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Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: Official — Californians understanding need to conserve water

The state water board on Thursday is expected to release water conservation figures for July, revealing how each community is performing.

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Court sides with Klamath River fish flows over Central Valley districts

A U.S. District Court judge has denied two Central Valley Project water districts’ attempt to halt fish kill prevention flows to the Klamath River on Wednesday, making it the second year in a row that the federal court has sided outright with protections of Klamath River fish.

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El Niño likely no help for Northern California’s reservoirs (with audio)

“The strongest signal for El Niño for the storm track to increase in activity is for Southern California,” says Meteorologist Michelle Mead, with the National Weather Service in Sacramento.

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Crowdfunding campaign started for California drought relief

A coalition of non-profit organizations and businesses has started a crowd-funding campaign called the California Drought Relief Fund to provide assistance to families affected by the state’s unprecedented drought and wildfires, said Dianne Saenz of Climate Nexus.

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Thinking outside the pipe

Last month, U.S. Rep. Jerry McNerney ripped the governor’s twin tunnels plan, calling it “misguided” and wasteful. … “But I can’t just say ‘No,’ ” McNerney said Tuesday after hosting a drought forum at the Robert J. Cabral Agricultural Center in south Stockton.

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There’s no drought of cash for California farmers

Agricultural employment soared to a record 417,000 jobs, largely because gains in the Central Coast, deserts and Sacramento River Valley overcame losses in the San Joaquin Valley, according to a report by the Pacific Institute, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Oakland.

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Los Angeles cuts water use 21% in July, easily beating state target

Los Angeles residents cut their water use by 21% in July, surpassing the mandatory conservation standard set by state regulators to combat the drought, Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

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NASA: Rising seas about to catch up with the West Coast

As KQED and San Francisco Public Press have reported recently, billions in shoreline development in the Bay Area are in the planning stages or already begun, despite scientists’ warnings about rising seas. 

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These researchers want California to be a global advocate about climate change

Researchers from California’s top universities agree with scientists across the globe that climate change is not some future threat but is already happening, causing extreme weather, record-breaking heat, mega wildfires and shifting migration patterns.

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Coca-Cola says it’s close to water replenishment goal

The Coca-Cola Company is years ahead of schedule in its efforts to replace the water that it uses around the world to make its beverages, it announced on Tuesday.

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Q&A: Sea levels will rise, experts warn, and ‘it’s not going to stop’

Here’s one trend California is behind on: rising sea levels.

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Editorial: Yes on lagoon project, but still need CEQA reform

It doesn’t happen often enough in government, but common sense prevailed Tuesday night when the Carlsbad City Council approved, without dissent, the plan for a high-end retail and entertainment complex on 27 acres of the south shore of Agua Hedionda Lagoon, with the remainder of the 203-acre site preserved as open space.

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Commentary: Good news for desalination, but El Niño still is our best bet

Water shortages aren’t that different than food shortages that arise in some parts of the world. The weather is the proximate cause, but the real problem stems from failed public policy.

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Blog: What if California’s drought continues? (with video)

At an event in Sacramento last week, Ellen Hanak, director of the PPIC Water Policy Center, gave an overview of findings from the new report What If California’s Drought Continues, touching on the higher risk of large wildfires, increasing land subsidence from groundwater pumping, and the growing crisis affecting freshwater ecosystems and species. A panel of experts then dove deep into the drought’s perils—and success stories—before a capacity crowd.

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Blog: Guidance for putting new groundwater law on the ground

A group that helps shape California groundwater policy has proposed several ideas for state consideration in implementing the 2014 Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

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Blog: The hard work of sustainable groundwater management

Under California’s new groundwater law, local agencies must adopt long-term plans for sustainably managing basins subject to critical overdraft. … Local agencies do not know exactly what they’re in for. … However, the histories of adjudicated basins in the Los Angeles area can be instructive.

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Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: California lawmakers say fracking study shows lax oversight (with audio)

California lawmakers say the report by the California Council on Science and Technology and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab outlined the lack of information state regulators have about fracking.

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Unusual Delta algae bloom worries researchers

In what researchers suspect is another troubling side effect of the state’s epic drought, the Delta is exploding with algae particles that in intensified concentrations could pose a substantial threat to the central hub for California’s vast water delivery network. The algae bloom is not limited to the central Delta.

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Resident group files suit over Mount Shasta water bottling plant

Neighbors and activists in Mount Shasta have been pressing Crystal Geyser Water Co. for months to conduct a full environmental review before opening a bottling plant just outside the small Northern California town.

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Drought-plagued California readies for El Niño storms

While drought-plagued California is eager for rain, the forecast of a potentially Godzilla-like El Niño event has communities clearing out debris basins, urging residents to stock up on emergency supplies and even talking about how a deluge could affect the 50th Super Bowl.