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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: California water rates rise as cities lose money in drought

Saving water doesn’t always mean saving money in parched California. 

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Drought sends U.S. water agency back to drawing board

For most of the 1900s, the bureau’s [of Reclamation] system — which grew into the largest wholesale water utility in the country — worked. But the West of the 21st century is not the West of Roosevelt.

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Las Vegas completing last straw to draw Lake Mead water

It took $817 million, two starts, more than six years and one worker’s life to drill a so-called “Third Straw” to make sure glittery casinos and sprawling suburbs of Las Vegas can keep getting drinking water from near the bottom of drought-stricken Lake Mead.

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To encourage Californians to conserve, a tweak in wording can help

Officials at the state’s Save Our Water conservation program recently tweaked their “brown is the new green” message, advising instead that residents let their lawns “fade to gold.”

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California’s rural poor hit hardest as groundwater vanishes in long drought

For many Californians, the state’s long drought has meant small inconveniences such as shorter showers and restrictions on watering lawns. But in two rural valleys, the Coachella southeast of Los Angeles and the San Joaquin to the north, farmworkers and other poor residents are feeling its impact in a far more serious and personal way.

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Highlights: Californians paying more for water in drought

Some California residents are finding themselves in an ironic bind where they have to pay more while using less water in the drought.

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Lake Mead hits a new low, but the drought has a silver lining – tourism

Bruce Nelson was just a baby when Lake Mead was at its mightiest. That was 1983 — ancient history to the 32-year-old whose family has run marinas here for three generations — when the lake gushed over Hoover Dam like a desert Niagara Falls.

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Agencies step up efforts to fight water hyacinth in the Delta (with audio)

The hotter summer weather is again fostering the spread of water hyacinth in the Delta this year.

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The flood of water rights lawsuits begins (audio)

He’s a fifth-generation cattle farmer, who bought land in the 1960’s — with water rights that were granted before 1914. But two weeks ago, the pumps were turned off and there’s no water now in his irrigation canal.

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Water agencies baffle conservationists with water use surge

They stuck out like skunks at a drought-resistant garden party.

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Drought drives greater household use of gray water

Strands of silver hair fell into Annie Costanzo’s face as she wielded a sledgehammer against the brick walkway in her backyard. Plumes of dust and debris filled the air, and reddish-pink shards scattered in the wake of the 64-year-old sculptor’s latest water conservation project.

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In California’s drought, canal now flowing backward

The drought has become so severe that water is beginning to flow backward along a major artery in California’s increasingly distressed water delivery system.

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Dead trees and dread: State’s worst wildfire peril east of Fresno

Californians trembled two years ago as 200-foot flames from the Rim fire sent up pyrocumulus clouds visible 100 miles away from the central Sierra Nevada. Burning from August to October, it left a charred footprint nearly the size of Los Angeles — a reminder that the state had just passed through two dry winters.

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Gimmicks and technology: California learns to save water

Billboards and TV commercials, living room visits, guess-your-water-use booths, and awards for water stinginess – a wealthy swath of Orange County that once had one of the worst records for water conservation in drought-stricken California is turning things around, proving it’s possible to get people to change their ways.

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City of San Diego will keep filling lake with tap water

San Diego’s plan to meet state-mandated water conservation targets includes parching dog parks and “nonessential” grass, but officials plan to continue pumping some 57 million gallons of tap water per year into recreational ponds.

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Homeowners want their right to conserve water

While many East Bay residents and water agencies are doing all they can to conserve water during the drought, some homeowners associations have been slower to get on board.

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91 freeway landscaping, irrigation plan criticized

Caltrans intends to plant more than 1 million square feet of freeway landscaping through Riverside that will be irrigated with overhead sprinklers, despite a drought-driven state crackdown on water use.

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Yosemite Lakes Park residents fight water woes on their own

Cracked pipes and burst water mains cost the residents of Yosemite Lakes Park in Madera County over 40 million gallons of water each year. With no help coming from the county or state, the private community is finding ways to make repairs on a budget.

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Silicon Valley struggles to pitch water-saving tech to farmers

Olivier Jerphagnon needed a customer. So he drove toward the farmland north of Fresno, with his marketing director by his side.

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Drought puts California pool repairman who works underwater in high demand

In water-starved California, pool repairman Kevin Wallace might be viewed as a hero in a scuba suit.