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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: California, farmers reach water deal, but enforcement a challenge

When California officials struck an unprecedented conservation deal Friday with a group of farmers who have the strongest claims on the state’s dwindling water supply, it showed no one was immune from the fallout of the drought.

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California Governor Jerry Brown defends drought management (with video)

As California struggles through the fourth year of a historic drought, Governor Jerry Brown is taking measures to preserve the state’s dwindling water supply.

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With new EPA water rule, Obama again takes executive action on environment

April 1989, a Michigan developer named John Rapanos dumped fill on 54 acres of wetlands he owned to make way for a shopping center. 

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California farm economy surprisingly resilient amid drought

The land is bare, except for a few weeds, and the ground is cracked. For the second year in a row, Dan Errotabere is fallowing one third of his ranch: 1,700 acres of California farmland that might have grown tomatoes, garlic, onions and garbanzo beans.

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California farmers agree to drastically cut water use

California farmers who hold some of the state’s strongest water rights avoided the threat of deep mandatory cuts when the state accepted their proposal to voluntarily reduce consumption by 25 percent amid one of the worst droughts on record.

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Voluntary cuts approved by state

Delta farmers can voluntarily reduce water use during the drought without capitulating to outside interests who are targeting their water rights, according to supporters of an unprecedented plan approved Friday.

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Water agency approves farmers’ voluntary water reduction plan

In a move reflecting the growing severity of California’s drought, state water regulators have accepted a historic proposal by Delta region farmers to voluntarily cut water usage by 25%, or, alternatively, to allow a quarter of their fields to lay idle.

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California builds emergency barrier in Delta to protect water supplies (with audio)

In a normal year, fresh water flowing from rivers into the Delta pushes back tidal ocean water. In this fourth year of drought, not enough water is flowing down river.

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Forest Service ready for wildfire season (with audio)

The U.S. Forest Service has finished hiring most of the firefighters needed this summer in California. 

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Local water suppliers await state response on lower conservation request

Five local municipal water suppliers are currently awaiting the response from the State Water Resources Control Board that will determine whether they will be granted a low monthly water conservation quota or be hit by cuts up to seven times that amount.

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Turning sewage into drinking water gains appeal as drought lingers

It’s a technology with the potential to ease California’s colossal thirst and insulate millions from the parched whims of Mother Nature, experts say. But there’s just one problem — the “yuck factor.”

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Cal Am seeks desal project contractors despite groundwater questions

As environmental review for its Monterey Peninsula desalination project approaches a critical stage, California American Water is already moving ahead with hiring contractors for key aspects of the project.

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Groundwater contamination a growing problem in L.A. County wells (graphic)

Decades ago, industrial pollution began fouling some groundwater wells throughout Los Angeles County. That prompted water officials to stop using the most polluted wells and rely more on water from Northern California and the Colorado River.

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In Central Coast cattle region, drought continues to shrink the herds

From the front porch of the ranch house where Daniel Sinton grew up, the toll of drought is all too plain to see.

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Conservation onus is on us

Guidelines to help us through the long, dry summer ahead are beginning to emerge. … Here, then, are the rules for the largest water suppliers in San Joaquin County.

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Amid huge demand, MWD considers $350 million for more turf replacement

Citing heavy demand for fake turf and other drought-tolerant landscaping, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is considering a $350-million increase in the money it spends on conservation rebate programs.

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Drought looms over summer Russian River recreation season

There will be less water in the Russian River this summer than last year, a fact that some river-oriented business people don’t want to talk about.

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Stream fishing on the decline in Nevada due to drought (with audio)

Stream fishing around Lake Tahoe and western Nevada is struggling because of the drought. But fishing may actually be better at the lake itself.

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State losing market share as water shortage cuts rice planting

With California farmers not planting as much rice due to water restrictions, Southern rice-growing states are jumping in to fill the gap by expanding their production and taking some of the Golden State’s markets in the process.

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California redwood trees stressed to breaking point by drought, dying in Southern California (with video)

These colossal columns of nature are dying throughout Southern California, victims of a prolonged drought, unseasonably hot winter temperatures and reduced irrigation from a state-mandated 25 percent water conservation order.