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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: Lawsuits over California water rights are a fight a century in the making

The lawsuits hit the courts within days of the state mailing notices to some Central Valley irrigation districts: They were to stop diverting from rivers and streams because there wasn’t enough water to go around. 

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New round of big state water cuts to hit San Francisco

State water officials not only told more Central Valley farmers Friday that they need to stop drawing water from low-flowing rivers and creeks — but they tossed the city of San Francisco onto the list as well.

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Some addresses may be hidden as California well reports become public

After more than six decades of secrecy, the reports that water well drillers file with the state are set to become public under a bill signed into law this week.

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Sacramento water agencies brace for historic drop in Folsom Lake levels

Four years of dry, hot weather have raised lake temperatures and depleted many of the state’s reservoirs. In response, the state has cut flows from Lake Shasta to protect an endangered species of salmon and raised flows from Folsom Lake to prevent salt water from intruding into the Delta.

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San Francisco told to stop taking some water during drought

Regulators on Friday told San Francisco to stop taking some of the river water it routinely stores in the Hetch Hetchy reservoir.

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In drought’s firm grip, California schools try to cope

With Gov. Jerry Brown imposing new mandatory water reductions to respond to the statewide emergency, school districts are grappling with how to adhere to those requirements while continuing to meet the needs of students and communities. … Some wells serving schools are drying up.

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California drought resurrects old population growth concerns

With the state in its fourth year of drought, population growth – an issue that receded from public debate in recent years – appears resurgent in California’s consciousness.

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Agriculture irrigation transforming farming

Madera County farmer Tom Rogers thought he knew a lot about how to irrigate his family’s 175-acre almond ranch. But several droughts, including the current four-year dry spell, made him reconsider his approach on how to get the most out of his ever-shrinking water supply.

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Navy bases do their part to conserve water in California drought

With its red and green synthetic turf, Destroyer Field at Surface Warrior Park is meant to reduce water use at Naval Base San Diego. The softball field needs occasionally to be combed, but not watered or mowed.

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Hoopa residents asked to conserve water due to shortage

Emergency water restrictions have been put in place in the Hoopa Valley in an effort to replenish water supplies in five tanks that were depleted Friday night, according to a Hoopa Valley Tribe press release.

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Modesto’s water cops on the drought beat (with video)

In the early morning hours while Modesto sleeps, Terry Phillips is behind the wheel of his city-issued Ford F-250 utility truck creeping through dark neighborhoods at 10 to 15 mph with his windows open.

Aquafornia news The Fresno Bee

Federal takeover of San Joaquin Valley air cleanup on the table?

It’s known as the nuclear option — the feds taking over the San Joaquin Valley’s air cleanup of dangerous soot, chemicals and other lung-searing debris. … But some leaders say the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District needs to be ready for it after the epic drought created conditions for monster readings of the tiny pollutant, known as PM-2.5.

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Drought conditions make bad air worse, aggravate health problems

More fallow farmland, more forest fires, stagnant air and other factors aggravated by the state’s record four-year drought have spiked annual particle concentrations in Sacramento and other cities, creating an especially difficult environment for people with respiratory illnesses.

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Water woes foretold

Years before the first shovelful of earth was turned on this master-plan community near Tracy, developers and county officials knew that its sole source of water could someday be interrupted.

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Drought blamed for decline in duck population (with audio)

The drought can be blamed for a number of problems and the latest is a major decline in the duck population. A new survey shows lack of rain has led to poor habitats.

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Drought won’t stop explosive entertainment

While 50 percent of the company’s business happens in the week leading to July 4, Pyro Spectaculars President and CEO Jim Souza and his folks have worked behind the scenes for months to plan fireworks shows amid California’s severe drought and increased fire risk.

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Lightning sparks dozens of small fires through California

Lightning strikes peppered California’s northeast corner this weekend, sparking three dozen small wildfires from the Tahoe area north even as firefighters worked to contain the 18,000-acre blaze along Highway 4 in Alpine County.

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Truffle dogs sniff out pungent fungus prized by foodies

As more landowners plant orchards in hopes of harvesting truffles, more dogs are being trained to detect the earthy delicacies, which take several years to ripen on tree roots underground. … The trees don’t require much water, so they haven’t been affected by California’s record drought, which has forced farmers to tear out orchards and reduce crop plantings.

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Idaho aquifer decline could hinder radioactive monitoring

Researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey in a 36-page report released Monday said the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer level has dropped below two wells and about a dozen others are in danger due to ongoing drought.

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Commentary: Drought shows need to untangle California water rights

There is absolutely nothing in California government – or its politics – more complicated and contentious than water rights.