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Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: State high court OKs water cuts on Russian River to aid salmon

The state Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed California regulators to order farmers along the Russian River to reduce cold-weather water sprays that have helped preserve their crops while killing thousands of endangered salmon.

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Judge upholds water for Klamath salmon

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that a federal water agency did not violate the law when it made special reservoir releases last year to help salmon in Northern California’s Klamath River survive the drought, rather than save it for farms.

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State ends one of driest-ever water years

California officials are urging residents and businesses to keep conserving water as the state ends another extremely dry “water year” with no guarantee the coming year will be any wetter.

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Gov. Brown signs bill banning commercial production of genetically modified salmon

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a North Coast lawmaker’s bill banning the commercial production of genetically altered salmon.

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Brown criticized for veto of bill to reform toxic substances agency

Gov. Jerry Brown’s veto of a bill to reform the California Department of Toxic Substances Control is drawing indignation from community groups and state legislators who had pressed for broad changes at the troubled agency.

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Interlake Tunnel bill signed by Brown despite opposition

The legislation, authored by State Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Watsonville, is designed to fast-track the proposal by using a design-build process on the $25 million project, which calls for construction of an 8-mile pipeline between Lakes Nacimiento and San Antonio in South County.

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Referendum sought on plastic bag ban

The ink was barely dry on the governor’s signature to ban plastic bags when foes of his decision filed paperwork with the state attorney general’s office for a referendum in 2016 to overturn the new law.

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North Coast water woes reflected in dwindling reservoirs

California turned the page this week on the fourth-driest water year on record, an occasion marked on the North Coast by dwindling reservoir supplies and restrictions on water use.

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Supervisors skeptical on Monterey Peninsula Water Authority funding request

Monterey County supervisors expressed skepticism on Tuesday about funding the Monterey Peninsula Water Authority beyond what the county has already paid or promised amid concerns about the authority’s past and future spending.

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Bay Area braces for heat wave; fire crews wary

As temperatures ascended and warm breezes stirred the Bay Area on Wednesday, some fire officials couldn’t help but be wary. … The Oakland hills firestorm resulted in 25 deaths and burned more than 1,500 acres and 3,300 homes on Oct. 20, 1991.

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When can a big storm or drought be blamed on climate change?

Nowadays, when there’s a killer heat wave or serious drought somewhere, people wonder: Is this climate change at work?

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Facebook gone wild: Fear and loathing on the King Fire’s social media trail

As the King Fire grew quickly in size the week of Sept. 15, public agencies who were fighting or monitoring the blaze were posting indispensable and timely information to the public on Facebook and Twitter.

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Wet, wild monsoon season ends in Southwest

This year’s Southwest monsoon season will be remembered for unusually intense storms that brought months’ worth of rain in just one day.

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Breitler to lead riverwalk, talk about journalism

The Friends of the Lower Calaveras River are holding their eighth Riverwalk of the year on Saturday to walk the river, learn about environmental journalism, and learn about balancing opposing viewpoints.

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Editorial: Yes on 1 — Protecting a vital resource

Here’s what Proposition 1 would do: finance efforts to safeguard California’s existing water supplies by, among other things, cleaning up polluted groundwater basins, restoring watersheds and expanding recycling programs.

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Editorial: Plastic bag ban, other good bills signed

Gov. Jerry Brown’s efforts to clean up California have been impressive in the past four years, but he outdid himself Tuesday when he signed the nation’s first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags at grocery and convenience stores.

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Commentary: Droughts likely to be new normal for California

Whether viewed from a dry-as-dust ground level or from a sky-high planetary perch, the ongoing drought in California is remarkable.

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Commentary: Water for a parched land

We talked the other day about the most exciting project now going on in California, public or private. That would be Poseiden Water’s Carlsbad desalination plant north of San Diego, scheduled to begin operating next year.

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Blog: Western U.S. governors begin drought discussions

In the midst of a record-smashing dry cycle in the United States, the organization with the most influence over state and federal drought policy wants to do a better job managing the crisis. … On September 18 and 19, the Western Governors’ Association, a forum for state leaders, will welcome to Norman, Oklahoma, agency officials, industry representatives, and technical experts who will offer insight on how a multi-year drought in the western United States is challenging the energy sector.

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Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: October begins water year with prospect of tighter restrictions

As the state ends the fourth-driest water year on record with no guarantee of significant rain and snowfall this winter, Californians face the prospect of stricter rationing and meager irrigation deliveries for agriculture.