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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: California drought tests strength of Gold Rush-era water rights

Earlier this year, the State Water Resources Control Board ordered more than 1,000 property owners to prove their water rights. This month, the board warned claim-holders to expect curtailments of their ability to divert water from rivers and streams.

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Drought doesn’t stop nation’s most ambitious salmon revival in San Joaquin River

Young salmon glide through shallow riffles in the San Joaquin River, not far from busy shopping centers, swift Fresno traffic and a golf course.

Aquafornia news Stockton Record

Controversial study to prioritize funding for Delta levees

Flooding may seem a distant threat at the moment, but that’s the subject of a meeting Monday as a state agency pushes forward with a study of which Delta levees should be first in line for future funding.

Aquafornia news The New York Times

Drought frames economic divide of Californians

The fierce drought that is gripping the West — and the imminent prospect of rationing and steep water price increases in California — is sharpening the deep economic divide in this state, illustrating parallel worlds in which wealthy communities guzzle water as poorer neighbors conserve by necessity.

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Could Israel’s water technology ease drought conditions in California? (with audio & video)

Could the technology used in Israel that successfully turned the country’s water shortage into a surplus be implemented in California to ease the state’s drought? KQED Public Media reporter Daniel Potter joins Alison Stewart via Skype from San Francisco to discuss.

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Reaching high conservation rate may be difficult for Sacramento area (with audio)

Proposed regulations from the State Water Resources Control Board would require more than a dozen local water suppliers to conserve 32-percent or more. 

Aquafornia news Tahoe Daily Tribune

South Tahoe Public Utilities District faces steep water reduction

South Tahoe Public Utilities District’s (STPUD) hope to have mandatory water reductions reduced drowned on April 17 when the State Water Resources Control Board released revised numbers of California’s water districts. 

Aquafornia news Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Debate over dry farming divides Wine Country

For some, the practice of dry farming — where natural rainfall, not irrigation, is used exclusively to produce a crop — is rooted in history. Yet, it is relevant to modern times as Napa wines that won the historic 1976 Paris tastings were all dry farmed.

Aquafornia news The Desert Sun

Hundreds of water permits expired in national forests

The permit that the bottled water company Nestle is using to pipe water out of a national forest lists an expiration date of 1988, and it’s just one of hundreds of permits that the U.S. Forest Service has allowed to fall out-of-date in California. 

Aquafornia news The Sacramento Bee

Critics take aim at Nestlé bottled water plant in Sacramento

As Californians face deepening cuts in water usage because of the drought, critics are raising concerns about tens of millions of gallons of Sacramento municipal water being tapped by a local plant that bottles and resells it at a profit.

Aquafornia news The Sacramento Bee

$1.5 million campaign seeks to get more kids out to Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area

Interest in the Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife Area, also known as the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area, is so brisk that the Yolo Basin Foundation has had to turn away schools that seek to introduce students to the environmental value of the more than 16,000-acre habitat.

Aquafornia news Las Vegas Sun

What Nevada has done to conserve water may serve as example for California

With more than 38 million people, a multibillion-dollar agricultural industry and a complex water system that relies on multiple sources, including the Colorado River, California’s problems are of a different magnitude than those Southern Nevada faced. But the steps taken here offer a road map to making the most out of every drop of water.

Aquafornia news Statesman Journal

Oregon legislators protest Nestlé water deal

Nine Oregon legislators are urging Gov. Kate Brown to block a water-rights transfer they say gives the public’s water to a multinational corporation for free. 

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Late spring complicates already perilous amphibian migration

Every spring, several species of salamanders and frogs travel to vernal pools – temporary bodies of water created by melted snow – to mate and lay eggs, and the resulting offspring need several months to develop and grow legs before the pools dry up in summer.

Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

Editorial: Legislature, close loophole exempting building projects from CEQA

There are few state laws developers loathe more than the California Environmental Quality Act.

Aquafornia news The Desert Sun

Editorial: Drought solutions must be broad based

California’s water crisis fueled by a punishing drought that is now in its fourth year finally seems to be getting the attention it deserves.

Aquafornia news The Sacramento Bee

Editorial: California water use numbers should flow freely

There has been too much finger-pointing, but if we’re going to target the biggest water users, everyone should be on the firing line – not just suburbanites with lush lawns or farmers with thirsty crops, but also industrial plants and commercial businesses that guzzle water.

Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

Commentary: Shorter showers? Nine more ways the state has to change its water ways

Heading into the fourth summer of drought, water agencies are looking for ways to get Californians to conserve at home. … Opinion asked nine water experts what needs to change about how California handles its water.

Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

Commentary: Desalination plants aren’t a good solution for California drought

As surely as the hot, dry Santa Ana winds bring blue skies to the coast and wildfires to the hills, severe California droughts bring calls to build desalination plants up and down the seashore.

Aquafornia news Marin Independent Journal

Commentary: Our state needs desal more than ever

Our policymakers need to act to ensure we have new, reliable sources of water, and that means desalination for communities with the need for reliable drinking water but increasingly expensive imported water.