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Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: Feinstein water policy bill could signal a compromise in sight

Sen. Dianne Feinstein filed a 184-page water policy bill Wednesday, calling it one of the most difficult bills she’s worked on in 23 years representing California.

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Obama proposes new approaches to Western water shortages

Spurning dams for research in water technology, President Obama laid out a striking contrast Tuesday to the strategies adopted by California lawmakers in both parties on how to remedy Western water shortages.

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House backs bill to require EPA notification in lead cases

The House on Wednesday approved legislation to clarify the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to notify the public about danger from lead in their drinking water – the first action by Congress to respond to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

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Unsafe lead levels in tap water not limited to Flint

Adjusted for inflation, the $100 million annual budget of the E.P.A.’s drinking water office has fallen 15 percent since 2006, and the office has lost more than a tenth of its staff. States are equally hard hit.

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Sen. Dianne Feinstein tries yet again with California water bill

Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Wednesday relaunched a big California water bill, in what might be cast as the triumph of hope over experience.

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Rain brings relief from toxic algae at East Bay swim lakes

Heavy rain and cold this El Niño winter have purged three East Bay swim lakes of toxic algae that flourished in the drought last year and led to swim bans, lost lifeguard jobs and changed vacation plans.

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Stockton to consider 26 percent water rate hike

City [of Stockton] water officials are about to propose a significant rate increase, in part because residents have saved so much water during the historic drought.

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Sacramento utilities commission favors water, wastewater rate increase

Sacramento’s Utilities Rate Advisory Commission on Wednesday night passed a water and wastewater rate increase proposal along to the City Council for consideration.

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Drying out of the American Southwest

Apart from its few rivers, it’s [the American Southwest] inherently dry, even parched—and, according to a new study conducted by scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, getting drier as a result of less frequent storms.

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Flint residents’ broken faith: ‘The people we trusted failed us’ (with audio)

The damaged pipes continue to contaminate the water, and it could take months — or years — to repair and rebuild the water system. It could take even longer to rebuild something more abstract: trust, between citizens and their government.

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Rare weather event produces spontaneous snowballs in Idaho

Thousands of snowballs rolled in a flat central Idaho field look like the work of hundreds of ambitious kids – except there are no human tracks.

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Commentary: Too much rain is going to waste

After months of hopeful predictions, El Niño is delivering our state much-needed snow and rain. … Sadly, federal and state regulators are letting this precious moment slip by, letting water flow out to the Pacific Ocean.

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Legal Commentary: California State Water Board issues directive on submitting information to adjust conservation standards

The State Water Resources Control Board released a fact sheet Wednesday detailing the information urban water suppliers will need to submit to receive a conservation standard adjustment under the recently adopted emergency water conservation regulation, which extends water conservation mandates through October. … The Board also released a preliminary analysis of each urban water supplier’s conservation tier as it relates to the extended regulation. 

Aquafornia news Circle of Blue

Blog: Strength of new EPA lead rule depends on accountability

The scandal in Flint, Michigan, erupting with galling revelations every day, is drawing national attention to the danger and prevalence of lead pipes in American water systems at the same time that the U.S Environmental Protection Agency is revising federal regulations for lead in drinking water.

Aquafornia news Water Deeply

Blog: Loophole in water law opens way for bottling plant

A large beverage bottling operation could receive a free pass to use all it wants of a small Northern California community’s groundwater supply, thanks to an obscure allowance in state water laws and a protective trade agreement.

Aquafornia news Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC)

Blog: Reforming federal drought management (with video)

The federal government is a key partner in just about every aspect of western water management. … The fed’s role in managing droughts in the West was the topic of a seminar in Washington, DC, last week, a joint effort of Resources for the Future and the PPIC Water Policy Center.

Aquafornia news U.S. Geological Survey

News Release: President’s 2017 budget proposes $1.2 billion for USGS

The FY 2017 USGS budget request provides an increase of $17.3 million above the FY2016 enacted level for Water Resources research for a total of $228 million. The budget requests $60.2 million for Water Resources programs to use in matching State, municipality, and Tribal contributions for cooperative water efforts.

Aquafornia news NOAA Fisheries

News Release: New action plans outline recovery efforts for eight ‘Species in the Spotlight’

Today [Feb. 10], NOAA Fisheries released new five-year action plans for the eight marine species identified as among the most at risk of extinction through NOAA’s Species in the Spotlight.

Aquafornia news Public Policy Institute of California

Publication: Floods in California

California is a flood-prone state. Most of California is vulnerable to floods. Every county has been declared a flood disaster area multiple times.

Aquafornia news McClatchy Washington, D.C., Bureau

Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: Obama’s budget plan serves California some familiar fare

The $4.1 trillion spending plan offers familiar funding levels for border control, Central Valley levees, Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta restoration and military base improvements.