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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: Voluntary water conservation not effective, data show

Voluntary conservation measures are not reliably saving water during the worst drought to hit California in a generation, according to data from water agencies across the state. Only mandatory conservation rules, backed by a threat of fines, seem to prompt consumers to save.

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California Can’t Say If It’s Meeting Drought Goal

The sprinklers outside the California’s state Capitol are off and the lawn is withering, the lemon- and cucumber-infused “water stations” at the state pension building are gone, and prison inmates are taking shorter showers while campers at some popular parks can’t take them at all.

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As land sinks, farmers brainstorm on water

Case Vlot pulls up groundwater through deep wells to keep his corn and alfalfa crops alive. Chase Hurley runs a water company nearby that sells river water to farmers who can’t depend on wells. Normally the two would rarely talk to each other.

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New report warns: No groundwater refills after underground layers collapse

Farm water pumping in this dramatic drought is causing the west San Joaquin Valley floor to sink, but forget about refilling those underground spaces when wet years return. There is no going back after a clay-laced underground collapses, says a new report warning California of irreparable harm from excessive pumping.

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California Trying to Cut Water, But Is It Working?

When Gov. Jerry Brown called on everyone from residents to businesses in California to curb water usage by 20 percent, he told state government to lead by example. … Here are five things to know about how state agencies are faring as they try to use less water:

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California officials admit they have incomplete water usage data

When state regulators tried to tally water use across California recently, they didn’t exactly get a flood of cooperation. Of the 440 water agencies in the state, only 276 provided water consumption data.

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Farmers drilling deeper for water as drought drags on

On a dusty clearing between a fallow wheat field and wilting orange groves, Steve Arthur’s crew of two mud-splattered well drillers worked furiously to deliver a lifeline to another despondent farmer.

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Drought fight brings incentives, enforcement

“Beer without water is very crunchy.” That slogan appears on the back of the latest craft-beer map from the San Diego Brewers Guild and is the latest attempt to reach residents who might not be thinking about the drought gripping California.

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In drought, central San Joaquin Valley water cops crack down on waste

Fresno and other central San Joaquin Valley cities want residents to reduce water usage in light of the state’s three-year drought. … But some wonder just how much more Valley residents can save.

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Weather near Sand, Yosemite wildfires could cause blazes to grow

Weather may complicate the work of hundreds of firefighters in the days ahead as they battle two out-of-control California wildfires.

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Lessons of California’s drought from 1976

“What have you done to save water today?” That leading question could be asked any day this year, but it’s an echo from California’s past.

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California Marinas Docked by Drought

California’s relentless drought is beginning to dry up revenue in its popular lake and river tourism industry. Marinas and boat ramps across the state are turning away customers, and even spots where water is still relatively plentiful say visitors are staying away, assuming things are worse than they are.

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Big dig for small creek in Santa Rosa

Confined to a narrow flood control channel for more than 50 years, Colgan Creek is once again getting some room to roam.

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Precision flying

Back and forth they soar and swoop, the acrobats of the agricultural world: Crop dusters.

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Q&A: WaterSmart CEO Peter Yolles, on tracking your water conservation

WaterSmart Software, a small startup in San Francisco, is working with local water districts in California and other states to transform water meter data into easy-to-understand home water reports that are mailed directly to homeowners or made accessible via the Web and mobile devices. And given the state’s ongoing drought, it’s a good time to be in the business of promoting water conservation.

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Editorial: Legislature must not fund delta water tunnels through back door

The state’s plan to build twin tunnels to export water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to places farther south is controversial, contested and very expensive. So may be the way that local water districts choose to pay for it.

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Editorial: Pass law to regulate diminishing California groundwater

Water fights in California are usually about how to take more water rather than about how to conserve what we have, so it is no surprise that the state does not regulate groundwater pumping.

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Commentary: California drought requires urgent action

If California and much of the West is suffering from severe drought, then why have the responses to it been weak and largely ineffective? The answers are as complicated as California’s water system itself, with our wildly diverse sources and uses of water, prices and water rights, institutions, and more.

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Commentary: Water bond must recognize Sierra’s importance

Before they left Sacramento for summer recess, legislators said they would work together to hammer out a new water bond bill when they returned in August. This would replace the $11.14 billion proposal currently on the November ballot, which has already been delayed twice.

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Commentary: Even upriver, water is as valuable as wet gold

I’m convinced that water has become the most seductive element on earth. Its lure is stronger than oil or even gold, especially in California these days.