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Nunes memo made this congressman a national name. But his California district cares about water, not Russia

Here [Tulare], some business owners and workers said they still believe [Congressman Devin] Nunes can deliver on jobs. Farmers and growers tend to know him for water, not Russia.

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How one farmer shaped America’s appetite and influenced California water policy (audio)

We’ll explore [Stewart] Resnick and the land and water use issues surrounding his farming empire with journalist Mark Arak, who profiled Resnick for February’s issue of California Sunday Magazine.

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Cape Town pushes back Day Zero by nearly one month

Pointing to declining agricultural water use, Cape Town officials moved Day Zero back nearly four weeks, to May 11. Day Zero is the day when water service will be shut off to most homes and businesses because of critically low reservoirs.

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Commentary: Using 2018 Farm Bill to grow investment in private lands conservation

In the United States, the largest single source of public conservation funding comes from an unexpected piece of legislation: the farm bill. Although the bulk of the farm bill focuses on commodity subsidies and nutrition assistance, the most recent version allocated more than $5 billion in annual funding for various conservation programs. The farm bill is also a venue to set policy and pilot new programs that grow conservation on working lands in order to balance production of crops, timber, and livestock with environmental quality.

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Water, water everywhere can’t quell a Western drought

Many Western reservoirs are full, and downpours have triggered floods and deadly mudslides in parts of California. But all that water isn’t enough to save the West from another drought. Most of the region has slipped back into the drought conditions that have plagued it on and off for the past two decades—alarming water managers across several states.

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A kingdom from dust

I’m [Mark Arax] going to Kern County, just shy of the mountains, to figure out how the biggest farmers in America, led by the biggest of them all, are not only keeping alive their orchards and vineyards during drought but adding more almonds (79,000 acres), more pistachios (73,000 acres), more grapes (35,000 acres), and more mandarins (13,000 acres). Even as the supplies of federal and state water have dropped to near zero, agriculture in Kern keeps chugging along, growing more intensive.

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Blog: What does it take to recover salmon in the Sacramento Valley?  Listen to this podcast.

The Rice Radio podcast, which is produced by Kurt Richter, recently took an in-depth look at the work being conducted in the Sacramento Valley to enhance salmon recovery.  The podcast includes interviews with fisheries biologist Dave Vogel, Les Canter and Roger Cornwell with project proponent River Garden Farms, RD 108 General Manager Lewis Bair and NCWA President David Guy.

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Lettuce saves the Colorado River

Water levels are up this winter at Lake Mead, a gauge for the Colorado River’s ability to supply 30 million people with water, thanks partly to a surprising hero: lettuce.

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Colorado rancher on Crystal River agrees to change diversions to benefit river

There is a new way to put water back in Colorado’s parched rivers. After more than a year of back and forth with Pitkin County officials, the nonprofit Colorado Water Trust announced Tuesday a pilot agreement with a Carbondale rancher to increase streamflows in the Crystal River during dry years.

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Marin group: Turn San Geronimo Golf Course into farm

The starting pistol has yet to be fired in the race to see what will become of the 157-acre San Geronimo Golf Course property, but a couple of contestants have already bolted out of the starting blocks. … One of the main objectives in acquiring the property is to protect endangered central coast coho and threatened steelhead trout in San Geronimo Creek and its tributary, Larsen Creek.

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Voters OK’d $2.7 billion for new reservoirs. Critics say California won’t spend it.

It’s a tantalizing pot of money, $2.7 billion for new dams and reservoirs approved by California voters during the worst of the drought. But is the state willing to spend it?

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Blog: Building community to support healthy forests

California’s mountainous headwater forests are in crisis, and an all-hands-on-deck approach is needed to improve their health. … Resource conservation districts (RCDs) are one of several locally governed entities that can play an important role in helping landowners improve forest health. RCDs are authorized by the state to perform a variety of resource and land management functions, including forest stewardship, fuels management, and watershed planning and management.

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How a skeptical rancher in rural California embraced green-friendly farming — with help from a popular outdoors brand

Lani Estill’s family ranches on thousands of acres in Modoc County on the border of Nevada and California. Her operation, Bare Ranch, sits in a place called Surprise Valley. It’s a beautiful almost forgotten place “Where the West still lives” — that’s the county’s motto.

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Hundreds of millions required to fix critical water infrastructure damaged by subsidence

There’s a $300 million problem with a major piece of water infrastructure that threatens the future of Kern County’s bountiful and profitable crops.

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Study suggests California grapevines can weather searing drought

The drought could be crippling but the wine will be good. That is the happy conclusion of a study published today in the journal, Science. … That means farmers may not need to water their vineyards as much as previously thought during a dry spell.

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Fertilizer on farm fields is a major source of California smog, UC Davis says

Think of California’s smog problem and you probably think of tailpipes and smokestacks. A startling new study led by UC Davis, however, says the fertilizer in farm soils is a major contributor to smog in California.

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Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: California now facing cascade of litigation over Oroville Dam

More than 40 farmers and business owners in the Oroville area sued the state Wednesday over the effects of the Oroville Dam crisis, seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

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Chinook salmon reach milestones in San Joaquin River

As work to restore the San Joaquin River continues, scientists are seeing promising signs that salmon can thrive in the river as hatchery fish reach new milestones. A recent breakthrough came in fall 2017, when spring-run Chinook salmon created their nests, called redds, in the deeper and colder parts of the river below Friant Dam.

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Honeybees help farmers, but they don’t help environment

Honeybees are amazing and adorable, and they suffer when people spray pesticides or mow down wildflowers. We’ve heard plenty in recent years about collapsing bee colonies.

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Blog: Ducks Unlimited Chairman Paul Bonderson inducted into California Outdoors Hall of Fame

This past weekend at the International Sportsmen’s Expo in Sacramento, Ducks Unlimited Chairman and Sacramento Valley landowner and conservationist Paul Bonderson was inducted into the California Outdoors Hall of Fame.