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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: AP-GfK Poll — Americans favor farmers & food during drought

When water gets scarce and the government slaps restrictions on its use, who should be first in line at the spigot? Farmers, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll.

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Trickle-down politics: Drought could force real change among city, state leaders

It’s something of a relief, if a mixed one, that the drought has surged into the role of the latest scourge to freak out California. … But it’s mixed, of course, because the drought carries its own dangers, and the ultimate solution — rain — remains wholly out of the power of politicians or everyday Californians.

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Calif. fires lead Gov. Brown to call state of emergency

Gov. Jerry Brown has called a state of emergency across the state in response to wildfires engulfing parts of drought-stricken California.

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How to report water waste with a smartphone

Seen somebody wasting water? Don’t know who to call? The state of California can help.

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Calif. site will let residents tattle on water wasters

California is launching a website that lets residents tattle on water wasters, from neighbors with leaky sprinklers to waiters who serve water without asking.

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Drought pushes Calif. hospitals to get serious about water savings

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, hospitals are among the highest water users in communities and have untapped potential to help California fight its ongoing drought.

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Amid Calif. drought, fears rise of trees dying, falling

With cities ordered to reduce water use by 25 percent during the state’s four-year drought, many residents are turning off sprinklers – not realizing that trees can be permanently damaged by a sudden reduction in the amount of water they receive.

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A look at the extreme West Coast weather

Southern California has been pummeled by heavy rain and hail, while the Pacific Northwest is baking in a triple-digit heat wave.

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Fracking foes, friends air differences

A small group of “fracking” opponents traded heated words with an even smaller number of oil industry supporters Saturday morning on the Panorama Drive bluffs in northeast Bakersfield, during an airing of differences over the controversial oil extraction technique.

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Water authority weighs in on Cal Am desal project delays

Facing another delay on California American Water’s desalination project, the Monterey Peninsula regional water authority weighed in this week on the major reasons for the delay — the apparent Geoscience conflicts of interest and the stalled test well operation.

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Why one Calif. city can’t seem to conserve water

At a time when state water officials are urging residents to allow their lawns fade to gold or offering rebates to tear them out, El Monte’s city-operated water utility has yet to reduce the number of days residents can water because of severe drought.

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State assessing contaminated water infiltration to Scotia drinking water

State agencies are currently assessing potential impacts to Scotia’s drinking water system after three separate incidents at the Humboldt Redwood Company sawmill caused water contaminated with woody materials to infiltrate into the town’s drinking water system on the Eel River.

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How the AP-GfK poll on water was conducted

The Associated Press-GfK poll on water and drought was conducted by GfK Public Affairs and Corporate Communications July 9-13.

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Water & farmers: Things to know about AP-GfK drought poll

A new Associated Press-GfK poll finds most Americans think of water as a limited resource that can be depleted if people use too much.

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Helix water board discussing new rates

In comparing other bimonthly water bills from jurisdictions in the [San Diego] county for 2015 Helix [Water District] was just above average and nearly the same as the Otay Water District. Padre Dam Municipal was at the high end with Poway at the low end.

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Healdsburg’s future water supply deemed adequate

Despite a stubborn drought and the potential for more dry years in the future, Healdsburg’s water supply is more than adequate for its projected population growth, according to a consultant’s report delivered last week to the City Council.

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Country club golf course plans sewer plant as newer fix for grass water woes

Responding to Mother Nature and bureaucrats ordering water cutbacks, a century-old private golf course at the base of Mount Diablo plans to become what is likely the first in California to build its own mini-sewage plant to keep its greens and fairways lush for years to come.

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#drylandsCA – The difference between knowing something and seeing something

We’ve seen a lot of low lakes this trip. But this was different. Oroville is the great-granddaddy centerpiece of the State Water Project.

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Drought-tolerant landscaping sends grit onto plates of outdoor diners

Several patches of grass along the Honolulu Avenue eatery have been swapped for decomposed granite to comply with state mandates to reduce urban water use. The new sand-like material, said bakery owner Henry Baeza, is becoming a growing complaint among his customers.

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New campground proposed for Lake Tahoe north shore (with audio)

Mountainside Partners and Sierra Pacific Industries say they have an agreement to turn 104 acres of forest land into the Brockway Campground.