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Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: State water board passes first mandatory urban water limits in state history

Bringing California’s historic drought directly to every home and business in the state, the administration of Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday imposed the first mandatory urban water conservation rules in state history.

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Things to know about new water rules in California drought

Brown lawns, dusty cars and idle sprinklers loom this summer under Gov. Jerry Brown’s mandate to reduce urban water use by 25 percent to get through the drought.

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Forest Service chief expects busy firefighting season

The head of the U.S. Forest Service warned Tuesday of an “above average” fire season that could cost the agency more than $1 billion and require shifting funds from programs designed to prevent wildfires.

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State Agriculture Board listens to public concerns about the drought

There was very little good news at Tuesday’s meeting of the California State Board of Food and Agriculture. … The board gathered at the Fresno Fairgrounds to hear from the public about how the state’s historic drought is affecting them. 

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It’s final: New rules mandate water savings

After 10 hours of debate and testimony, state regulators Tuesday approved emergency rules to meet drastic conservation measures ordered by the governor.

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Emergency 25% cut in California cities’ water use approved

State data released Tuesday painted a stark portrait of the uphill struggle Californians face in achieving a mandated 25% reduction in urban water use, with one official joking grimly that dealing with severe drought was similar to grappling with the five stages of grief.

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California water regulators approve massive cutback orders

California regulators unanimously adopted emergency drought regulations Tuesday that for the first time will require tens of millions of Californians and tens of thousands of businesses to sharply reduce water use, a response to the state’s unprecedented and deepening drought.

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California needs to turn down the tap, state OKs historic cuts

Californians have a lot of work to do when it comes to water conservation.

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Fresno County supervisors want to cut water for fish

Fresno County supervisors renewed their commitment to getting more water for the Valley by approving a more strongly worded drought resolution they expect other Valley counties will support. 

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Summer power supply ‘looking good’ (with audio)

The California Independent System Operator, or CAL-ISO, which manages the state’s energy grid, releases its summer assessment Thursday. 

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Drought kills 12 million trees in California’s national forests

Years of extremely dry conditions are taking a heavy toll on forest lands across California and heightening the fire risk as summer approaches.

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How to drought-proof your lawn (with audio)

If you’re watering your lawn at all, there’s a good chance you’re watering it too much. 

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Head of Los Angeles DWP apologizes to Mayor Garcetti for criticizing audit of nonprofits

The head of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power offered an unusual public apology to Mayor Eric Garcetti and other officials Tuesday, saying her comments assailing an audit of two controversial nonprofit groups linked to the city-owned utility were “not appropriate.”

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Search is on for those who contaminated water in sea lion rehab center

The Laguna Beach Police Department is trying to identify the person or people who last week put chlorine into the water filtration system at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, which works to rescue, rehabilitate and release the creatures. 

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The empty River of Life (with video)

Signs of the drought in Iran — which, according to experts, has lasted for more than two decades — are not very visible in the capital. … But make no mistake: The city is dry.

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Editorial: Gov. Brown’s latest Delta plan just a massive water grab

Gov. Jerry Brown has abandoned any pretense that his massive Delta twin-tunnel project could benefit the environment, leaving it simply as one of the biggest water grabs in state history.

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Editorial: Trust issues at Los Angeles DWP, and City Hall

After a year and a half of political fights, lawsuits and protests, City Controller Ron Galperin was finally able to open the books of two nonprofit trusts associated with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and reveal, at least partially, how managers spent millions of dollars in ratepayer funds.

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Editorial: Cash-for-grass might ease new water mandates

Despite voluntary calls for conservation, most Californians have failed to take the shortage seriously. 

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Commentary: Fracking — Jerry Brown’s environmental blind spot

Gov. Jerry Brown may prove to be the greenest government official in American history — emphasis on “may.” … But Brown continues to support fracking in the state’s oil patch, and oil production increases. … And even worse, fracking in a time of drought is a remarkable obscenity.

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Commentary: So long, California — The next drought remedy?

At a certain point, one has to pose the question no one wants to consider: Should people — not everyone, but enough people to make a difference — leave California?