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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: Restrictions on water rates get newfound opposition from Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown is picking a fight over a two-decade-old law that can make it difficult to increase water rates, raising the possibility of a new battle over the issue at the ballot box next year.

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Leaky water pipes losing billions of gallons targeted by new state law

With California mired in the worst drought in state history, Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed into law a measure aimed at reducing the billions of gallons of water lost every year across the state from leaks in aging and cracked water pipes in hundreds of city water systems.

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Gov. Jerry Brown orders study aiming to restore parts of shrinking Salton Sea

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill to require the Salton Sea Authority, working with the Natural Resources Agency, to study projects to restore parts of the rapidly shrinking Salton Sea, a huge and troubled body of water considered a health menace.

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California cannabis regulations signed into law

Rules governing pesticides and water discharge will apply to cannabis, newly classified as an agricultural product. [Gov. Jerry] Brown directly addressed pot’s ecological implications in a signing message, saying he would direct the state Natural Resources Agency to “identify projects to begin the restoration of our most impacted areas in the state.”

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Jerry Brown clears way for artificial turf, blasts Prop. 218

With California withering through a multiyear drought, Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed legislation banning cities and counties from prohibiting drought-tolerant landscaping, including synthetic grass and artificial turf.

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Governor signs groundwater adjudication bills into law

Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed into law two groundwater bills, AB 1390 (Alejo) and SB 226 (Pavley), that establish an improved process for groundwater adjudication in the state. Both bills take effect on Jan. 1, 2016.

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Appeals Court puts hold on regulation protecting waterways

A federal appeals court on Friday blocked an Obama administration rule that attempts to clarify which small streams, wetlands and other waterways the government can shield from pollution and development.

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Fines over water use rankle Californians

Cities under pressure from California for failing to slash water consumption enough during the prolonged drought are cracking down on residents. That’s prompting an outcry in places such as this Fresno suburb [Clovis], where officials handed out more than $500,000 in fines this summer for violations including lawn watering.

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Formation of groundwater agency returns to Butte County Board of Supervisors

On Tuesday, the Butte County Board of Supervisors will consider taking the next step toward establishing the county as a local groundwater sustainability agency.

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Drought, community support help save Lake Tahoe shore plant

California’s lengthy drought, with all the havoc it has wreaked, has helped save the Tahoe yellow cress, a plant that grows only on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

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City Hall moves fast on Recharge Fresno water project

Fresno officials on Tuesday will open bids to build a huge water treatment plant, hitting another milestone in what is shaping up as the biggest capital works project in City Hall history.

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California pumpkin growers suffering season of heartbreak from drought, heat

Growing giant pumpkins is a labor of love — intense, peculiar, aching love. And that love has been tested this year in Napa, the nation’s capital for Godzilla gourds.

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California craft beer brewers balance drafts and drought

Amid severe drought, the water board in this Southern California town imposed restrictions on Fallbrook Brewing Co., just as the tiny brewer doubled capacity to meet demand for its craft beers.

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Cadiz chief to tackle desert water transfer project roadblock

The CEO for embattled Cadiz Inc. has a plan to keep alive a controversial project to transfer ancient groundwater in a remote part of San Bernardino County’s Mojave Desert to parts of Orange County and other locations, where it could serve as many as 400,000 people.

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How El Niño is big business for roofing companies

With a mega El Niño predicted to hit Southern California this winter, roofing companies are scrambling to keep up with their work orders. And there’s no doubt that wet weather will be headed our way.

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Calliope Waterworks pitches new technology to save water

Keri Waters said she believes her Santa Cruz startup can help solve the water crisis in the county and beyond. … The inspiration for her third startup was a KQED report where she heard 18 percent of indoor water use is lost to leaks and most people overwater plants and lawns by a factor of two.

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‘H2O Hackathon’ seeks solutions to drought issues

Stockton’s first “H2o Hackathon” ended Friday with some creative plans to slay that monster drought — ideas like text messages that warn you in real time if you’ve exceeded your water use goals, or games you can play on your smartphone as a reward for taking shorter showers.

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Thought the scorching heat in Southern California was over? Think again

Temperatures soared to 100 degrees over the last three days, making it the longest stretch of scorching triple-digit heat in downtown Los Angeles in more than 25 years, forecasters say.

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Q&A: Retired professor runs Modesto Junior College Wednesday science series

After more than 20 years of presenting free weekly science talks, what has evolved into the Modesto Junior College Science Colloquium will lose its founder and principal organizer this spring. Richard Anderson, 71, is stepping down because of health issues, and he is hoping to find a kindred spirit to carry on.

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Editorial: North to Alaska for L.A.’s water?

We must use and reuse our water more prudently and divvy it up more carefully. Ideas for how we can live within our water means, even if they seem a little out there, are welcome — if they are properly thought through and not merely headline grabbers or crazy business schemes.