno, but money and politics always kept them apart. Suddenly, this affair is getting serious.

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Survey finds almond growers deeply impacted by drought

A recent survey of California almond growers shows that the state’s devastating drought has forced many farmers to drill new wells, rely on salty groundwater and bulldoze trees.

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King fire in El Dorado County grows to 3,900 acres overnight

Firefighters were working to stop the King fire near Pollock Pines and also protect homes as the wildland blaze grew nearly 1,000 acres overnight in El Dorado County.

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Hundreds flee 2 California wildfires

Two raging wildfires in California forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes, including one near a lakeside resort town that burned nearly two dozen structures.

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California breaks heat record since measurements began in 1895

The first eight months of 2014 were the warmest on average in California’s history since record-keeping began in 1895, federal scientists announced this week.

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Southern Californians seek relief from soaring temperatures

A high pressure system pushed temperatures Sunday to triple digits throughout much of the Southland’s valley and inland areas, with a Los Angeles County high of 108 in Pomona.

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Hopes for a strong El Niño fade in California

Long-term weather forecasters say it is now unlikely that a strong El Niño will develop this fall, dimming hopes in California for heavy rains that might bring relief from a severe drought.

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Cutting water use 20% proves difficult

Some Inland communities are having a tough time making headway toward the state’s order to use 20 percent less water.

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City reports Sacramento greatly reduces water usage

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities reports Friday that city water customers saved more than one-billion gallons of water last month.

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Water agencies are learning pools aren’t a big factor during drought

Analyses by various water districts, along with scientific studies, conclude that pools and their surrounding hardscapes use about the same amount of water as a lawn of the same size. Over time, pools might even use less water.

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Uptick in water line ‘blowouts’ across Los Angeles not unusual

Los Angeles is seeing more high-energy water line “blowouts” that cause street damage this summer, according to data from the city’s Department of Water and Power.

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Eel River goes to ground near Fortuna

The main stem of the Eel River snakes northwesterly some 200 miles through canyons, forests and verdant farmland, gathering water from its many tributaries as it travels from its headwaters in the Mendocino National Forest to its terminus at the Pacific Ocean south of Humboldt Bay.

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Marin wildlife study: 100 motion-sensitive cameras monitor animals

The program involving regional watershed and park agencies including Marin Municipal Water District, the National Park Service and California state parks calls for posting 100 Bushnell cameras in open space and watershed locations to get photos of wildlife day and night.

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In drought, ‘pop-up’ wetlands provide bird habitat

For the swirling flock of migrating shorebirds banking to a landing in California’s Central Valley, a recently flooded rice field is providing a new kind of triage station during a drought that’s drastically reducing places where they can rest on their long journeys.

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Endangered turtle pops up outside the Golden Gate, about 2,000 miles from home

An endangered Pacific green turtle somehow ended up hundreds of miles from home outside the Golden Gate recently, possibly drawn by warmer-than-normal ocean waters.

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Major manure cleanup in northwest Santa Rosa

At a former dairy northwest of Santa Rosa, not far from the banks of Windsor Creek, the world’s largest pooper scoopers are hard at work.

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Drones may provide big lift to agriculture when FAA allows their use

When Steve Morris began building unmanned aerial systems in the late 1990s, he envisioned flying them over fields and collecting data that would be useful to farmers.

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Moratorium on new wells? Glenn County supervisor broaches the subject

Drought-troubled Glenn County should take the lead on local groundwater management, Supervisor Leigh McDaniel has said.

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‘Six Californias’ initiative fails to make ballot

A Silicon Valley venture capitalist’s attempt to split California into six states failed to qualify for the statewide ballot, the secretary of state reported Friday.