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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: Holiday travelers be warned — Huge snowstorm coming to Sierra Nevada

A massive storm, reaching across about half of the state, is expected to move in Tuesday and peak Wednesday, where it will drop up to 18 inches of snow on mountain summits from Shasta County and Lake Tahoe to Yosemite, said Nathan Owen, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sacramento.

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Sierra resort to use recycled water on slopes

Should El Niño not live up to the hype and dump heavy snow on the Sierra, skiers and sledders at one resort could be gliding downhill this winter on snow that comes from an unusual source: purified water from the local sewage-treatment plant.

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King tides on Tuesday could bring 7-foot swells, possible flooding (with audio)

Forecasters say king tides in December and January could be exacerbated by warmer El Niño water and storm surges. The prospects have increased the risk of coastal flooding in low-lying areas.

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Extreme weather tied to over 600,000 deaths over 2 decades

According to the report from the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, the United States has had the highest number of weather-related disasters in the past two decades, but China and India have been the most severely affected, enduring floods that had an effect on billions of people.

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Marin’s holiday season will include repeated tidal flooding

Big high tides, including several so-called king tides, are on the way to Marin this holiday season.

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King tides hit Monterey Bay

The winter’s first exceptionally high tides, or king tides, are striking Monterey Bay this week. Rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as ongoing El Niño conditions, may exaggerate the high water in the Santa Cruz area.

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Ski resorts welcome early snowfall in California’s Sierra Nevada (with audio)

After four years of brutal drought, early season storms are bringing record snow to California’s Sierra Nevada.

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El Niño may be second strongest in nearly 40 years

If early numbers are any indication, Los Angeles is on the verge of the second-strongest El Niño to hit the region in nearly 40 years.

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Sacramento-area water conservation at 27 percent for October

Sacramento-area residents cut their water consumption by 27 percent for the second straight month in October, the Sacramento Regional Water Authority reported Monday.

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Raley Field ice rink melts after freezer malfunctions

The Greatest Show on Snow is turning back to liquid after an essential freezing unit broke down at Raley Field in West Sacramento.

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Parched Emirates relies on sea as groundwater runs out

While the Emirates rose on its oil wealth, the riches spurred the development that strains the water supply in this desert nation.

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Editorial: Metropolitan Water District: Old Delta foe is new neighbor

The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, the much-maligned — and for most Californians unknown — region central to the state’s human water system is suddenly a real estate play.

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Commentary: Ways to address the aging and neglected water systems

Water infrastructure in America is rapidly aging and widely neglected. Nearly a quarter-million water mains break each year, wasting 2 trillion gallons — about 15 percent — of the nation’s drinking water.

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Commentary: Rebuilding our groundwater is the hot new water topic

I [Lois Henry] said more than a year ago that groundwater had become the new black. I was right then, so listen up when I tell you that “on-farm recharge” is the coming season’s must have companion piece to groundwater.

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Commentary: That feud between NorCal and SoCal? Time to get over it

It was the first thing I [Chris Clarke] learned about California, really: that north and south don’t get along. … The division between Northern and Southern California definitely qualifies. Whatever parochial differences once seemed to divide the two ends of the state are increasingly trivial. 

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Commentary: Forest health includes fighting fire with fire

California forests give us clean water, clean air, wildlife habitat, lumber and recreation. But they are threatened by a maelstrom of environmental drivers of change, which have intensified across four years of drought.

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Blog: Planning for future droughts

In a week that began with Governor Brown extending the statewide water conservation mandate into next year, a panel of experts testified about how to improve drought management. They spoke before the Assembly Select Committee on Water Consumption and Alternative Sources on November 17. … I [Ellen Hanak] talked on key areas where we need to do better, as documented in our report What If California’s Drought Continues?

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Blog: Great Lakes states take halting steps toward water protections

After years of watching their state do little to address stormwater runoff, polluted wells, and noxious algae blooms in once clear waters, 16 Wisconsin citizens last month decided enough was enough. They filed a petition with the federal Environmental Protection Agency to force Wisconsin to correct failures in its clean water program or else take away Wisconsin’s authority to administer permits under the Clean Water Act.

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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: Tensions, threats as California’s new groundwater law takes shape

The tensions in Kings County offer just a taste of what’s expected in cities and towns throughout California’s farm belt over the next few years as local officials work to enact the state’s first-ever groundwater regulations.

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Water agency’s land purchase rattles California farmers

The nation’s largest distributor of treated drinking water became the largest landowner in a remote California farming region for good reason: The alfalfa-growing area is first in line to get Colorado River water.