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All About the Delta

From recent news articles to publications, maps and tours, Water Education Foundation has everything you need, including the award-winning Layperson’s Guide to the Delta.

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Water Field Trips

The Water Education Foundation’s tours offer participants a first-hand look at the water facilities, rivers and regions critical in the debate about the future of water resources.

Water News You Need to Know

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Friday’s Top of the Scroll: Court rejects lawsuit to drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

A judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to force the city of San Francisco to drain Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, a key part of the water system for 2.6 million residents of Bay Area cities stretching from Hayward to San Jose to San Francisco.

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Spring storms help snowpack as California drought persists (with audio)

There was no change in drought conditions last week in California and Nevada, but spring storms added snow to the northern Sierra Nevada.

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‘We can be saved’: state, crabbers discuss relief as fishing closure continues

Speaking at a joint committee hearing on the crab season Thursday at the state Capital, Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Charlton “Chuck” Bonham said the federal government will likely take a “wait and hold approach” before allocating disaster relief funds to the struggling crab fishing community.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Most states do bare minimum on fire-foam contamination

The military is checking U.S. bases for potential groundwater contamination from a toxic firefighting foam, but most states so far show little inclination to examine civilian sites for the same threat.

Online Water Encyclopedia

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Drought— an extended period of limited or no precipitation— is a fact of life in California and the West, with water resources following boom and-bust patterns.

No portion of the West has been immune to drought during the last century and drought occurs with much greater frequency in the West than in any other regions of the country.

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Delta Smelt

The endangered Delta smelt is a 3-inch fish found only in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. It is considered especially sensitive because it lives just one year, has a limited diet and exists primarily in brackish waters (a mix of river-fed fresh and salty ocean waters that is typically found in coastal estuaries).


Important People in California Water History

Read about the history people who played a significant role in the water history of California.

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Delta Plan

The Delta Plan is a comprehensive management plan for the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta intended to help the state meet the coequal goals of water reliability and ecosystem restoration.