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Top of the Scroll: Worldwide strengthening El Niño giveth and taketh away

In California, they’re counting on it to end an historic drought; in Peru, they’ve already declared a pre-emptive emergency to prepare for devastating flooding.

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Blog: California Indian tribe pursues rights to groundwater

As California implements a landmark law to balance demand for groundwater with available supplies, an Indian tribe’s lawsuit in federal court has the potential to add new layers of complexity to managing a prized resource that is in short supply during California’s worst ever drought.

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State extinguishes fires at whirlwind speed – but more keep emerging

Through July 25, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection had responded to about 3,900 wildfires in 2015 – about 1,300 more fires than the agency typically fights by July’s end, preliminary state data show. California fire officials blame the drought and historically dry conditions.

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The Great Plains’ invisible water crisis

The depletion of groundwater stores also is a problem familiar to farmers struggling with drought in California, where pumping for irrigation has put the state’s Central Valley Aquifer under the most strain of any aquifer in the U.S., according to NASA satellite data.

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Crews battle stubborn wildfires, gird for heat wave

With temperatures on the rise, thousands of firefighters battling stubborn blazes in Northern California could have their gloved hands full this week.

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Crews on Willow fire brace for hot, dry, windy weather

Crews battling the Willow fire near Bass Lake got a break Monday as the fire’s growth slowed, but the break may not last long.

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Landowners fight ban on new vineyards in Santa Monica Mountains area

The ban was imposed last month when supervisors saw an increase in new vineyard applications just as residents in other parts of the county were being asked to cut back water use because of the statewide drought.

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Drought results in Modesto’s ‘negative outlook’ for water service (with audio)

The drought is one reason the City of Modesto has received a “negative outlook” for  water service. The city is using less water and that means less revenue.

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Central Basin Municipal Water District board approves $10,000 contract for controversial former attorney

Two months after appointing a new attorney, the Central Basin Municipal Water District Board of Directors voted 4-1 Monday to award a $10,000 contract to controversial attorney Arnold Alvarez-Glasman who had represented the district for the last year.

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July’s record-breaking rainfall may not be over yet

Forecasters say a monsoonal flow could hit Southern California on Wednesday, bringing more rain, thunder, lightning and muggy conditions into the weekend.

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#drylandsCA – Using dishwater to keep his late wife’s favorite roses alive

We were driving north through Butte County when Rob saw an inflatable swan in a fire lane.

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Burst pipe at Fresno County Hall of Records floods building, forces evacuation

A pipe broke Monday afternoon at the Fresno County Hall of Records, flooding the building and forcing hundreds of employees to evacuate.

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Residents’ contamination concerns spur re-test of former sewer plant

Residents’ concerns about contamination at a former Riverside sewer plant site have prompted a state agency to seek new soil and groundwater tests, a little more than a year after the same agency declared the site clean.

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Could swapping farmland for eco-friendly homes be a cure for the drought? (with audio)

The clusters of solar powered homes won’t have big yards, but instead will sport small strips of drought resistant plants. … The community [Kings River Village] will also have a ponding basin for groundwater recharge. The amount of water recharged could be surprising to some.

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Marin students help Mount Tamalpais, themselves in new summer program

The program is an offshoot of the “One Tam” effort, part of the new Tamalpais Lands Collaborative in which the National Park Service, California State Parks, the Marin Municipal Water District and Marin County have joined forces to care for the mountain.

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Water recedes and anxiety rises after hole opens near upstate New York dam

The seepage began with a bore hole drilled on July 8 by a construction company doing preliminary work on a new $70 million hydroelectric plant planned for the reservoir that is envisioned as a way of raising revenue for the city’s water system.

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Rocky Mountain resorts race to defend their businesses against climate change

[Ashley] Perl, who was hired two years ago as Aspen’s climate action manager, is among the leaders of a multilayered and often unified effort among resort towns to try to slow and defend against climate change while adapting economically to a world in which snow falls less predictably and summer tourism becomes increasingly important.

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Editorial: Los Angeles DWP rate-hike request faces big questions

The Department of Water and Power’s request for a rate increase should face tough questions from Los Angeles leaders and residents.

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Commentary: Revised Delta plan undermines the project’s economics

With investors’ dollars at stake, private companies won’t proceed with a plan that doesn’t pencil out. Government projects move ahead as long as there’s the political will to pay for them.

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Commentary: Drought weary? 5 things you need to understand about El Niño

Before you get too excited about El Niño, here are five important things to understand. We [Water Deeply] interviewed Jan Null, a consulting meteorologist based in Saratoga and a leading El Niño myth buster.