Layperson’s Guide to Agricultural Drainage
Updated 2001

With irrigation projects that import water, farmers have transformed millions of acres of land into highly productive fields and orchards. But the dry climate that provides an almost year-round farming season can hasten salt build up in soils. The build-up of salts in poorly drained soils can decrease crop productivity, and there are links between drainage water from irrigated fields and harmful impacts on fish and wildlife.

The 20-page Layperson’s Guide to Agricultural Drainage explores these and other issues associated with agricultural drainage. It includes a drainage primer; regional assessments of the Imperial Valley, San Joaquin Valley and Tulare Lake Basin; and efforts to find new solutions to the old problem of disposal of agricultural drainage water. Order in bulk (25 or more copies of the same guide) for a reduced rate. Contact the Foundation, 916-444-6240, for details.

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