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Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: New Mexico experience to aid López at Bureau of Reclamation

Estevan López spent a dozen years managing water controversies in drought-prone New Mexico as director of the Interstate Stream Commission and the deputy state engineer. That training was about the best anyone could get for managing the nation’s largest water wholesaler, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, said his longtime colleague, former state engineer John D’Antonio.

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States in parched Southwest take steps to bolster Lake Mead

With a 14-year drought in the Colorado River basin showing few signs of breaking, states along the river’s path are taking new steps this month to ensure that Lake Mead — the Colorado River reservoir that is the water source for much of the Southwest — does not fail them.

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California drought: We need 11 trillion gallons of water in the bank

A series of rainstorms — one of which was powerful and destructive for residents statewide — helped deposit needed moisture to California, but it’s going to take 11 trillion gallons of water in storage to recover from the drought, NASA scientists said this week.

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New York to ban fracking

Handing environmentalists a breakthrough victory, New York plans to prohibit fracking for natural gas because of what regulators say are its unexplored health risks and dubious economic benefits. … Environmental groups hope the New York decision will influence Gov. Jerry Brown, who has largely supported fracking.

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California gets more rain, 1 big mudslide

The latest in a string of storms noisily marched across Southern California on Wednesday, hurling lightning bolts, coating mountains with snow and unleashing downpours that triggered a freeway-blocking mudslide before mostly moving on.

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Storm closes freeway, creates funnel cloud — and dissipates

Snowfall as deep as 10 inches delighted ski resort operators while rainstorms closed a Corona freeway for five hours and even prompted reports of a funnel cloud.

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Sierra snowstorms mark opening of winter recreation season

With a string of storms pummeling the Sierra Nevada, Mother Nature gifted a December dump of powder just in time for the holidays. That means sledding, building snowmen, carving snow angels and snowball fights.

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Bay Area continues wet December, rainfall totals climb

Bursts of rain Tuesday night and Wednesday have allowed the Bay Area to continue to add to its impressive December rainfall totals, with San Jose officially passing a 120-year-old mark to record its second-wettest December ever.

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After big quake, Napa fault could move 6 inches in 3 years

The fault that caused that Napa quake is forecast to move an additional 2 to 6 inches in the next three years in a hard-hit residential area, a top federal scientist said at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco on Tuesday.

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Water district considering another rate hike

The cost of water in southern Alameda County might rise again soon, as the utility serving the area is considering a rate hike for the 13th consecutive year.

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Marin climate change program puts face on sea-level rise

A high-tech project aimed at engaging residents in climate change issues by enabling them to visualize the changing landscape amid rising seas was launched this week at Marin Civic Center.

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Remembering roaring Christmas floods of decades past

Ebenezer Scrooge isn’t the only one to visit Christmas Past. Every season our memory, however imperfect, whips out reminders of oft-told tales from a lifetime of Christmases in the wilds of the North Coast.

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Rain Recyclers saves water for another day

A round black tub sits in David Montijo’s front yard, on a bed of gravel where his lawn used to be. … The plastic container, about 8 feet in diameter, is full up with rainwater that Montijo is collecting from his roof, the first of his Rain Recycler systems.

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Editorial: Southern California’s sad water conservation effort

It’s hard to think about a drought after considering the amount of water we’ve seen this past week, but even if these storms continue into the New Year, California is still dangerously dry. That can only mean one thing: Southern California wants more water.

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Blog: California Senate announces committee chairmanships

Sen. Ricardo Lara has landed one of the most powerful committee chair assignments in the California Legislature, overseeing the Senate Appropriations Committee that decides the fate of hundreds of bills each year.

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Blog: Ten trillion gallons of rain – just a drop in the drought bucket

Somebody called this morning asking me if it was true that 10 trillion gallons of water had fallen on California in the last several days, as reported by several news outlets. Yes, it’s true a Florida meteorologist ran the numbers, figuring 1 inch of rain per square mile is worth 17,378,742 gallons.

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Blog: New challenge — Put technology to work to protect drinking water

Cleaning up drinking water after a harmful algal bloom can cost billions of dollars, and local economies can suffer.  … That’s why a group of federal agencies and private partners – including our Office of Research and Development and our Office of Water – are announcing the Nutrient Sensor Challenge.

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News Release: Secretary Jewell statement on Senate confirmation of Estevan López as commissioner of Reclamation

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today [Dec. 17] released the following statement after the U.S. Senate confirmed Estevan R. López to serve as Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation. … “…  With decades of public service to the people of New Mexico, water management expertise, and an ability to bring together diverse stakeholders from across the spectrum, he is well suited to the challenges of being Commissioner in the 21st century. …” Before López, Deputy Secretary of the Interior Mike Connor served as Reclamation Commissioner.

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News Release: Estevan López confirmed as 22nd commissioner for Bureau of Reclamation

The United States Senate has confirmed President Obama’s selection for Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation. Having served as Principal Deputy Commissioner since October 8, 2014, with all of the responsibilities of Commissioner, Estevan López will now carry the title and formally take the helm of the 5500 person agency that manages water and generates power in the western United States.

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Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: EPA official — Work remains to provide clean water

A top regional official of the Environmental Protection Agency visited a community center in Thermal on Tuesday to mark the 40th anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act, saying much work still needs to be done to provide clean water for everyone in the country.