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Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: Sen. Feinstein introduces $1.3-billion Calif. drought-relief bill

 Sen. Dianne Feinstein filed her long-awaited legislative response to California’s water crisis on Wednesday, hoping to broker a compromise that has eluded Congress through four years of fallow fields and brown lawns.

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Calif. to release June water-savings report amid drought

California regulators were expected Thursday to announce how much water cities conserved in June — the first month of mandatory cutbacks during the drought.

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Raising Shasta Dam too expensive for federal government

The federal government will not pay the nearly $1.3 billion to raise the height of Shasta Dam up to 18 1/2 feet, according to a report released Wednesday on the feasibility of the project. While the final feasibility report says raising the height of the dam would be feasible, it stops short of recommending approval because of cost and financing issues.

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Salmon surveys find low fish counts on Salmon, Trinity rivers

With recent fish counting surveys on two Klamath River tributaries showing alarmingly low numbers for one of the last wild Chinook salmon runs, local fisheries experts are growing increasingly concerned about the effects of the ongoing statewide drought and the possibility of a devastating fish kill in the near future when fall-run salmon begin to enter the system. 

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Drought top issue; partisanship roils greenhouse gas law

As the state suffers through its fourth year of drought, most Californians say the lack of water is the single most important environmental issue facing the state, a dramatic increase over the number who expressed similar concerns a year ago. A survey by the nonprofit Public Policy Institute of California reported that 58 percent of Californians ranked the drought as the top issue — up 23 points from July 2014 and up 50 points from July 2011.

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Most Californians link climate change, drought; split is partisan

Nearly two-thirds of Californians say global warming is contributing to the state’s drought, but there’s a distinct partisan divide, according to a survey released Wednesday. … When it comes to drought-fighting measures that hit closer to home, the survey found strong support …

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Colorado River conservation program could get financial boost

Water officials insist a pilot program designed to save Colorado River water and boost Lake Mead and Lake Powell is off to such a promising start that they are already looking to pour more money into it.

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Salton Sea remedy document draft is released

Call it a first step. … The Imperial Irrigation District has released a 260-page document that provides short, medium and long-term plans to avert a health crises and spur the development of up to 1,700 megawatts of new geothermal energy at the Salton Sea.

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​Farmers, fighting back, say they’re unfairly blamed for worsening drought

California’s agricultural industry this week returned fire with a PR campaign that seeks to emphasize strides in conservation made by farmers in recent years.

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El Niño contributing to ‘monsoon on steroids’ behind Southland’s humid weather

Yes, it’s hot, but the real story is the humidity. California is experiencing a particularly muggy, sticky summer, and some experts say rising ocean temperatures are at least partly to blame.

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Rocky Fire in Lake County explodes to 8,000 acres

In less than 24 hours, the Rocky Fire burning in rugged terrain east of Lower Lake in Lake County has quickly spread.

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Extreme heat challenges firefighters in Sacramento region

The temperature in the Sacramento region hit a record 107 degrees on Wednesday, challenging crews fighting fires throughout the region.

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Environmental hurdle adds a year to SMUD’s massive $800 million Iowa Hill hydroelectric project

SMUD’s big bet on a system to store energy by pumping water uphill just got a little more complicated. The state wants the Sacramento Municipal Utility District to monitor groundwater at the site, a remote spot near Camino, for an entire year before moving ahead.

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Bridge collapse recalls earlier desert flood disasters

In the eons prior to the turn of the 20th century, the Whitewater and San Gorgonio rivers and their tributaries sent flood and storm waters rushing into the Coachella Valley, spreading tremendous volumes of water harmlessly across the desert floor.

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Q&A: Calif. is falling apart; here’s why

Steven P. Erie, a political science professor at UC San Diego, says that if California infrastructure were a student in his class, he’d give it an “F.” 

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California’s drought spurs unexpected effect: Eco-friendly development (with audio)

The drought in California has gone on so long, and is so severe, that it’s beginning to change the way people are designing residential communities — in unexpected ways, and unexpected places.

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Editorial: Step outside – climate change is here

If global warming doesn’t feel like a threat by now, it ought to. … Californians mostly grasp the problem.

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Commentary: My farm, my family and the drought

This year’s crop includes Pima cotton, wheat, almonds, cantaloupes and onions. The most common question I [Paul Betancourt] get is some variation of, “How are you doing with the drought?” … My point is not to pick a fight over last year’s groundwater bill.

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Blog: Sites Reservoir in Northern Calif. is 20th-century idea trying to fit the 21st

Almost 40 years after it began operation, California’s four-year drought has turned the state’s fourth largest reservoir, capable of storing 2.4 million acre-feet of water, into a shallow brown pool that holds 343,000 acre-feet, less than 15 percent of its capacity.

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Blog: Another San Joaquin Valley water leader resigns

The KRCD [Kings River Conservation District] general manager [Dave Orth] is the third water leader to leave a high-profile post this year in the San Joaquin Valley. The other departing executives are Ron Jacobsma, general manager of Friant Water Authority, and Dan Nelson, executive director of the San Luis & Delta Mendota Water Authority.