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California Irrigation Institute

Hilton Arden West
Sacramento, California
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Urban Water Institute Spring Conference

Hilton Palm Springs
Palm Springs, CA

Water 101 Workshop: The Basics and Beyond
Registration now open for the Feb. 22 event; includes optional Delta tour

One of our most popular events, Water 101 details the history, geography, legal and political facets of water in California as well as hot topics currently facing the state.

Taught by some of the leading policy and legal experts in the state, the one-day workshop gives attendees a deeper understanding of the state’s most precious natural resource.

New for 2018: An optional one-day Delta Tour will be held on the second day, Feb. 23, to give participants a close-up look at the hub of California’s water system.

McGeorge School of Law
3200 5th Ave
Sacramento, CA 95817
Tour Dan Scott

Central Valley Tour 2018
Field Trip - March 14-16

Come with us as we venture through California’s Central Valley, known as the nation’s breadbasket thanks to an imported supply of surface water and local groundwater. Covering about 20,000 square miles through the heart of the state, the valley provides 25 percent of the nation’s food, including 40 percent of all fruits, nuts and vegetables consumed throughout the country.

Tour Dan Scott

Lower Colorado River Tour 2018
Field Trip - April 11-13

Explore the lower Colorado River where virtually every drop of the river is allocated, yet demand is growing from a myriad of sources — increasing population, declining habitat, drought and climate change.

The 1,450-mile river is a lifeline to 40 million people in the Southwest across seven states and Mexico. How the Lower Basin states – Arizona, California and Nevada – use and manage this water to meet agricultural, urban, environmental and industrial needs is the focus of this tour.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Las Vegas
4315 Swenson Street
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Tour Dan Scott

Bay-Delta Tour 2018
Field Trip - May 16-18

We will travel deep into California’s water hub and traverse the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, a 720,000-acre network of islands and canals that supports the state’s water system and is California’s most crucial water and ecological resource. The tour will makes its way to San Francisco Bay, and included a ferry ride.

Water from Northern California flows through the Delta and heads south to provide drinking water for more than 25 million Californians and irrigation to 3 million acres of farmland that contribute to the state’s $46 billion agricultural industry. 

Tour Dan Scott

Headwaters Tour 2018
Field Trip - June 28 & 29

Sixty percent of California’s developed water supply originates high in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Our water supply is largely dependent on the health of our Sierra forests, which are suffering from ecosystem degradation, drought, wildfires and widespread tree mortality. Join us as we head into the foothills and the mountains to examine water issues that happen upstream but have dramatic impacts downstream and throughout the state. 

GEI (Tour Starting Point)
2868 Prospect Park Dr.
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670.
Tour Dan Scott

Northern California Tour 2018
Field Trip - October 10 - 12

Explore the Sacramento River and its tributaries through a scenic landscape as we learn about the issues associated with a key source for the state’s water supply. All together, the river and its tributaries supply 35 percent of California’s water and feed into two major projects: the State Water Project and the federal Central Valley Project. This year, special attention will be paid to the flood event at Oroville Dam and the efforts to repair the dam spillway before the next rainy season. 

This 3-day, 2-night tour travels across the Sacramento Valley and follows the river north from Sacramento through Chico to Redding and Lake Shasta, where participants take a houseboat ride.

Tour Dan Scott

San Joaquin River Restoration Tour 2018
Field Trip - October 31 & November 1

Participants of this tour snake along the San Joaquin River to learn firsthand about one of the nation’s largest and most expensive river restoration plans.

The San Joaquin River was the focus of one of the most contentious legal battles in California water history, ending in a 2006 settlement between the federal government, Friant Water Authority and a coalition of environmental groups.