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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: Will El Niño ‘solve’ drought? Not if the rain falls in Southern California

In recent weeks, conditions have gelled for what forecasters say could be one of the strongest El Niño weather patterns in recorded history. Will it substantially ease California’s historic drought?

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Pilot program to offer cash to frugal Colorado River water users

Protracted drought over the last four years and nagging uncertainty over how Lake Powell will fare in 2016 are prompting a cash-for-conservation program to test how much water can be saved in the Colorado River.

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A sunny outlook for jobs in the Golden State

When Gov. Jerry Brown announced sweeping mandatory reductions in water use last spring, some questioned whether the California dream was over. But since then, cities across the state have adapted to the drier new reality by reshaping the way they operate.

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Millions of dollars in California fire prevention money goes unspent

Amid a drought that has created bone-dry conditions across much of California’s wildland area, a state fire prevention account has ended recent fiscal years with tens of millions of dollars unspent.

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Mendota water rally calls for special legislative session

More than 300 farmers, workers and elected officials from throughout the Valley gathered Friday at Rojas Pierce Park in Mendota to urge Gov. Jerry Brown to call a special legislative session to deal with California’s water crisis.

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‘A State of Drought’: Coachella Valley grapples with shrinking water supplies

This is a valley [Coachella Valley] that water built. … Few places in California better symbolize the tension over the urge to grow and the growing thirst for diminishing water — the focus of the latest installment of this newspaper’s ongoing series, “A State of Drought.”

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Californians digging deep to slash water usage during drought

Californians aren’t letting their water crisis go to waste. … In so doing they demonstrate what’s possible for Arizonans and others with water shortages looming ahead.

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Dust and desperation: How the drought is hurting health

Four years of drought in California is wearing on the bodies and minds of the people who live in the San Joaquin Valley.

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Once a fishing paradise, Salton Sea withers in California drought

Long gone are the luxury boats that drew stars inland from Hollywood to this accidental sea that first filled with Colorado River water after a massive 1905 canal breach. … The Southwest’s worsening water shortage will make saving the Salton Sea difficult, because any fix requires water from an over-stressed Colorado River.

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Letter alleges water theft by Caltrans subcontractor

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is set to approve a letter of concern to Caltrans on Tuesday after one of the transportation agency’s subcontractors was allegedly witnessed drawing up to 11,000 gallons of water from a Miranda fire hydrant into their service vehicle without authorization from the town’s service district.

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More California winemakers using less water to grow grapes

The grape vines that grower Frank Leeds tends in Napa Valley stand among the unheralded heroes of California’s drought, producing decade after decade of respected Cabernets and other wines without a drop of added water.

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San Jose’s tough conservation rules have few appeals so far

When San Jose Water Company, which provides water to 1 million people in San Jose and nearby cities, held a public meeting to announce its summer water conservation rules in May, more than 350 people — most of them angry — turned out.

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Fresno misses goal for September water cutbacks

Fresno water conservation fell to 22.3 percent in September, missing the 28 percent state-ordered target and raising concerns among city officials.

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Temecula: Water district might reduce drought surcharge

The Rancho California Water District is looking at reducing – and eventually eliminating – the drought surcharge added to bills to shield the district from the actions of its water wholesaler, the Metropolitan Water District.

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New turbulence in water dispute

The agencies that work together to push water through Stockton taps have had, at times, an antagonistic relationship.

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Santa Cruz water supply group approves recommendations

The 18 months it took a group of community members to research and recommend potential future water supply options for Santa Cruz were convoluted, complicated and often contentious.

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Lake Tahoe and El Niño: forecasters sound off

Fall is in the air and the El Niño winter hype machine has begun. Will this be the end of four down snow years in the Tahoe Basin?

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Federal court: Intent matters in migratory-bird deaths

The decision by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals runs contrary to two other federal courts’ interpretations of the 1918 Migratory Bird Treaty Act and could save companies that operate wind farms, power transmission lines and other methods of energy production millions in research – at the risk of more bird deaths.

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Threatened desert tortoises released into the wild

The tortoise was the last of 35 hatchlings released into the wild during the past two weeks as part of a program aimed at increasing the threatened species’ population in the Mojave Desert.

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California drought revives a river — and a poignant history (with video & audio)

California’s relentless four-year drought has had some unexpected consequences. It’s uncovered lost bits of history — ancient petroglyphs and remnants of mining towns at the bottom of reservoirs. And in the canyons of the Sierra foothills, the legendary rapids of the Stanislaus River are back.