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Aquafornia news Associated Press

Friday’s Top of the Scroll: California’s new water conservation plan focuses on cities

California officials crafting a new conservation plan for the state’s dry future drew criticism from environmentalists on Thursday for failing to require more cutbacks of farmers, who use 80 percent of the water consumed by people.

Aquafornia news San Bernardino Sun

Stock sale nets Cadiz Inc. $9 million to move forward with controversial groundwater plan

Cadiz Inc. has raised more than $9 million in a public stock offering held Thursday, said Andy Moore, president of B. Riley & Co., of Los Angeles, which underwrote the offering on the NASDAQ Global Market.

Aquafornia news San Jose Mercury News

Yosemite: Snow closes Tioga and Glacier Point roads for season

Overall, the Sierra snowpack, a critical water source every year for California’s farms, cities and wildlife, currently reflects the different levels of drought in California.

Aquafornia news Circle of Blue

Water, history, and finance converge as Sioux Nation mounts storied battle over oil pipeline

Heavy snow and winter cold settled this month on thousands of Native Americans and their supporters encamped on the banks of the Cannonball River, some 30 miles south of Bismarck, North Dakota. Nearby, the Missouri River slipped past. The river’s clean waters serve as the wellspring in what has steadily become one of the storied confrontations over energy development, justice, finance, and human rights in the American West.

Aquafornia news McClatchy Washington, D.C., Bureau

California raisin farmer seeking ‘takings’ compensation wins court victory

A raisin producer in California’s San Joaquin Valley can keep seeking compensation for portions of a crop turned over to a marketing order years ago, under a new court ruling.

Aquafornia news Bakersfield Californian

Agreement with Kern County means water planning can move forward

Kern County has reached tentative agreement with several groups trying to form groundwater agencies per a new state law.

Aquafornia news Monterey Herald

Water: Cal Am bills expected to rise 15%

Local California American Water customers can expect to start seeing an average 15-percent increase in their water bills starting early next year after the state Public Utilities Commission approved the company’s request to recover nearly $40 million in past under-collections due to the Monterey Peninsula’s water conservation efforts.

Aquafornia news Chico Enterprise-Record

Water use in Butte County on track for next round of conservation rules

When it comes to water use, keep up what you’re doing. That’s the word from residential water providers in Chico and Oroville.

Aquafornia news Marin Independent Journal

North Coast abalone divers oppose new limits as conservationists note population drop

For decades, they have covered the sea floor like cobblestones, giant sea snails so thick they seemed an inextinguishable resource. California’s red abalone are still abundant, as sea creatures go.

Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

Abalone divers, state agency at odds over proposed restrictions

The state’s recent deep water surveys indicate that the red abalone population is low enough to trigger an emergency action that could close the season in November and possibly April.

Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

More of Northern California coast opens to commercial crab fishing

A 50-mile stretch of the commercial Dungeness crab fishery between Point Reyes in Marin County and Salt Point in Sonoma County that had been closed by state officials will open Saturday on the news of a drop in domoic acid levels, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Aquafornia news Capital Public Radio

Scientists seek crowd-sourced data to map land damaged by wild pigs

Wild pigs cause serious damage to grazing lands and watersheds. UC Cooperative Extension scientists have developed a GIS-based tracking app to assess wild pig damage in order to figure out how to mitigate the creatures’ impacts.

Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

Mystery solved: Those creepy creatures washing onto Orange County beaches are sea cucumbers, experts say

Those pink gelatinous creatures that began washing up in Huntington Beach this week are burrowing sea cucumbers, according to a biology expert at UC Irvine.

Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

Chilly 60 mph Santa Ana winds expected to get even stronger and howl through Los Angeles County

As cold Santa Ana gusts reached 60 mph by early Friday in the Los Angeles County mountains, forecasters warned this was just a preview for a more powerful wind event.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Georgia-Florida water fight now in hands of special master

A monthlong trial aimed at settling a high-stakes water dispute between Georgia and Florida ended Thursday with a special master imploring both sides to negotiate a settlement.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Carnival’s Princess pays $40 million fine for sea waste

Princess Cruise Lines will pay a $40 million penalty after pleading guilty to seven federal charges in an illegal ocean pollution case that involved one ship’s use of a so-called magic pipe to divert oily waste into the waters, authorities said Thursday.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

For environmental dogs, sniffing out doody is their duty

Some pollution-sniffing dogs at the Jersey shore have shown they’re No. 1 at sniffing out No. 2.

Aquafornia news Water Deeply

Q&A: What California can learn from Canada about water technology

Californians hear a lot about the lessons they can learn from other areas that have coped with water scarcity, like Israel’s development of desalination or how Australia handled its Millennial Drought, which lasted more than a decade. But not all water issues come down to scarcity.

Aquafornia news The Fresno Bee

Commentary: Federal water for tiny fish leave other species high and dry

I [Tony Francois] sometimes have to wonder how the San Joaquin Valley’s federal water managers look themselves in the mirror.

Aquafornia news The Sacramento Bee

Commentary: Challenge to California ban on dredging for gold headed to U.S. Supreme Court

In California history, is there a more iconic figure than the prospector? The cries of “gold!” from Sutter’s Mill in 1848 drew legions of fortune-seekers from around the world, creating an economic boom that made the cause of statehood unstoppable.