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Friday’s Top of the Scroll: Pumps dropped from Delta water tunnel plan

The massive water diversion tunnels proposed in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta have undergone another major design change aimed at appeasing local residents: The three intakes planned on the Sacramento River will no longer require pumps.

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California drought weakens, forecasters have ‘cautious optimism’ for future

For the first time in five months, a majority of California is no longer considered to be in an exceptional drought, the most severe level possible under federal guidelines, the U.S. Drought Monitor announced Thursday.

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Feds forecast good chance of wet conditions for next three months

There is a 75 percent probability of average or above-average precipitation between January and the end of March for California, according to a new report by federal scientists — the first time in five years such a wet outlook has been predicted in the state during the first three months of a year.

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Recent rains avert NorCal waterfowl die-off (with video)

Recent rains have helped avert a massive die-off of ducks and geese that migrate through Northern California, according to federal wildlife officials.

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How one experiment revived Colorado River’s parched delta (with video)

For 56 days last spring, a unique pulse of water drawn from Hoover Dam’s Lake Mead coursed into Mexico to the Colorado River’s parched delta – once an ecological emerald set in the tawny expanse of the Sonoran Desert.

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California’s water woes quantified

Scientists have assessed the scale of the epic California drought and say it will require more than 40 cubic km of water to return the US state to normal. The figure was worked out by weighing the land from space.

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Old fires + new rain = worry

With more rain a possibility and the ground saturated from multiple storms, authorities say they are keeping a close eye on Highway 91 near Corona, Highway 74 west of Lake Elsinore and other Inland “worry zones” where there is a threat of flooding and mudslides.

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New water-storage project coming to San Mateo County

The [San Francisco Public Utilities] commission’s Regional Groundwater Storage and Project with Daly City, San Bruno and California Water Service Co., which serves South San Francisco and Colma, would store water that could be used during emergencies such as a drought or earthquake, SFPUC officials said.

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Rice growers could help reduce greenhouse gases

Growing rice requires flooding fields, which produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The California Air Resources Board is discussing allowing growers to obtain greenhouse gas “offsets” that could then be sold on the state’s cap and trade market.

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Protection sought for scenic California region

A contingent of California environmental groups, business representatives and politicians will use a visit Friday from Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to push for permanent protection of some 350,000 acres of picturesque federal land near the state’s famous wine country.

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Editorial: Water weed words?

Goodness gracious, politicians and state officials are abuzz these days about the water hyacinth problem in the Delta waters around Stockton. … Which begs the questions: Where was this fervent reaction in 2013? And 2012? And 2011? And 2010?

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Commentary: Berryessa Snow Mountain should be a national monument

During his tenure President Barack Obama has designated 13 national monuments, and the next one on his list should be California’s Berryessa Snow Mountain. Berryessa Snow Mountain is a national treasure — the region’s natural beauty, cultural history and economic significance place it among the most special places in the country — and it should be permanently protected.

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Blog: Protecting your drinking water for 40 years

As I traveled across the country this year, there’s one thing I could count on everywhere I went: tap water that’s safe to drink. Drinking water is essential for healthy families, thriving communities, and strong local economies. And this month we’re proud to celebrate an important milestone as December 16, 2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

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Blog: The Christmas Flood of 1964

The Christmas flood of 1964 encompassed about 200,000 square miles, or roughly the size of France, resulted in 47 deaths, left thousands homeless and caused more than $540 million ($3.9 billion today) worth of damage. Areas in Oregon, Idaho, California, Washington and Nevada experienced record-breaking floods caused by three storms between Dec. 19 and Jan. 31. Agencies from federal, state and local governments will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Pacific Northwest 1964 Christmas flood starting Dec. 10.

Aquafornia news U.S. Geological Survey

Blog: Winter is coming! The science of ice and fire

The HBO series, Game of Thrones, the television adaptation of the book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, has captured the imagination of over 24 million viewers for the last four years. Though the show takes place in the fictional seven kingdoms of Westeros, there are parts of the show that can be paralleled to Earth science today.

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Blog: Mono Lake at 20 symposium footage now online

If you weren’t able to attend the Mono Lake @ 20: Past, Present, Future symposium in Sacramento last month, you can now watch all the sessions online from the comfort of your own laptop. You can stream the video footage from the State Water Resources Control Board website.

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Blog: The latest issue of the San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science journal now available

The latest issue of the San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science journal is now available.

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News Release: NOAA establishes ‘tipping points’ for sea level rise related flooding

By 2050, a majority of U.S. coastal areas are likely to be threatened by 30 or more days of flooding each year due to dramatically accelerating impacts from sea level rise, according to a new NOAA study, published today in the American Geophysical Union’s online peer-reviewed journal Earth’s Future.

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News Release: Reclamation seeks comments on proposed Climate Change Adaptation Policy

The Bureau of Reclamation is seeking public comment on a draft Reclamation Manual release for climate change adaptation. This policy establishes how Reclamation will address climate change impacts upon Reclamation’s mission, facilities, operations and personnel.

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Announcement: California Department of Fish and Wildlife increases CEQA document filing fees

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife will increase its filing fees for all CEQA Notices of Determination filed on or after Jan. 1.