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Friday’s Top of the Scroll: California Assembly members push to speed up water storage construction

Amid a crippling state drought, several state Assembly members are pushing a bill intended to speed up construction of water storage facilities by changing the state-mandated environmental review process. 

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Drought means 75% water for Sacramento River farmers

Farmers along the Sacramento River who have long-time water rights will receive 75 percent of their historic supply again this year. Last year cutbacks occurred as well for these growers, known as Sacramento River settlement contractors.

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Some say they’ll get soaked by state’s big water cutbacks

Gov. Jerry Brown’s call for mandatory water reductions is not sitting well with some Californians, particularly those in the crosshairs of a sweeping plan to make the state’s biggest guzzling communities trim the most. … The state plan is scheduled to be finalized Friday and adopted the first week of May.

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Brown says water rights changes coming (with audio)

When settlers first came to California they were allowed to claim rights to the water they used to irrigate their land.

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California’s complicated water rights system (with audio)

You might have water rights in California, but that doesn’t guarantee you’ll have water.  It seems the perhaps government has promised more than it can deliver – a headline that has been widely circulated this week.

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Facing resistance, Gov. Jerry Brown defends order to cut water use

With criticism of new conservation regulations pouring in from local officials, Gov. Jerry Brown and other state leaders defended Thursday his executive order requiring a 25% reduction in water use.  

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Gov. Jerry Brown says no relaxing on conservation mandates

As California inches closer to implementing its first mandatory statewide limits on water use, Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday said he won’t relax the new rules following complaints from some cities that they’re too tough.

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Jerry Brown argues against ‘Big Brother’ picking crops in drought

With almonds and alfalfa coming in for criticism amid California’s drought, Gov. Jerry Brown argued Thursday against any “Big Brother” effort to curtail production of water-heavy crops.

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After small victory, Gray pulled from water committee

Adam Gray on Wednesday was booted off the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee, one day after an unlikely victory when the committee narrowly approved his legislation aimed at protecting communities near the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers.

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Talks sprout in water conflict

Farmers within the Delta and farmers south of the Delta aren’t exactly bosom buddies. Not when it comes to water. 

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Drought rescue: State to build rock dam across Delta slough

State water officials have decided to build one rather than three proposed rock dams in the Delta to block seawater from fouling drinking water for 25 million Californians.

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California almond growers to expand orchards, despite drought

Representatives of the state’s almond farmers defended the decision to expand California’s orchards, saying growers with adequate water supplies are making rational economic decisions based on the price they can get for their crop.

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To shield tech executives, California’s biggest water users are secret

In the midst of a historic drought, Californians have no way of knowing who’s guzzling the most water. That’s not an accident. It’s by design, thanks to an obscure 1997 measure that weakened one of the state’s chief open government laws, the California Public Records Act.

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Southland gets a preview of its premature fire season

Southern California got an unwanted preview of its premature fire season Thursday as brush fires stoked by winds broke out in five counties.

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Grant aims to help North County residents improve water supplies

There’s something bad about the water in some pockets of North County, but the unincorporated neighborhoods, often small and isolated, have not been able to organize well enough to change the status quo. A recent environmental justice grant from California’s Environmental Protection Agency seeks to change that

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CPUC follows judge’s recommendation, fines Cal Am $870K

The state Public Utilities Commission has levied an $870,000 penalty on California American Water for failing to disclose how many projects statewide it had already charged its customers for but which remained unfinished.

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5 ways to save water in your house right now

You are freaking out about this drought, and you want to do something, anything, to conserve water. But where to start?

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Commentary: Almonds, the demons of drought? Frustrated growers tell another story

It’s not clear exactly when almonds became the scapegoat for the California drought. … Almond Girl is standing in her lush almond orchard on the outskirts of Wasco, a small town on Highway 46 about half an hour northeast of Bakersfield.

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Commentary: Saying goodbye to the West

The first wonder on my agenda was Hoover Dam. Marc Reisner’s epic book, “Cadillac Desert” (1986, Viking Press), later the basis of a PBS series about water in the West, offered an eye-opening environmental perspective on this iconic American structure.

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Blog: This just in … DWR posts groundwater update reports

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has completed the Groundwater Update to the California Water Plan Update 2013 with essential data, information and analyses that will be important to the successful implementation of a statewide groundwater sustainability management process. … The Update contains readily-available groundwater information to characterize California’s groundwater basins, aquifers and well infrastructure.