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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: State revives plan for Delta barriers to fight seawater intrusion

The drought has spurred California to revive controversial plans to build rock dams across three Delta waterways in an effort to prevent seawater from degrading drinking water for 25 million people — including those in San Jose, Concord, and Livermore.

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Record-setting rainless January sparks fears, fire

Firefighters halted the blaze early Monday before it could do serious damage, but the evacuations punctuated a January that is poised to go down as the driest in California history, giving rise to summerlike conditions — including the threat of wildfire — even as the Northeast is hit with a paralyzing blast of snow.

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Sites Reservoir in a waiting game

Sites Reservoir is in a holding pattern as project leaders wait for the state to settle on regulations for distributing funds from last year’s $7.5 billion water bond.

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Commentary: A letter home from the state’s natural resources chief

This month I [John Laird] start my fifth year as California’s Secretary for Natural Resources. … Many major issues we face are not chosen by us. Nothing better describes that than being on point for the issues of water and fire amidst the three driest years in California history.

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As drought persists, conservation nonprofit tests system in Mill Valley

A Mill Valley home has been fitted with a series of pipes and valves to send shower, sink and clotheswasher graywater to landscaping in an effort to conserve limited supplies of fresh water from Mount Tamalpais and the Russian River used by Marin residents.

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Levee project gets $44 million

California has committed another $44 million to the Feather River West Levee project — not the entirety of the funding the project needs but enough for construction to continue unhindered in 2015.

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New county panel to lobby on Salinas Valley water advocacy

From building a tunnel connecting two south county reservoirs to clearing the Salinas River and dealing with its half-century-old river diversion permit to managing the Salinas Valley groundwater basin — not to mention the promise of a recently approved $7.5 billion state water bond — Monterey County and its water resources agency are facing an unprecedented number of crucial water-related issues.

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Marin heads toward near-record dry January

Since the last of a series of rainstorms on Dec. 18, only 0.23 of an inch of rain has fallen, as measured by the Marin Municipal Water District at Lake Lagunitas.

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MID subsidy will come under microscope

Fairness of prices charged by the Modesto Irrigation District for its two core services – water and power – will be examined at public workshops starting Tuesday morning.

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DWR announces $150 million available for Central Valley urban flood protection projects

Sacramento and San Joaquin valley agencies seeking to reduce flood risk in local cities and suburbs may be eligible for a portion of $150 million in state funds for flood management efforts, the Department of Water Resources announced today [Jan. 26].

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In Los Angeles DWP overbilling, customers file 2 class-action lawsuits

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power customers have filed two class-action lawsuits claiming they were overcharged by the DWP’s troubled computer billing system.

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Central Basin delays decision on hiring attorney

The Central Basin Municipal Water District board voted to extend the contract for its controversial interim attorney for five months while an outside law firm reviews the proposed contract.

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Rain moves into Los Angeles area; first of two storms

The first of two small rainstorms moved into the Los Angeles area Monday afternoon.

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How the smell of rain bubbles from the ground (with video)

A familiar scent fills the air after a dry stretch is broken by a summer rain. There is even a word for this fresh, earthy smell: petrichor.

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Portland brewers to make beer with treated sewage (with video)

Oregon is known for specialty beers. But what about a beer made with sewer water? … It’s all part of a competition Washington County’s Clean Water Services is putting on to demonstrate different uses for its recycled water.

Aquafornia news The Fresno Bee

Blog: Farm water agency reacts to drought with changes at top

In drought-scarred farm country, there has been a shakeup at the Friant Water Authority, which represents 15,000 east San Joaquin Valley growers who got no river water last year.

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Blog: Demystifying mist as a source of water supply

In some of the world’s driest places, atmospheric moisture is a major source of water for native ecosystems. … Some drought-minded California residents along the coast, perhaps yearning for a clear ocean view, have suggested harvesting fog as a water supply.

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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: Dry January starts familiar feeling of dread among farm water leaders

Facing a fourth drought year and maybe the driest January on record, farm water leaders hope storms are on the way, but they saw a dry January last year and got no water from the federal Central Valley Project. … In late February, the bureau [of Reclamation] makes a forecast of summer water delivery.

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Agency to invest in treating water for chromium-6

The Coachella Valley Water District is about to embark on its costliest infrastructure project ever, designing water treatment plants to remove a potentially hazardous heavy metal from the water supply in places from Rancho Mirage to Thermal. … The water district, like many others across the state, is taking steps to comply with a new safe drinking water limit for chromium-6 set by the California Department of Public Health.

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Marijuana grows inspected near Eel River

A multi-agency partnership, involving state and local agencies, this week finished inspections of 14 private properties with active marijuana grow operations along Sproul Creek within the Eel River watershed.