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Friday’s Top of the Scroll: California orders no water diversions despite legal rights

About 1,500 farms and individuals in the Central Valley were ordered Thursday to stop taking water from rivers and streams for irrigation, the latest move by state regulators to save water amid intensifying drought conditions. … About 100 farms along the Scott River watershed in rural Northern California were also ordered to stop diverting water.

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California Assembly acts to prohibit fines for brown lawns in droughts

Alarmed that some cities have fined residents for allowing their lawns to turn brown during the drought, the state Assembly passed a bill Thursday that would prohibit penalties for failing to water grass.

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Drought shakeup continues as Friant Water Authority general manager steps down

In the wake of zero water allocations again this year, Ronald D. Jacobsma has stepped down as general manager of the Friant Water Authority, representing 13 water districts on the San Joaquin Valley’s east side. Jacobsma’s separation from the authority follows the departure of eight water districts over differences with the board of directors. 

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Water partnership asks state to let Marin, Sonoma work together on drought

Water agencies in Marin and Sonoma want to join forces to battle the drought. The move is in response to new requirements being considered by the state Water Resources Control Board.

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Nevada Irrigation District asks for reboot of 36 percent water use reduction proposal

NID [Nevada Irrigation District] — along with other Sierra foothills area water agencies — submitted a letter Wednesday to the state water board asking for reconsideration of the 36 percent mandatory reductions.

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‘Exceptional’ drought expands in Sierra

The latest U.S. Drought Monitor report shows that conditions worsened in the Sierra as California is in the midst of a fourth year of drought.

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Environmental group sues to drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Spurned at the ballot box three years ago and facing an even more uphill battle now because of California’s historic drought, an environmental group has filed a lawsuit attempting to drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, a linchpin of the water supply for 2.6 million Bay Area residents from San Francisco to San Jose to southern Alameda County.

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In drought-stricken California, firefighters transport water to battle wildfires (with audio)

The California drought is not only making fire season longer and more dangerous, it’s making fires harder to fight. Low water levels mean there may not be enough natural supply to fight fires.

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Los Angeles could require covers on residential swimming pools

Los Angeles water officials approved new watering restrictions Thursday that could be imposed if the city’s conservation efforts flag in the coming summer months.

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Report advocates housing development along Los Angeles River

If Los Angeles aims to add more housing, it should look at the neighborhoods lining its long-maligned river to do it.

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Amid low oxygen levels, Lake Tahoe trout relocation goes swimmingly

Anglers, many with Trout Unlimited, were catching with rod and reel in an effort with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to relocate the stranded fish to a more suitable habitat. … Tuesday marked the first time CDFW did a fish relocation effort at Fanny Bridge.

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Quake map puts new attention on Oklahoma, fracking wastewater

The USGS study, released Thursday, comes as officials begin to acknowledge that wastewater disposal is causing quakes.

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Marin among counties that would face most damage in epic storm, report says

Marin would bear the brunt of a super storm that is likely to pound the region sometime in the future, according to a new study released Monday.

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Tahoe trout season opens with low water, lots of fish

The general California trout season opens an hour before sunrise Saturday, allowing trout fishing on most of the state’s lakes, rivers and streams.

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Wind carries blue velella onto Monterey Bay beaches

A blue jellyfish-like creature is washing up on West Coast beaches, including the sandy shores lining the Monterey Bay.

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Pipeline advocate William Shatner holds senior water rights

William Shatner generated modest buzz when, in an interview with Yahoo’s David Pogue last week, he proposed a Kickstarter fund-raising campaign to build a $30 billion pipeline to bring water to drought-ravaged California.

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Commentary: Gov. Jerry Brown could be a hero in our water crisis

Gov. Jerry Brown has the opportunity to bring California’s disparate water factions into one room and help them overcome their parochial tendencies, some of which have made the already bad water situation worse.

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Commentary: Oh, dry up — being a good Californian in bad times

A California court of appeal ruled that San Juan Capistrano can’t, under the state constitution, charge more for water than it costs the city to provide the water.

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Commentary: Is that joint damaging our environment?

There’s a harvest taking place in the nooks and crannies of public and private lands all over California. It threatens the survival of everything from the imperiled spotted owl and steelhead trout to the fisher, a small mammal in the weasel family that is struggling for survival.

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Blog: State funding for larger reservoir above Millerton? Crowded field competes for it

Will there be competition for the state bond money that could help pay for $2.6 billion Temperance Flat Dam near Fresno? Yes.