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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: Gov. Brown agrees to Mexico pact on climate change

Gov. Jerry Brown, calling for “heroic efforts” to combat climate change, agreed with Mexican officials Monday to work together on policies to address air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. … In California, Brown has infuriated activists with his willingness to allow hydraulic fracturing, a controversial form of oil extraction, and efforts to relax provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act.

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Congressional watchdog urges EPA to step up actions on fracking

The Government Accountability Office is calling on the federal Environmental Protection Agency to step up enforcement of water contamination and seismic activity associated with fracking, the high-pressure injection of fluids into wells to extract oil and natural gas.

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EBMUD deal aims to keep sewage out of San Francisco Bay

In the next two decades or so, the millions of gallons of sewage that flow each year to the San Francisco Bay from antiquated East Bay sewer systems will drop to zero.

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Managing Groundwater Supply Critical As Drought Continues

Recent reports about a weak El Niño, shrinking groundwater supplies in the Colorado River Basin and dwindling reservoir supplies in California point to another year, or more, of drought.

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Annoying Minor Floods are Increasing on U.S. Coasts

Along much of America’s coasts, the type of flooding that is more annoying than dangerous has jumped more than fivefold in the last 50 years, the federal government reported Monday.

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Drakes Bay Oyster Co. granted reprieve

Drakes Bay Oyster Co. will be able to keep harvesting oysters for at least another 30 days in the wake of an agreement reached with the National Park Service Friday.

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Firefighters continue to battle Northern California, Yosemite blazes

Firefighters continued to make progress Monday night battling a Northern California wildfire after banishing a private drone from the skies as water-dropping helicopters made repeated assaults on the flames.

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Crews make slow progress on Yosemite fire as chance of rain increases

Firefighters made slow progress Monday to carve containment lines around the 2,600-acre El Portal blaze on the western edge of Yosemite National Park as thunderclouds overhead offered a hope of rain — and a threat of lightning that could make things worse.

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Rare Storm at California Beach Hard to See Coming

A thunderstorm formed so rapidly over a Southern California beach that experts said Monday it was impossible for anyone to predict a lightning strike would turn a day of carefree fun into one of terror.

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Riverside: City restricts water use

Riverside water customers will soon get letters detailing the city’s new mandatory water restrictions and how they can comply, after a statewide directive to respond to a three-year drought.

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For lawns in drought-stricken Santa Cruz, brown (or fake) is the new green

Brown is the new green at Pasatiempo, much as it is for many residential lawns, municipal parks and other once-verdant patches as drought-stricken Santa Cruz counts each drop of water.

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Drought prompts city to cancel Gold Rush Days in Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento’s Gold Rush Days, hosted over the Labor Day weekend since 2000, have been canceled because of the drought, city tourism officials announced Monday.

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Low water levels taking toll on Lake Tahoe rec businesses
Tahoe Daily Tribune

For Larry Boerner, the region’s recent rainfall comes as a relief amid California’s ongoing drought. … As of Tuesday morning, Tahoe was at 6,223.98 feet above sea level. Its natural rim is 6,223 feet.

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Plans surface for another Kings River gravel mine near Sanger

Farming grapes, olives and walnuts southeast of Sanger isn’t enough for Herb Lang. … He treads over his olive orchards, plucking out smooth oval rocks that stick out of the sandy dirt next to the Kings River as he talks about plans for gravel mining on 833 of the 2,000 acres that is Running Luck Ranch.

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Students grow a bond with nature through environmental internship

Three weeks ago, six Environmental Charter High School students abandoned their native urban home of Lawndale for the Santa Rosa Plateau to be immersed in nature. It was at first exotic (“Some of these girls have never seen stars in the sky or slept without hearing an airplane overhead,” said Lisa Park of the Nature Conservancy), but it soon began to feel like home.

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Vandals cause 100,000-gallon flood at College of Alameda, force cancellation of championship baseball

During the worst drought in a century, an estimated 100,000 gallons of water flooded the baseball field at College of Alameda over the weekend after vandals opened the main water valve and smashed six sprinkler heads, forcing the cancellation of three championship games Sunday, police and baseball officials said.

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Editorial: Tracking water rates too hard for state

So how’s the state of California doing on the water front? Faced with the worst drought in generations, we’re all agreed we need to conserve water.

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Commentary: Twin-tunnel allies want an open tax spigot

Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to drill two tunnels underneath the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to provide more reliable water supplies downstream has long been controversial for the scant details the administration has provided about how it plans to fund the $25-billion project. Now as more funding details emerge, the plan is likely to spark even more controversy.

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Commentary: ‘Tunnel vision’ won’t solve Delta’s woes

There’s no question that California is facing one of the worst droughts in its history. As a state that uses more water than we have available – even in “wet” years – there are some critical decisions we need to make about how to move forward.

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Blog: ‘We’re heading for Venus, and still we stand tall’

So, in honor of Tuesday’s twin tunnels comment deadline, here’s a little something to motivate any last-minute letter writers.