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Aquafornia news Associated Press

‘It’s raining needles’: Drug crisis creates pollution threat

They wash into rivers and float downstream to land on beaches. … Syringes left by drug users amid the heroin crisis are turning up everywhere.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Debate over use of jumbo bomber as wildfires rage in West

The modifications allow it to drop more than 19,000 gallons (72,000 liters) of a flame-squelching combination of ammonium phosphate and sulfate mixed with water that comes billowing out in a red-colored line.

Aquafornia news Stockton Record

It’s not the Stockton heat, it’s the longevity

Federal officials say there’s a good chance for above-normal temperatures to persist through September, so it’s conceivable that Stockton could endure 30 days of triple-digit misery for the first time since 2005.

Aquafornia news The Fresno Bee

A first at the California State Fair, an exhibit on farmworkers

The California State Fair has long recognized the state as an agricultural powerhouse. Now, for the first time in its 164-year history, it is devoting an exhibit to the people who keep it running: farmworkers.

Aquafornia news Circle of Blue

Saving water lowered rates in two Arizona cities

Why conserve if our rates are going to go up?” It’s a question that Candice Rupprecht, water conservation manager for the city of Tucson, Arizona, hears frequently at community meetings. Residents are frustrated by what they see as an unjust reward for watering the lawn two times a week instead of four.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Toxins in water under Tennessee power plant causing alarm

Memphis residents are as proud of their sweet-tasting water as their barbecue and blues. The water – drawn from the Memphis Sand aquifer beneath this Tennessee city – is so revered that a city utility called it a “community treasure” in an online report on its cleanliness.

Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

Wastewater on a stick: The popsicles from Taiwan that you really, really don’t want to eat

After their instructor in a packaging design class gave orders for a project covering interactive design, experimentalism and “reverse thinking,” the trio of fourth-year students discussed but rejected about 200 other ideas in favor of the popsicles. So far as they knew, polluted pops had not been made before.

Aquafornia news Association of California Water Agencies

Blog: What lessons can Butte Creek teach us about improving fisheries in California?

There is a spectacular success story in Northern California that proves that the coequal goals are attainable and multi-agency collaboration is possible: It is the Butte Creek Fish Passage Improvement Project. The project, which celebrated its 20th anniversary June 15, has brought more than 10,000 spawning spring-run salmon back annually to a waterway that once saw only a few hundred salmon return to spawn each year.

Aquafornia news UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences

Blog: A simplified method to classify streams and improve California’s water management

Alterations to the natural flow regime for human water management activities have degraded river ecosystems worldwide. Such alterations are particularly destructive in regions with highly variable climates like California, where native riverine species are highly adapted to natural flooding and drought disturbances. In California, less than 2% of the total streamflow remains unaltered, while over 80% of the native fish species are now imperiled or extinct.

Aquafornia news California Department of Water Resources

News Release: Silverwood Lake algal bloom at ‘warning’ level

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has issued a “warning” advisory for Silverwood Lake’s Sawpit swim beach and Cleghorn swim beach due to the presence of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria).

Aquafornia news California Department of Water Resources

News Release: Pyramid Lake algal bloom now at ‘caution’ level

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) has detected a reduced amount of microcystins at Pyramid Lake’s Vaquero Day Use Swim Beach. The level now warrants a “Caution” to swimmers rather than the “Warning” that was issued at the lake on July 7. While swimming is now allowed, all recreational users are still urged to avoid direct contact with blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) in Pyramid Lake in Los Angeles County.

Aquafornia news Water Deeply

Friday’s Top of the Scroll: Opponents of California’s Delta tunnels project push alternative strategies

In June, two federal agencies gave their blessings to the controversial project to build two water conveyance tunnels under California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Environmental groups promptly sounded the alarm that the state’s so-named WaterFix project would not, as its backers claim, solve the matrix of problems plaguing the Delta and the people and creatures relying on it. … But if not WaterFix, then what?

Aquafornia news Chico Enterprise-Record

Board of Consultants tweaks former Oroville Dam design recommendation

In its eighth memorandum released Thursday, the independent board analyzing the redesign of the Oroville Dam spillways commends the construction contractor’s work and makes slight tweaks to former recommendations.

Aquafornia news Public Policy Institute of California

Q&A: The search for sustainability in the Colorado River Basin

The Colorado River is a crucial water source for seven states (Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and California) and Mexico, and like many shared rivers has its share of challenges. We talked to Doug Kenney—director of the Western Water Policy Program at the University of Colorado and a member of the PPIC Water Policy Center research network―about balancing priorities in managing the river.

Aquafornia news Monterey Herald

South Monterey County Interlake Tunnel project cost edges up again

Interlake Tunnel project cost estimates continue to climb, rising to about $83.4 million, and could rise even further. … The project, which includes a San Antonio dam spillway modification, would connect Lake Nacimiento and Lake San Antonio in South Monterey County via an 11,000-foot-long gravity flow tunnel …

Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

Without water lifeline, tiny town on Santa Cruz coast is running dry

All across California, one storm after another dumped drought-busting rains last winter that put an end to water-saving emergency measures and the doomsday scenario of taps running dry. Except here [Davenport, Santa Cruz County].

Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

Winter’s snow is disrupting the Sierra Nevada’s summer

Trails, roads and campgrounds throughout the Sierra high country were hit hard by snow and runoff from one of the largest snowpacks in recorded history, leaving public agencies scrambling and summer visitors feeling lost.

Aquafornia news Santa Rosa Press Democrat

At Eel River dam, thousands of spawning lamprey make for natural spectacle

Swimming by the thousands up the Eel River this year, Pacific lamprey are literally climbing the wall of a dam near Potter Valley in Mendocino County. … The surge of lamprey numbers at the dam this year is a mystery, but wildlife watchers welcome the spectacle as a possible sign of a rebound in the population that mistakenly gave the Eel River its name in the 19th century.

Aquafornia news Capital Public Radio

Lessons learned from Oroville Dam spillway evacuations helped in Wall Fire evacuations

First came the Oroville Dam spillway evacuation in February. Then came the Wall Fire a week ago. The Butte County Sheriffs Office says it learned several lessons from the first incident that helped it respond to the second. 

Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

Ranchers allowed 5-year extension to graze cattle in Point Reyes National Seashore

Environmental groups, ranchers and the National Park Service have reached a settlement over the future of cattle ranches in Point Reyes National Seashore.