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Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: Prop. 1 aims to relieve drought — but not this one

California’s stubborn drought helped push a $7.5-billion water bond through the Legislature and onto the November ballot. But even if voters approve Proposition 1, it won’t provide relief any time soon.

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Farmers sue state over drought water decisions

East San Joaquin Valley growers are suing state water authorities over drought decisions, claiming east-side communities and farms got no federal water after the state illegally denied deliveries to a separate group of landowners with senior water rights.

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Drought means less California rice, but good prices for rice that was grown

Nothing about this year’s rice growing season has been business-as-usual. Some growers received no water. Others received most of their water. Some rice growers sold water.

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California drought takes bite out of rice harvest

California’s deepening drought is shrinking its rice harvest, and that’s bad news for farmers, migratory birds and sushi lovers.

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California drought squeezes olive oil makers

Faced with a continuing drought, not to mention the ravages of the olive fruit fly, this year’s olive harvest is expected to start in a week or so, earlier than usual, and be about a third smaller than last year. This will also be the first harvest to come under new stricter grading and labeling standards that took effect last month.

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Debate over Interlake Tunnel project rages on

A showdown over whether to employ state legislation requiring union-backed labor protections on the Interlake Tunnel project continued Tuesday even as a status report indicated the project cost has nearly doubled.

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Nevada Irrigation District suspends some water deliveries

The Nevada Irrigation District has suspended delivery of fall irrigation water for the first time in more than 20 years, a move intended to preserve water supplies during California’s ongoing drought.

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Bureau of Reclamation: New Melones hasn’t been so low in decades

The drought is causing low water levels at New Melones Lake. “We are about 20 percent of our capacity,” park manager Alex Michalek said Monday. … The Bureau of Reclamation said the lake has not been this low in the past two decades.

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Vessel stopped by tangled mats of hyacinth

Tangled mats of water hyacinth delayed the arrival of an oceangoing ship at the Port of Stockton on Tuesday, further evidence that the exotic weed has potential to threaten business and commerce.

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Sacramento Valley farmers are asked: Help the ducks

Farmers in the Sacramento Valley are being asked to lend a hand to migrating waterfowl arriving this winter to a drought-parched landscape.

Aquafornia news The Sacramento Bee

Nimbus Hatchery salmon ladder to open

The public will have a chance next week to witness the annual spectacle of the American River salmon run. About 10:40 a.m. on Nov. 3, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife will open the fish ladder at Nimbus Hatchery on American River.

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Insight: Bay-Delta Science Conference

This week, scientists, water managers and policymakers are gathering in Sacramento for the Biennial Bay-Delta Science Conference.

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Grafitti in Joshua Tree National Park

Vandals have left graffiti covering the Barker Dam in Joshua Tree National Park.

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Editorial: Drought making Calif. more like Arizona

For many years, California has stared at the prospect of long-running drought and effectively sniffed with contempt.

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Commentary: Is Marin Municipal Water District race a precursor to 2016 Marin supervisor elections?

It’s amazing that over $50,000 is being spent on a race for one Marin Municipal Water District board seat.

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Blog: How a tiny farm county became ground zero in California’s fracking fight

As one of two counties with fracking bans on the local ballot this November, San Benito County has also become the site of a heated political battle between oil companies and anti-fracking ranchers, farmers, and residents. A similar fight is going down in Santa Barbara County, where oil companies have funneled $7.6 million into a campaign against Measure P, a citizen’s ballot initiative that would ban future high-intensity petroleum operations on unincorporated county land.

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Blog: Despite drought, California wine grape harvest is third largest ever

Despite California’s lingering drought, this year’s wine grape harvest was the third-largest ever, at an estimated 3.9 million tons.

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Blog: California Water Plan, Update 2013 — The California Water Commission receives a preview of the soon-to-be-released plan

At the October meeting of the California Water Commission, commission members heard an update on the soon-to-be-released update of the California Water Plan, the state’s long-term strategic plan for guiding the management and development of water resources.

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Blog: Climate change and the dry, wild West, Part 2

In my last blog, I discussed how low rainfall and higher-than-average temperatures are worsening the drought and causing severe water shortages. The changes that are affecting the drought in the Southwest – lower-than-average rain, higher temperatures, and changes in snowpack and runoff patterns – are consistent with the changes we expect to see with climate change.

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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: Environmental advocates voice opposition to Prop. 1

Environmental advocates opposing California’s Proposition 1 took to the banks of the Sacramento River in Redding Monday morning to voice concerns over what they say is a bad deal for the state’s taxpayers.