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Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: Drought now Californians’ top concern, poll finds

Voter concern over California’s drought is “extremely high and intensifying,” according to a new poll, while a majority of respondents said they would willingly pay “a few more dollars a month” to improve state water infrastructure.

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Imperial Irrigation District, Imperial County want $3 billion for Salton Sea

The $3.15 billion would fund shovel-ready pilot projects and new geothermal energy development around the Salton Sea, California’s largest lake. The money would come from several sources, including fees from companies that emit planet-warming greenhouse gases and the $7.5 billion water bond that voters approved in November.

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Twin tunnels protesters decry ‘darkened forces of political control’

In a sterile hotel conference room filled with the conversation of consultants wearing dress shirts and ties, 31-year-old Jon Michelsen abruptly stood on a chair, lifted his guitar and began to sing about the “darkened forces of political control.”

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Squeezed by drought, California farmers switch to less thirsty crops (with audio)

Water scarcity is driving California farmers to plant different crops. Growers are switching to more profitable, less-thirsty fruits, vegetables and nuts. 

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Keeping up with the Joneses’ drought-friendly yard boosted MWD’s tab for rebates

When it came down to it, the number crunchers at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California knew they saved a lot more water for every dollar spent subsidizing low-flush toilets than drought-friendly lawns.

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EBMUD board rejects offering rebates to switch from grass to fake turf

Saying it might cause more harm than good, East Bay water officials Tuesday rejected the idea of giving homeowners a break for ripping up live grass and replacing it with plastic turf — drought or no drought.

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Los Angeles County to inventory all oil fields in wake of safety issues raised over fracking

The Board of Supervisors called today [July 28] for a detailed inventory of all oil fields operating within Los Angeles County, along with recommendations to ensure consistent regulation.

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Could deep-Earth microbes help us frack for oil?

The hunt for life is part of a much broader effort called the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environment Laboratory, or MSEEL. … Researchers will track air and water quality and measure the environmental effects that have made fracking controversial.

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Pushed by El Niño, California faces days of dangerous weather

Extreme heat and humidity, along with a possibility of lightning, thunderstorms and heavy rain are on tap as a new El Niño-influenced monsoonal flow moves into the area.

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Wragg Fire near Lake Berryessa flares up, forces more evacuations

The Wragg Fire, an almost 7,000-acre blaze burning near Lake Berryessa in Solano and Napa counties for nearly a week, was thought to be mostly under control. But it flared up Tuesday, forcing more evacuations.

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Northern California wildfire contained after jumping line

Fire crews stopped the progress of a fire that jumped a containment line east of California’s Napa Valley, prompting the mandatory evacuation of more than 200 people from their homes.

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Businesses worry ballot measure could block funding of big projects

A pending initiative that would require voter approval of financing for large public works projects is drawing fire.

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Water sale agreement gets final OK from Turlock Irrigation District

The Turlock Irrigation District gave final approval Tuesday to selling Tuolumne River water to a proposed treatment plant.

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Sacramento County supervisors retain water-waste fines on pot growth

Sacramento County supervisors Tuesday broadened a recent ordinance declaring outdoor marijuana cultivation a waste of water, maintaining higher fines despite objections from medical marijuana advocates.

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San Francisco water pipe bursts; millions of gallons lost, park closed

The fracture of a major water line operated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission on the Peninsula prompted the loss of millions of gallons of drinking water, city officials said Tuesday.

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#drylandsCA – Carl and Whitey don’t like Jerry Brown crying drought

First it was limits on logging, trapping and mining. Now it’s water regulations.

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Barn cats offer ‘green’ pest control during the drought (with audio)

As the California drought worsens, more rodents encroach on homes and farms. 

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Oakridge, Ore., imposes Calif.-like water restrictions, effective immediately

City residents can’t water their lawns, fill up swimming pools or wash cars in their driveways as of Tuesday. … The Oakridge restrictions are reminiscent of those that Californians have endured since April when Gov. Jerry Brown ordered a wide-ranging, mandatory curtailment.

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Commentary: State science panel assesses fracking risks

The recent multivolume report by the California Council on Science & Technology offers a classic glass-half-empty or glass-half-full choice for people interested in energy production.

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Commentary: San Jose needs to step up to protect creeks

For the past two years, Friends of Los Gatos Creek, an affiliate of South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition, has been conducting cleanups along creeks in Santa Clara County. … It’s time to reflect on progress and challenges.