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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: California takes new approach on water regulation for pot farms

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife helicopter circled over steep timberland in Humboldt County’s coastal mountains, prowling for potential water diversions and environmental damage caused by what is arguably the state’s most lucrative agricultural product: marijuana.

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A future of dams — Floodgates open to add barriers to combat drought

Driven by drought, California stands ready to build a water system for the 21st century. Ideas are flowing: conservation, recycling, desalination, aquifer recharge, floodplain restoration, storm water capture. But the biggest, most expensive, most popular item of all is the foundation of the 20th century water system — dams.

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Sonoma County residents’ battle with wineries is about more than water

These days, the redwood-shaded creek by Laura and Ray Waldbaum’s house is a bone-dry path of rocks and gravel, its occasional stagnant pools a somber reminder of the salmon that once thrived there.

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California beats water mandate target once again

The number of water agencies that met or exceeded their mandate increased to 290 in July, from 265 in June. … Longtime California water watcher Rita Schmidt Sudman [adviser to the Water Education Foundation and former executive director of the Sacramento-based nonprofit] said the response is encouraging. 

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When the wells run dry: California neighbors cope in drought

Living with a dried-up well has turned one of life’s simplest tasks into a major chore for [Tino] Lozano, a 40-year-old disabled Army veteran and family man.

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EPA: Clean water rule in effect despite court ruling

The Environmental Protection Agency says it is going forward with a new federal rule to protect small streams, tributaries and wetlands, despite a court ruling that blocked the measure in 13 central and Western states.

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Company aims to ship fresh water from Alaska to drought-plagued California

An Alaska company is planning to be the first to ship massive amounts of fresh water to drought-plagued California, potentially as much as 10 million gallons a month. … Water experts in California are skeptical, not necessarily because of the idea but as a result of the cost.

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Cal Am, Monterey County awarded $1.8 million in attorney fees from Marina Coast Water

California American Water and Monterey County have been awarded a combined $1.8 million in attorney fees from Marina Coast Water District in the regional desalination project lawsuit.

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How a 1930s water war between California and Arizona delayed Parker Dam

In 1934, the Metropolitan Water District began construction on Parker Dam, which was opposed by Arizona. The resulting Lake Havasu would feed the new Colorado Aqueduct.

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As wildfires rage and budgets dwindle, more federal funds sought for firefighting

The record wildfire season scorching the West is prompting renewed calls for Congress to change how it funds firefighting, a push that comes as the head of the Forest Service said the agency would soon exceed its firefighting budget for the year — again.

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Largest Orange County jail implements water-saving programs, while some have existed for a decade

Jail officials are revamping the environment in and around the Theo Lacy jail, embarking on a conservation effort that ranges from tearing out grass to testing low-flow toilets and upgrading shower valves and testing low-flow toilets.

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Improving your soil will prevent problems when the rains come

If you’ve tried being green by going brown, things could get a bit troublesome if hopes for an El Niño year develops.

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Water and sewer bills will more than double in Riverbank

City leaders grimly denounced their predecessors for not having courage to charge enough fees in a past housing boom, then voted unanimously to more than double water and sewer rates despite pleas from several upset customers in the audience.

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Far below South Dakota, a cave holds pure, promising water

Hundreds of feet beneath the Black Hills, a team of scientists and researchers snake through dark, narrow and silent corridors of ancient rock to reach their goal: what is thought to be some of the purest water on Earth.

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Legal Advisory: Federal judge halts implementation of Waters of the United States rule

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Ralph Erickson in Fargo, N.D. issued a temporary injunction requested by North Dakota and 12 other states prohibiting the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers from implementing a revised definition of the term “waters of the United States” for the purposes of Clean Water Act jurisdiction. … Following the decision, EPA announced that the 13 states that are parties to the North Dakota lawsuit will temporarily operate under the old regulatory definition of waters of the United States.

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Commentary: How the drought has affected San Francisco’s devastating lack of public restrooms

The historic drought has afflicted Californians in many different ways. … Water conservation, combined with a dearth of public restrooms, has led to an olfactory assault on denizens and tourists.

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Blog: Time for another water bond? Draft language floating

Gerald Meral, a former deputy secretary of the state’s Natural Resources Agency, sent draft language for “The Water Supply Reliability and Drought Protection Act of 2016” to water agency officials, environmentalists and others in recent days.

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Blog: Delta smelt’s unsung relative seems verging on extinction, too

In the past two years, the lesser-known longfin smelt has slipped down to the single digits in trawl surveys of Delta fish populations. The dramatic downturn is likely a result of the drought, as with the tinier delta smelt.

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Blog: The Drought and Californians’ views on climate policy

The California Legislature is considering bills that would expand state efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions. One, SB 32, would require that California reduce emissions to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050. Another, SB 350, would require that petroleum use in cars be reduced by 50 percent, half of the state’s electricity come from renewable energy sources, and buildings double their energy efficiency—all by 2030. Our July statewide survey examined support for the goals of these bills.

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Friday’s Top of the Scroll: Big month for conservation — Californians cut water use by 31% in July

After Gov. Jerry Brown ordered a 25% reduction in urban water use statewide, regulators spent much of the spring chastising water districts for not conserving enough during California’s stubborn drought. Data released Thursday suggest the message is getting through.