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Friday’s Top of the Scroll: Fired regulator — Gov. Jerry Brown pushed to waive oil safeguards

[Derek] Chernow’s declaration, obtained by the Associated Press, was contained in an Aug. 21 court filing in a lawsuit brought by a group of Central Valley farmers who allege that oil production approved by Brown’s administration has contaminated their water wells.

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California fines oil companies for failing to report water use data

The state fined 30 oil companies on Thursday for failing to meet a deadline to report information about the source, volume and disposal of water used in oil and gas production.

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California farm revenue grew in 2014 despite drought

California growers took in more revenue in 2014 compared to the year before, although their profits declined by about 10 percent, according to new figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service and the Pacific Institute, a water policy think-tank. … Farm advocates say the numbers for 2015, which won’t be calculated until next year, will show a more pronounced impact.

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Backup water pumps for city of Folsom (with audio)

The federal Bureau of Reclamation has leased ten pumps for four months so the city of Folsom will have water if Folsom Lake levels fall below the intake of existing pumps.

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Plastic microbead ban fails in California Senate

A bill to bar California retailers from selling cosmetic products that contain exfoliating plastic microbeads failed in the state Senate Thursday after a handful of Democrats held off their votes.

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Diverse group of 11 trade, labor and agencies file briefs in support of Cadiz project

Eleven local governmental bodies, trade groups, labor groups and others have filed amici “friend of the court” support for the Cadiz Valley Water Conservation, Recovery and Storage Project in a remote Mojave Desert section of San Bernardino County.

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El Niño and California’s historic drought (with audio)

The U.S. Drought Monitor report released September 3 showed no changes for California or the southwest.

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Attorneys fire back in feud over proposed Los Angeles DWP billing settlement

Lawyers are feuding over a proposed deal to settle lawsuits over the bungled rollout of a new billing system at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

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Dog dies in Russian River, tests positive for toxic algae

Sonoma County public health officials are weighing the extraordinary step of urging people and their pets to avoid the Russian River after a dog that died moments after swimming in the water last Saturday preliminarily tested positive for a lethal toxin produced by blue-green algae.

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Upper Centerville Canal to get improvements, water in the fall

The Upper Centerville Canal has been dry since June 23, but with improvements to what is currently a dirt ditch, there will be water flowing this fall. Pacific Gas and Electric Company has been taking water by truck to several locations along the ditch that has diversion boxes to allow what the utility calls “legal water consumers” to take water from the canal. 

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Gold Rush Days cuts back on dirt – and water

This year’s event will use between 3,000 and 4,000 gallons of recycled water purchased from the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District.

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Drought funds help clean up fire hazard, invasive plants near Bidwell Park

Little by little, and with an enormous amount of work overall, some places in Chico are getting a makeover through a work program of the Alliance for Workforce Development, a nonprofit organization that matches workers with jobs that need to get done.

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Frank Gehry faces monumental challenge in L.A. River project

Cutting through a region whose wildly different parts don’t always seem to add up to a cohesive whole, the Los Angeles River reflects the neighborhoods through which it runs: Shaded and bucolic in the San Fernando Valley, a concrete gulch teeming with graffiti near the rail yards east of downtown.

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From icky bugs to good grubs: Why more people are eating insects

Mealworms and superworms are rich in protein, amino acids and vitamins and minerals like potassium and iron. … These and other insects are also considered an environmentally friendly source of protein because they can be raised on a fraction of the land and water required for traditional livestock, like cattle.

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Environmental education workshop coming to Fresno

Registration is now open for Project Learning Tree, an environmental education course at the Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District.

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Stinson Beach visitors to get lesson in sea-level rise

Marin County planning staffers will stake out sections of the beach showing what could be under water or lost through erosion in the decades ahead as the sea level rises.

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El Niño is heating up Pacific Ocean, beautiful swarm of red crabs an indicator (video)

A stunning underwater video shared by Channel Islands National Park on Facebook shows the tiny lobster-like crabs swarming in Southern California, far north of their natural habitat.

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Commentary: Carbon farming important to climate change fight

Soil scientists and environmentalists have been discovering land management strategies that can reduce the rate of loss of soil carbon, and even improve the rate at which agriculture can convert atmospheric CO2 into plant material and soil organic matter. When thoughtfully applied, carbon methods can add significantly to the rate of soil carbon sequestration and actually reverse the climate change process.

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Blog: Water management’s high-tech future

Newsha Ajami is at the cutting edge of encouraging high-tech advances to improve how cities manage water, both in her role as director of urban water policy at Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and as a member of a new project called ReNUWIt. We asked her about some of the advances she’s seeing around the state, and what a “next-gen water system” might look like.

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Blog: WaterSmart pulls water savings from the cloud

Ideas flow for Robin Gilthorpe, a self-described “outdoor cat”, when he leaves the air-conditioned boxes of modern life. A few years ago the veteran of the information technology industry biked west out of Denver, retracing the route of an earlier ride, when he noticed the drought-scorched landscape around one of America’s fastest growing cities.