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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: Poll — California’s drought heavy on the mind

California’s punishing drought has taken a firm grip on the electorate’s conscience, with more than 3 in 4 voters describing the state’s water shortage as extremely serious, according to a new poll.

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Scholars urge more research on future of Colorado River

A coalition of scholars across the West is urging the federal government to partner with the National Academy of Sciences to study the future of the Colorado River, including if climate change is leading to reduced stream flow.

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New mining law may prompt litigation actions

Among the batch of bills signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last week is one that sets new water quality regulations on certain types of mining popular in the North Coast area and could result in the state lifting its ban on new mining activity that began in 2009. 

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A culture of nagging helps California save water

Californians sharply cut water use this summer, prompting state officials to credit their new conservation policies and the sting of thousands of warnings and penalties that they had issued to people for overuse. But the most effective enforcers may be closer to home: the domestic water police.

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Groundwater replenishment project forges ahead of desal project in PUC review

A groundwater replenishment project aimed at providing the Monterey Peninsula with potable recycled water continued to forge ahead of California American Water’s desalination project during a state Public Utilities Commission hearing Monday.

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Study tells the Delta’s little-known story

The [Delta Protection Commission] project included the commissioning of four scholarly essays about the Delta, containing hundreds of pages of details that in some cases are little-known even to those living there.

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Evidence mounts for El Niño that could ease Calif. drought

Evidence is mounting that the El Nino ocean-warming phenomenon in the Pacific will spawn a rainy winter in California, potentially easing the state’s punishing drought but also bringing the risk of chaotic storms like those that battered the region in the late 1990s.

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‘Ridiculously Resilient Ridge’ retires, making room for rain (with audio)

The high pressure system that has shunted storms away from California for much of the past four years has dissipated, possibly for a long time.

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Hyacinth forces holiday boat parade cancellation again

Monday’s announcement was a blow for those hoping that an extra $4 million dedicated to hyacinth control efforts and a more aggressive schedule for applying herbicides would lead to noticeable improvement in 2015.

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Drought takes a toll on the giant pumpkins of Half Moon Bay (with video)

On top of everything else the drought gets blamed for, add the not-quite-as-giant pumpkins of Half Moon Bay.

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California contest dubs 1,969-pound pumpkin the plumpest

Steve Daletas of Pleasant Hill, Oregon, won $12,000 for his lumpy, 1,969-pound pumpkin. … With California in its fourth year of drought, some said the dry soil deflated their pumpkin-growing dreams.

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Editorial: Twin tunnels plan continues to mystify

If a team of intelligent scientists can’t really figure out the governor’s so-called twin tunnels plan, what hope does the state’s citizenry have?

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Commentary: State water commission comes to Clovis Oct. 14

The passage of Proposition 1 is a promise to make things better. The largest component was the $2.7 billion set aside to fund the public benefits of increased statewide storage. The commission I [Joe Del Bosque] serve on, the California Water Commission, is the state agency tasked with allocating those funds. 

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Commentary: Water battle pits pot against fish

As the state moves toward taxing marijuana growers for the first time, those same growers also are starting to face restrictions on water use, just like farmers of more conventional crops.

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Commentary: Laundry liberation — California becomes a ‘right to dry’ state

On Thursday, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that gives Californians the right to hang their laundry on clotheslines. … Monday in Sun Valley, I [Robin Abcarian] met up with the bill’s author, San Fernando Democratic Assemblywoman Patty Lopez.

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Commentary: IRS may come knocking for some taxpayers who receive turf rebates

When the Metropolitan Water District offered her a $4,210 rebate for the swap, the project seemed to make financial sense. … But the calculation of conservation changed when [Tina] House realized that Uncle Sam could pocket much of her rebate.

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Commentary: Deforestation and drought

Drought is usually thought of as a natural disaster beyond human control. But as researchers peer deeper into the Earth’s changing bioclimate — the vastly complex global interplay between living organisms and climatic forces — they are better appreciating the crucial role that deforestation plays.

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Commentary: Salvage logging is first step to recovery after fires

As California nears the end of another devastating wildfire season, it’s important that we understand the comprehensive nature of wildfire and how it impacts our forests.

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Blog: Healthy soils reduce water pollution

On a bright October morning in a hotel parking lot, Greg Scott turns on the rainfall simulator. … A soil scientist with the Oklahoma Conservation Commission and a cattle rancher, Scott uses the contraption, hauled like a magician’s prop out of a trailer and onto the asphalt lot, to demonstrate how biologically diverse, untilled soils that are rich in organic matter can help solve agriculture’s twin challenges of water pollution and water scarcity.

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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: Restrictions on water rates get newfound opposition from Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown is picking a fight over a two-decade-old law that can make it difficult to increase water rates, raising the possibility of a new battle over the issue at the ballot box next year.