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Aquafornia news Chico Enterprise-Record

Oroville residents ready for use of spillway again

With water soon set to flow down the damaged spillway at Oroville Dam, some residents are cautiously confident in repairs and haven’t checked the newly minted evacuation plans yet.

Aquafornia news Appeal-Democrat

Yuba County Water Agency to loan reclamation district up to $200,000 for levee repairs

The Yuba County Water Agency approved a $200,000 loan for Reclamation District 2103 to help with repair costs on a stretch of the Bear River that was damaged by February storms.

Aquafornia news San Bernardino Sun

Area water basins still hovering at record low levels, managers say

While this winter’s precipitation was good news for Northern California, that story doesn’t translate to much of the Inland Empire, area water managers said Tuesday.

Aquafornia news Sacramento Bee

Can California repair damaged Delta reservoir within 45 days?

State officials said Wednesday that Californians reliant on water pumped out of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta won’t face supply shortages, even as crews shut down a massive pumping station that serves much of Southern California for at least a month to make repairs to its intake reservoir.

Aquafornia news East Bay Times

Erosion hits key reservoir near Byron

A state reservoir at the starting point to ship Delta water to 23 million Californians has been damaged by heavy water flows this winter — which may trigger a temporary shutdown of the state’s giant water pumps.

Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

More than 100 quakes shake California and Nevada in past two weeks—and it’s normal

After all, California was soaked with ridiculous amounts of rain this winter and then over the past week, dry, warm weather, with temps in the 80s recorded in some places, has baked the state. Could these extreme conditions trigger seismic activity?

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Army Corps on trial over Missouri River flooding complaint

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is defending itself at trial against more than 300 farmers and other landowners who say the agency’s management of the Missouri River has contributed to major flooding in five states, most notably 2011 flooding that caused billions of dollars in damage.

Aquafornia news Modesto Bee

Tuesday’s 85-degree day in Modesto sets record for date

Tuesday’s peak temperature of 85 degrees in Modesto was a record high for March 14, according to Modesto Irrigation District data.

Aquafornia news Tahoe Daily Tribune

Lake Tahoe weather: Mostly blue skies, warmer temperatures in forecast

The official first day of spring is less than a week away and after several months of heavy snowfall and winter storms, residents and visitors have been treated to spring-like conditions the past week.

Aquafornia news Association of California Water Agencies

Brown appoints Doduc, Esquivel to State Water Board

Gov. Jerry Brown today [March 15] announced the appointment of Tam Doduc and Joaquin Esquivel to the State Water Resources Control Board. Doduc is a reappointment and Esquivel is a new appointment to fill the seat of retiring Board Member Fran Spivey Weber.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Sea lion leaves California farmland canal, heads home

A young sea lion spotted in a Northern California farmland canal was feasting on carp as it made its way home Wednesday, a day after rescue crews tried to get him out to be evaluated.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Study: Stopping global warming only way to save coral reefs

Reducing pollution and curbing overfishing won’t prevent the severe bleaching that is killing coral at catastrophic rates, according to a study of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. 

Aquafornia news San Jose Mercury News

Editorial: How California can fight Trump on environment

A package of bills introduced by California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León and three Southern California lawmakers would make the existing federal clean water, clean air and endangered species protections state law.

Aquafornia news Water Deeply

Commentary: Smaller is better — The solution to California’s ancient water pipes

As a practicing architect and LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Accredited Professional) for more than 40 years, I [Rinaldo Veseliza] have scoured the planet for technological solutions to improve sustainability with water, energy and waste treatment. During the course of my projects, I often see the underbelly of the beast where aging underground systems have the potential to erupt at any time, particularly in earthquake-prone areas such as California’s San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles.

Aquafornia news Water Education Foundation

Building Capacity for Regional Sustainability in California: A Water Summit – Register to attend this interactive workshop on April 12

What goes into a regional water sustainability plan? How do you involve all stakeholders? And how do you manage the resource – including surface water and groundwater? Join us at this half-day workshop at the Sacramento Convention Center to learn how to achieve regional water sustainability from water and land use leaders from across the state. … Building Capacity for Regional Sustainability in California: A Water Summit is cosponsored by the California Department of Water Resources and the Water Education Foundation.

Aquafornia news NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

News Release: GRACE Mission — 15 years of watching water on Earth

“Revolutionary” is a word you hear often when people talk about the GRACE mission. Since the twin satellites of the U.S./German Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment  launched on March 17, 2002, their data have transformed scientists’ view of how water moves and is stored around the planet.

Aquafornia news Sacramento Bee

Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: Just weeks after Oroville Dam crisis, damage found in another key California reservoir

California water officials, still struggling with fixes at Oroville Dam, will have to temporarily shut down the pumping station that delivers water to much of Southern California and Silicon Valley after discovering damage at another key state reservoir.

Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

Vacaville sued over ‘Erin Brockovich’ contaminant in water supply

The city of Vacaville is facing pressure to clean up its water supplies after an environmental group sued this week over the amount of chromium-6 in groundwater. … Vacaville is among several California cities that have been wrestling with the carcinogen since 2014, when the state adopted the nation’s first chromium-6 rules.

Aquafornia news Eureka Times-Standard

Dropping river level strands hundreds of fish

Crews are out this week rescuing hundreds of fish stranded in pools and sloughs after the Sacramento River receded from last month’s high water flows.

Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

California bill aims to make it harder for megaprojects to sidestep state environmental law

Two years ago, the Los Angeles Rams did something unheard of in California development politics: In just six weeks, the team went from unveiling plans for an 80,000-seat stadium to earning final approval from the Inglewood City Council.