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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: California looks to Australia for drought tips

The state signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Australian state of Victoria to share knowledge and training in wildfire and flood management Monday.

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Plant experts hope for a drought of invasives in ‘water-wise’ yards

Many Californians appear to be taking up Gov. Jerry Brown’s call for the removal of 50 million square feet of lawn energetically and enthusiastically.

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USFS: Conditions ideal for megafires this summer (with audio)

The U.S. Forest Service is re-examining how it manages wildfires this summer. 

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Rural residents decry water restrictions

A feisty crowd of west county residents peppered state regulators Monday night with questions about why new water conservation rules aimed at saving endangered coho salmon do not apply to vineyards.

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Baja California farmers confront prospect of water shortage

Blocks from the U.S. border on a recent afternoon, inside a packed auditorium, the farmers’ voices rose with their anxious questions.

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Orange County’s plans to turn rainwater into a resource (with video)

With California four years into a drought and water sources scarce, engineers, environmentalists and water officials today see stormwater not as a threat, but as a wasted resource.

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Modesto poised to move forward on recycled-water project

Modesto is poised to take a big step Tuesday in its project to send highly treated wastewater to drought-stricken West Side farmers as soon as 2018, though the Turlock Irrigation District remains a staunch opponent over concerns of how the project will affect its groundwater basin. 

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Cal Am must seek amended desal test well permit

California American Water and a group of experts will be asked to prove regional agricultural irrigation pumping caused most, if not all, of the decrease in north Marina groundwater levels that halted pumping of the Monterey Peninsula desalination project’s test slant well last month.

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Soquel Creek hydrant flushing may be history with new tech

Soquel Creek Water District leaders are looking at purchasing a new piece of water main-flushing technology as one of several potential water-saving projects that they could fund through fees paid by new district development permits.

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Ideologies clash as weather service realigns the annual rainfall calendar

After using the so-called rain year — July to June — for more than 130 years to measure precipitation totals, National Weather Service stations in Southern California recently started using the “hydrological year” — October to September.

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Apps help farmers with efficiency during the drought (with audio)

As the drought continues and the weather heats up, California farmers are grappling with how to allocate dwindling water supplies.

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Heal the Bay creates online tool to access daily beach water quality forecasts

Heal the Bay, the unofficial environmental guardian of the Santa Monica Bay, launched a pilot nowcasting tool Monday that can predict daily water quality at three beaches that historically have struggled with bacterial pollution.

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Fallbrook/Rainbow merger vote delayed

A county commission that had been set to vote Monday on a contentious proposal to merge two North County water districts instead announced that it was postponing the decision until September.

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Your idle computer could help scientists study the drought

The project, backed by climate researchers at Oregon State University and the University of Oxford, is hoping to tease out what role greenhouse gases and ocean temperatures play in creating dry spells like the one currently gripping California.

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Editorial: As lakes drain, we must rethink water

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation officials, who operate the Central Valley Project, relied on a faulty gauge in April and overestimated the amount of cold water behind Shasta Dam. That error might seem trivial, but not in this fourth parched year of the drought.

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Editorial: Halting housing construction is no answer to California’s drought

Perhaps it’s human nature, when a person is concerned about one big problem, to apply answers to entirely other problems through the filter of the main concern. 

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Blog: Delta voluntary cuts challenged

The latest lawsuit by a water district with senior rights is significantly different from its predecessors.

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Blog: Contemplating water’s future in a dry Arizona riverbed

The governor was late, and we were missing the golden light. I had asked Stephen Lewis, leader of the Gila River Indian Community, south of Phoenix, to stand for a quick picture at sunrise on the dry bed of the Gila River, a tributary of the Colorado River.

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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: California water rates rise as cities lose money in drought

Saving water doesn’t always mean saving money in parched California. 

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Drought sends U.S. water agency back to drawing board

For most of the 1900s, the bureau’s [of Reclamation] system — which grew into the largest wholesale water utility in the country — worked. But the West of the 21st century is not the West of Roosevelt.