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Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: As key California reservoir nears 37-year low, new billboards urge water conservation

Water level at Lake Oroville, the second-largest reservoir in the state water delivery system, is at 26 percent capacity and is approaching its historic low set in 1977, state water contractors announced Tuesday.

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Record drought reveals stunning changes along Colorado River

My partner DeEdda McLean and I had come to this area west of Mexican Hat, Utah, to kayak across Lake Powell, a reservoir formed by the confluence of the San Juan and the Colorado Rivers and the holding power of Glen Canyon Dam, which lies just over the border in Arizona. Yet in place of a majestic reservoir, we saw only the thin ribbon of a reemergent river channel, which had been inundated for most of the past three decades by the lake. 

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LiveCopter3 flies over a scary-low Lake Oroville (with video)

California’s drought has taken a huge toll on Lake Oroville, the second-largest reservoir in state.

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Federal plan seeks to recover imperiled fish

Federal wildlife officials have released a plan to bring back the Santa Ana sucker, a native Inland fish that’s threatened with extinction.

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Stanislaus will take a harder look at well permit applications

Stanislaus County supervisors voted Tuesday to tighten the rules for well permits, requiring farmers outside irrigation districts to show that new wells won’t have a detrimental effect on groundwater.

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Councilman Bob Blumenfield breaks ground on Reseda drought-tolerant garden

Councilman Bob Blumenfield helped break ground Monday on a 20,000-square-foot, drought-tolerant garden designed to serve as a water-wise example for Angelenos amid the state’s record-setting dry spell.

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Make it rain: Cloud seeders coaxing water to fall and relieve California’s drought (with video)

As California’s drought lingers on and reservoirs dry up, small planes are trying to coax the water to come down.

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Water main break closes Beverly Hills road for 7 hours; Los Angeles pipes aging

A canyon road in Beverly Hills will remain closed for about seven hours as crews repair a water main break and clean up after flooding.

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Upland brown lawn case continued to January

A lack of an available courtroom has once again delayed the trial between Upland and homeowner over a brown lawn.

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Rainy weekend forecast in Sacramento after dry turkey day

A high pressure system is expected to remain dominate through Thanksgiving, providing clear skies. However, the weekend looks soggy.

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Dutch seek to harness energy from salt water mix

Dutch researchers are seeking to add a new, largely untapped renewable energy source to the world’s energy mix with the opening of a “Blue Energy” test facility on Wednesday.

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Commentary: California opens door to new chapter in water policy

For California water managers, 2014 has been one for the record books. Reservoirs have dropped to near-record lows, surface water deliveries have been slashed and some communities are rationing water to keep supplies in reserve for next year. But amid these challenging conditions, California voters opened the door for long-term solutions when they passed Proposition 1 on Nov. 4.

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Commentary: Kinkisharyo and IBEW win; CEQA loses?

When Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the deal he had helped broker between Japanese light-rail manufacturer Kinkisharyo International and the electrical workers union, it was a win for the economy in Los Angeles County. But for environmentalists?

Aquafornia news Public Policy Institute of California

Blog: Drought Watch — It’s the heat and the humidity

The severity of the current drought is sparking keen interest in seeing how this past water year (October 2013–September 2014)—and more importantly, the past combination of years—ranks in comparison to other droughts. As noted in a PPIC fact sheet, this drought is one of the driest. What’s more, this drought is so challenging because it has been very warm. … Temperature plays an important role in exacerbating water scarcity during drought. 

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Blog: How much do you use? The story of water

Every five years the U.S. Geological Survey collects data from counties all over the Nation for the national water use report, a thorough document that provides water resource managers and private citizens with accurate information on how much water is being used in specific places for a wide variety of purposes.

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Blog: Using 3D visualization, geologists explore complex areas where faults join and split

On a map of the whole state, the great earthquake faults of California look like a pretty simple set of lines that join and divide in a loose tangle: the San Andreas Fault Zone. … A new paper in the journal Tectonics (open access) has begun to lay bare the intricate buried structure south of Hollister where two major faults come together, the San Andreas and Calaveras faults.

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Blog: 40 Years of the Safe Drinking Water Act — The small systems challenge

When I meet operators and managers of water systems from small cities and towns, I’m always impressed by the tremendous pride they take in their local water services. … In 1996, the Safe Drinking Water Act was amended to create new programs with small systems in mind. Now we partner with states to help these small systems reliably provide safe drinking water to their customers.

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News Release: Shopping on Cyber Monday? Use Amazon Smile and support water education

With Cyber Monday just days away, remember that you can help the Water Education Foundation when shopping online. The Foundation is a participant in the AmazonSmile Foundation program, which allows Amazon customers to designate a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to receive 0.5% of the purchase price of products bought. AmazonSmile provides customers with the same products, prices and services as with the added bonus of allowing you to support the Water Education Foundation each time you make a purchase. …

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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: Neither rain nor snow nor heat sways views on climate science

Freaky seasons and drastic weather anomalies do little to convince most people that climate change is real – political ideology does much more, according to a study published online Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

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Measuring the cost of Claremont’s water take over

As the city [Claremont] begins its effort to acquire a water system from Golden State Water Company one question looms: at what cost? … On Nov. 4, voters overwhelmingly backed a bond measure that allows the city to borrow up to $135 million to acquire the system, which serves more than 11,000 customers.