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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: California’s groundwater law will get governor’s OK Tuesday

Gov. Jerry Brown will sign a landmark measure Tuesday to regulate groundwater pumping, enacting the most significant California water law in nearly 50 years.

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EPA administrator pushes for water rules

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy said Monday she’s not backing down on her agency’s efforts to implement a new rule that would assert regulatory authority over many of the nation’s streams and wetlands despite criticisms that it amounts to a federal water grab.

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California drought: Dramatic before-and-after photos

California is in a historic three-year drought, and recent photos taken in Northern California put a visual exclamation mark on the issue.

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Northern California wildfire devastates town

This scenic town [Weed] of nearly 3,000 near the base of Mount Shasta in the Cascade Mountains was under siege from a 350-acre blaze.

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King Fire in El Dorado County grows to 11,570 acres

Crews in El Dorado County continue to battle the King Fire, which has charred 11,570 acres.

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Wildfires are becoming a dangerous, disruptive routine near Yosemite

It has been a summer of foreboding in the mountain communities near Yosemite National Park.

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Weather: ‘Big Wilt’ could give way to ‘Big Wet’

As if the heat wasn’t enough, the remnants of another hurricane are bearing down on the region, promising to propel more of the wild, sometimes destructive storms that have plagued the Inland area this summer.

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How hot is it, L.A.? We’re breaking records; show us your misery

As Southern California continues to suffer through a stifling heat wave, forecasters say residents should prepare to suffer a little more.

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Creek work in Sonoma Valley to remove barriers

Steelhead trout once returned in strong numbers to Sonoma Valley from the ocean and San Pablo Bay, swimming up Sonoma Creek to the sheltered waters of Stuart Creek, an ideal stream for spawning and rearing with its rocky bed and abundance of aquatic vegetation and insects.

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Long haul for Modesto sewer plant pump in need of repair

After more than 16 years on the job, influent pump No. 1 at the Sutter Avenue wastewater treatment plant has reached the end of its useful life.

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Scientists: Bad fracking wells taint water

Faulty fracking wells are to blame for drinking water contamination in Texas and Pennsylvania, according to new findings from researchers at five universities.

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Northern lights illuminate skies in awesome night show

A burst of solar activity, including two large flares, turned parts of the sky into a light show known as the northern lights, or aurora borealis.

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Correction: drought-bird migration story

In a story Sept. 13 about efforts to provide habitat for migrating birds despite California’s drought, The Associated Press erroneously reported the name of a conservationist.

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Editorial: Conservationists and farmers can work together

Conservationists and farmers can help each other out, it seems. A program unfolding around this region is helping rice farmers get their fields flooded and providing valuable habitat for migratory birds.

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Editorial: Big supermarket chain gives boost to local farmers

It’s part of the Raley’s Living Local 50 program, which seeks out products from within a 50-mile radius of the store — the same concept that makes farmers markets and stores like S&S Produce such a success, but is so rare in chain supermarkets.

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Editorial: Six Californias campaign was chance to look at disparity in state

The effort to break up California into six states suffered a major setback last week when the secretary of state’s office said the initiative didn’t qualify for the ballot. A blow, for sure, but not necessarily the fatal one that its opponents have been crowing about all weekend.

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Commentary: Why is climate-change preparation like Lord Voldemort?

“Global warming” is a phrase so identified with Democrats and Al Gore that now that the reality is upon us, it’s not only creating extreme weather, but a dilemma for conservatives: What should they call this phenomenon without sounding like they’ve caved in to liberal ideas?

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Blog: Gov. Brown’s Delta water diversion project gets bashed in Washington

California Governor Jerry Brown’s $25 billion twin tunnel water diversion project is getting no love from Washington these days. First, the Environmental Protection Agency said it would violate the Clean Water Act.  Now, California lawmakers are trying to pull the plug on federal funding to help launch the project.

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Blog: New solar plant nears approval in California desert

Despite serious environmental concerns, the California Energy Commission has given a preliminary green light to a second big solar project in the California desert by BrightSource Energy of Oakland with investment partners Google of Mountain View and NRG Energy of Houston.

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Blog: Valle Vista deluge another big 2014 storm

The torrential Hurricane Norbert-fueled storm that dumped more than 3 inches of rain in 90 minutes east of Hemet on Sept. 7 was but one of three noteworthy 2014 weather events in the San Jacinto Valley.