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Water truck renters suspected of illegally tapping Sacramento fire hydrant

Sacramento officials say two men could face up to $1,000 fines for illegally tapping a city fire hydrant and taking thousands of gallons of water. The suspected water theft was spotted by city police officers who were leaving a protest at the nearby Nestle’s water bottling facility shortly after noon Wednesday.

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Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: Millions in federal dollars aim to improve long-term water conservation

California is getting about $33 million in federal money for water recycling, irrigation improvements and other conservation projects in a new round of funding for water and energy efficiency projects in Western states.

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Members of Congress from California, Oregon, Washington seek full quake warning funding

Three dozen members of Congress from California, Oregon and Washington are urging full funding of a West Coast earthquake early warning system.

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Rising temps to bring dry end to Southern California’s poor rainy season

Temperatures are expected to heat up toward the end of next week, signaling a dry, disappointing and foreboding end to the region’s rainy season as four years of low precipitation continue.

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Blog: Public meetings on Prop. 1 spending to begin this week

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Wildlife Conservation Board, and the California Water Commission hold public meetings this week in preparation for spending Prop 1 funds.

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Sonoma Land Trust taps Fresno conservation leader for director post

Dave Koehler, who hails from Fresno, where he fought to protect the San Joaquin River, has been named executive director of Sonoma Land Trust, the Santa Rosa-based nonprofit organization.

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Sonoma County gets set to study groundwater regulations

Sonoma County this week unveiled its first formal response to a wave of queries over the past six months about how California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, which establishes the first rules for pumping groundwater in the Golden State, would affect property owners and agriculture.

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Editorial: Desalination needs to be part of O.C.’s water strategy

Forty years ago this spring, Water Factory 21, an advanced wastewater treatment plant, began operation, as did a companion seawater desalter plant. They were jointly funded by the Orange County Water District and the U.S. Department of Interior.

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California has entered fourth year of drought, water experts say

Rainfall, snowpack and runoff estimates are way below average, indicating the state will continue in drought-emergency mode throughout the year, state and regional water experts told a gathering of 120 water managers Wednesday at a forum sponsored by the Southern California Water Committee and the National Water Research Institute.

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As California thirsts, these apps help save water (with video)

California’s drought is a powerful reminder of the vulnerability and precious nature of our water resources. To become more responsible with water usage and waste, a few apps can help people learn about and reduce their water consumption.

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Blog: “Water 101” podcast covers challenges, solutions

What do Californians need to know about our water system to be able to grasp the big management challenges we face—both in times of drought and for the longer term? Jeffrey Mount reveals all in a conversation with Joint Venture Silicon Valley CEO Russell Hancock. 

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Delta farmers offer to take 25 percent less water

Dozens of California farmers whose century-old claims to rivers and streams have assured them a nearly endless water supply, at least up until now, are offering to give up a quarter of their water in exchange for a guarantee that the drought-plagued state won’t come clamoring for a whole lot more.  … State officials have not yet acted on the offer.

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Drought-minded protesters want Nestle to stop bottling water at Los Angeles plant

Protesters rallied outside a Nestle water-bottling plant in Los Angeles today [May 20], demanding that the company halt its operations in response to the state’s drought. A simultaneous rally was held at a plant in Sacramento.

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Commentary: California needs to modernize its major water projects

Say you built a new house. A big, sturdy house, designed to meet the needs of your family for generations to come. After 30 years, the roof starts leaking. The furnace breaks. The paint peels, and wood trim begins to rot. Would you make repairs?

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Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: California farmers propose voluntary cuts

Farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta who have California’s oldest water rights are proposing to voluntarily cut their use by 25 percent to avoid the possibility of even harsher restrictions by the state later this summer as the record drought continues.

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Humboldt County formally requests promised Trinity River flows

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday voted unanimously to send a letter to the federal government making a formal request for its promised 50,000 acre-feet of Trinity River water in advance of another summer of drought and possible litigation.

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Owens Valley ranchers and environmentalists brought together by drought (with video)

The drought has worked a miracle in the Owens Valley, as environmental activists and ranchers have buried decades of enmity to forge a plan to save ranch land — at the expense of hard-fought environmental protections.

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People support water conservation, in theory

Californians widely support Gov. Jerry Brown’s call for mandatory water cuts amid the deepening drought, according to a new poll of state residents — but many don’t know if they can pitch in.

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Tough choice for Delta farmers

A plan under consideration by the state will allow farmers who claim senior riparian rights to continue taking water later this summer, if they will agree now to leave 25 percent of their land barren, or to conserve 25 percent of the water they would normally use.

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Silicon Valley faces sweeping water cuts

Nearly 1 million Silicon Valley residents will face strict water quotas — and pricey premiums for going over — under what will soon be the Bay Area’s most far-reaching rationing plan in four years of drought.