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Friday’s Top of the Scroll: New $17 billion Delta tunnels plan with less environmental restoration unveiled by Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday unveiled a new version of his besieged plan to build massive tunnels under the Delta, this time significantly reducing the project’s environmental restoration work.

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House passes $35 billion bill for Energy Department, Water projects

House Republicans have passed the second of 12 spending bills for the upcoming budget year, a $35 billion measure funding the Energy Department and popular water projects constructed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

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Senate Democrats prod Gov. Jerry Brown for more drought spending

Democrats in the state Senate want Gov. Jerry Brown to take swifter action to battle California’s drought, such as spending relief funds faster and prodding farmers to use water more efficiently.

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Cupertino-area cement plant fined $7 million for water pollution (with video)

A large cement factory near Cupertino will have to pay more than $7 million in fines and remediation for polluting a local creek that pours into San Francisco Bay, state and federal regulators said Wednesday.

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Jerry Brown’s revised water tunnels plan adds political problems

For years, Gov. Jerry Brown used the promise of habitat restoration to broaden the appeal of his plan to build two tunnels to divert water around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to the south.

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Giant tunnels planned for delta ‘must move forward,’ Brown says

As the hub of California’s sprawling water system, the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta has been the focus of the state’s water fights for decades.

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Environmentalists criticize changes to California Delta plan

Environmentalists on Thursday criticized a proposal by Gov. Jerry Brown to dramatically scale back wildlife habitat restoration involved in a massive tunnel project intended to channel fresh water around California’s delta.

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Gov. Brown’s revised water project heavily criticized (with audio)

Governor Brown sold his plan to build two tunnels in the Delta with the promise that habitat would be restored.

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Salton Sea problems could cut into region’s tourism wave

A diminishing Salton Sea is on course to put a drag on the Coachella Valley’s tourism economy, a recent study advises.

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Legislators tour north state farms, processing plant (with video)

Seven state assembly members toured Butte County farms and a Glenn County walnut plant Thursday in an effort to better understand the agriculture industry in the north state.

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Amid drought, the West is no place for a lawn, as Nevada has learned

When Gov. Jerry Brown ordered that California rip up 50 million square feet of lawns to conserve water amid the West’s deadening drought, the Golden State gasped. Meanwhile, the Silver State yawned.

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Big fines might be next phase of California drought battle

Is California about to get tough on water wasters?

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Orange County officials find that it’s a struggle to cut water use

For examples of the trials and triumphs facing Orange County water conservation efforts, look no further than the personal utility bills of local officials who decide residential water prices.

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Fresno’s water-saving challenge: Conserve 1.2 billion gallons in July

The City Council on Thursday got a reminder of Fresno’s No. 1 policy challenge for at least the next six months — the drought. 

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Los Angeles DWP trusts paid for steak dinners, trips to Hawaii, Las Vegas, audits find

Two nonprofit trusts created by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and financed with more than $40 million from ratepayers paid millions to vendors without competitive bids, overpaid top managers and let them charge personal travel, gasoline and other items without filing expense reports, city audits released Thursday showed.

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Yosemite’s Half Dome opens three weeks early because of California’s drought

Yosemite National Park will allow hikers up its iconic Half Dome trail this weekend — three-weeks ahead of the trail’s traditional opening — because of California’s drought.

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Scientists to study ‘blob’ of warm water off California

The mysterious “blob” of warm water that has developed in the North Pacific — from Canada to Mexico — will be scrutinized by scientists next week during a two-day workshop at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla.

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Editorial: Jerry Brown limits Delta restoration goals, while promising more

Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to fix California’s complex plumbing system took yet another twist Thursday.

Aquafornia news The Sacramento Bee

Commentary: Don’t let special interests dictate state water policy

California’s water system is in a very delicate place – a transition from 19th and 20th century policies and institutions to a system that must work for a 21st century economy and society. Complicating this difficult long-term transition, the state is now suffering a severe, multiyear drought.

Aquafornia news The Sacramento Bee

Commentary: California’s wildfire season now runs year-round

The ongoing drought, the continued mismanagement of forestlands and the nonsensical funding formula for fire prevention have led to a year-round wildfire season in California.