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California Water Bundle
Special holiday price for California water map and Layperson's Guide to California water

The California water bundle features our newly redesigned California Water Map and the most recent version of the Layperson’s Guide to California Water. It is the perfect holiday gift for the water wonk in your life.

Order by Dec. 18 to make sure it arrives in time for Christmas. 

Regularly priced at $20 for the map and $15 for the guide, this bundle allows you to purchase both of these high-quality products for $25. Please note they ship separately.

The 24×36 inch poster is widely known as the definitive poster that shows the integral role water plays in the state. It includes California’s natural waterways, manmade reservoirs and aqueducts, wild and scenic rivers and natural lakes and includes text on key water issues.

The 24-page Layperson’s Guide provides an excellent overview of the history of water development and use in California, and includes sections on flood management, water delivery systems, Delta issues, environmental issues, water rights, water quality and options for stretching the state’s water supply.

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