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Friday’s Top of the Scroll: For Sierra resident, the well runs dry — along with her options

Things were bad enough for Rochelle Landers before her well went dry. … She has an acre in the Sierra foothills, in a sparsely populated town an hour northeast of Sacramento with a seemingly abundant water supply despite the drought.

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Report: $7.5 billion water bond may not produce ‘real improvements’

A report released Thursday cautions that the $7.5 billion water bond on California’s November ballot may not yield “real improvements” to the state’s water supply or environment.

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National Monument: Baldy resort out, Mountain High in

Forest Service officials on Thursday released the long-awaited final map of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, and made it available to the public online.

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Paintings in national parks spark probe, furor

A series of colorful, eerie faces painted on rocks in some of the West’s most famously picturesque landscapes has sparked an investigation by the National Park Service and a furor online.

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US Forest Service & environmentalists settle lawsuit

A group of conservation organizations had sued the U.S. Forest Service in 2005 over its management plans that they say failed to protect old growth forests and wildlife and placed too much emphasis on commercial logging.

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Rain showers likely Saturday in Bay Area

The Bay Area should see some rain Saturday, but light showers forecast in the morning and afternoon aren’t likely to impact the World Series in San Francisco.

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Even amid a drought, flood education offered Saturday in floodprone Delta

A flood–safety fair for all Delta residents is scheduled for Saturday at the intersection of Highway 12 and Highway 160, just east of Rio Vista.

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Commentary: $7.5 billion plan won’t fix drought

An in-depth analysis of the $7.5 billion water bond (Proposition 1) on the Nov. 4 ballot finds that it could benefit California’s communities and the environment but that those benefits (water supply, water reliability and environmental quality improvements) are not guaranteed.

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Commentary: Proposition 1 gives California more debt but no more water

California is saddled with more than $777 billion in debt and, as noted in Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2014 California Five-Year Infrastructure Plan, relying on borrowed money is a wasteful way to get things done:

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Commentary: The sweet deal that is a water board seat

There’s no sweeter deal in local politics than getting yourself elected to a water board.

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Commentary: Internet posse on the heels of national parks ‘art’ vandal

What is the difference between art and vandalism? In the case of one hiking artist, it’s where she allegedly painted her images: On rock formations in national parks.

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Blog: A first — drought tops list of Californians’ worries

The drought has moved to the top of Californians’ worry list. And that’s a first. Asked to name the “most important issue” facing the state, 26 percent of respondents to a statewide survey earlier this month said “water” and “drought.”

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Blog: California Governor Jerry Brown — Water is not a political game

Earlier this week, The Hamilton Project at Brookings and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment hosted a forum and released new papers highlighting opportunities for improving water management in the United States in the face of scarce water supplies.

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Report: Insights into Proposition 1 — The 2014 California Water Bond

The Pacific Institute, an internationally-renowned independent think tank focused on water issues, has released a report that helps voters untangle the complexities of the water bond measure. The Pacific Institute is taking no formal position for or against Proposition 1.

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News Release: Support Water Education while you shop online

The Water Education Foundation is now participating in the AmazonSmile Foundation program, which allows Amazon customers to designate a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to receive 0.5% of purchase price of products bought.

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Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: Sacramento Valley water transfer idea leaves locals fuming

There’s a plan for water transfers could move up to 511,000 acre-feet of water each year for the next 10 years from the Sacramento Valley to the San Joaquin Valley and the Bay Area. … The Bureau [of Reclamation] is in the middle of writing the “Long-Term Water Transfers Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report.”

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Poll: Water bond

The [Public Policy Institute of California] survey, produced with support from The James Irvine Foundation, determined likely voter sentiment on other issues, including: … On Proposition 1, the $7.5 billion water bond, 56 percent say they would support it after being read the ballot title and label for the measure.

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Coping in a drier world: California’s drought survival strategy

The past few years have been California’s driest on record. … The state uses water rationing and a 90-year-old water distribution system to cope until the rains come.

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Dozens of dams found to put fish in danger

A screening of California’s more than 1,400 dams has found that 181 dams are potentially imperiling native fish downstream.

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California still at risk of floods during drought

Local state and federal agencies are operating as if it’s flooding, even during California’s drought.