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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: Calendar says winter, but it’s hot and dry

Last fall, the consensus was that El Niño would give Southern California the best chance for above-average rains and much less of a chance to Northern California. But the opposite has turned out to be true.

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California’s water supply at risk from warmer winters

Any sign of precipitation in the forecast is a welcome sight for Californians these days. But with temperatures expected to be above normal this winter, California’s snowpack may not reach the heights it could.

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Studies aim to restore habitat of imperiled Northwest fish

Scientists in the Pacific Northwest are studying more than a dozen watersheds to develop templates on habitat restoration that could be used in similar streams to bolster struggling fish populations.

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Recent storms are reshaping beaches, and some are getting tougher to visit

Recent fierce storms – and their accompanying whipping winds, strong rain and extreme high tides – have made a notable dent on the coastal landscape, cropping out chunks of sand and sucking it out to sea.

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Are drought conditions in the US Southwest here to stay?

A new study suggests that dry conditions in the southwestern United States, including the ongoing California drought, may become standard.

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Bridge over troubled Stanislaus about to be inundated again

Sometime soon, and possibly by the end of this week, we’ll again bid goodbye to the old Parrotts Ferry Bridge. It’s been nice revisiting the 78-year-old concrete crossing, north of Columbia State Park in Tuolumne County, since it re-emerged from the murky waters of New Melones Reservoir last summer.

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Warm, sunny Bay Area days don’t mean end to El Niño

It sure seems as though Mother Nature is a fan of Bay Area sports. Is she a fan of ending our drought?

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Sonoma County hopes for return of El Niño

While rain has taken a break, with no significant precipitation in Santa Rosa since Jan. 29 and no more expected until the middle of next week, forecasters say there is no cause for alarm.

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Sacramento topples temperature records, more warm days forecast

Temperature records for the date were toppled Monday at two Sacramento locations, with downtown Sacramento topping out at 74 degrees and Executive Airport at 75 degrees.

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San Diego’s oversupply of water reaches absurd level

San Diego’s overabundance of water during one of California’s worst droughts has reached a new, absurd level. The San Diego County Water Authority has dumped a half billion gallons of costly drinking water into a lake near Chula Vista.

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Marin water conservation efforts slip in January, but still ahead of goals

Marin residents slipped below state water conservation goals in January, but cumulatively remain ahead of targets established last June.

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Paradise water rate hike blocked by public protests

A proposed water rate hike in Paradise has been defeated by public protest. … Paradise Irrigation District sought the rate keep up with costs of service, primarily a $16.5 million water recycling project required by the state.

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Water Department, Navy wary of massive fish farm project

The backers of a massive fish farm off the coast of San Diego are starting to get a sense of all the hurdles they’ll need to overcome to pull the project off. The city’s water department is afraid pollution from the fish farm could trigger a regulatory chain reaction that could cost city water customers $2 billion.

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Outdoors triple crowns aren’t as easy as 1-2-3

The Bay Area wildlife triple crown is to see a mountain lion, bobcat and lynx in a single day. The triple crown of bay fishing is to catch a salmon, striped bass and halibut in a single day.

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Good Washington snowpack raises hopes of calmer fire season

Mountain snowpack came in above normal in Washington state, raising hopes the normally soggy state will not repeat last year’s drought conditions that helped fuel the worst wildfire season in its history, a federal agency said Monday.

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Blog: Is California ready to build its next big dam?

Historically speaking, when the going gets tough, California builds more dams. “If you look at the history of California since the 1930s, every time there has been a drought people have been interested in expanding surface storage,” said Jay R. Lund , a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of California, Davis.

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News Release: USGS increases public access to scientific research

The U.S. Geological Survey is implementing new measures that will improve public access to USGS-funded science as detailed in its new public access plan. The plan enables the USGS to expand  its current on-line gateways to provide free public access to scholarly research and supporting data produced in full or in part with USGS funding, no matter how it is published.

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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: Drought’s hardest-hit sectors may need years of support

The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office also urged officials to study the effectiveness of the state’s more than $3 billion in drought programs to learn lessons for managing the next drought.

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Feds sharply increase flows from Folsom Lake

Just two months after Folsom Lake hit historically low depths, federal officials have increased water releases from the lake for flood control.

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Erin Brockovich, Stockton ‘freak out’ over water treatment

Stockton is not the first city to attract controversy for the use of chloramines, with flare-ups in Vermont, Washington and San Luis Obispo County, among other places. … Federal, state and local authorities, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all say chloramines are safe at levels used in drinking water.