Russian River Tour 2014
Field Trip (past)

The 2014 tour took place October 9-10.

This 2-day, 1-night tour travels the Russian River watershed, a microcosm of water management issues in the West. The history of the development of this beautiful river valley has included projects addressing challenges such as the conflicting water use of agriculture and urban areas, groundwater overdraft and recharge, establishing fisheries programs and salmon restoration, inter-basin water transfers, storage, recreational use, flooding, and water quality problems. The tour covers topics that affect other areas of the state, such as the goal of establishing a carbon-free water supply by 2015 and securing water supply through climate change adaptation strategies and seismic upgrades. Stops include Lake Sonoma Overlook, fisheries tours, Dry Creek, an inflatable dam, sustainable energy features of Sonoma Valley Sanitation District, recycled water use, Napa Sonoma salt marshland, and local Sonoma County wineries along the route. The tour begins and ends in Santa Rosa.

The Water Education Foundation’s tours are action-packed field trips that offer participants a firsthand look at the water facilities, rivers and regions critical in the debate about the future of water resources. Issues of water supply, water quality, environmental restoration, flood management, groundwater and water conservation are addressed by a wide-range of speakers representing different viewpoints.

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We specialize in all aspects of project planning, environmental analysis and assessment, and regulatory compliance. For more than four decades we’ve guided integrated decision-making, developing innovative and workable solutions that inform development and restoration projects based on sound science, policy, and planning.


Sonoma County Water Agency

The mission of the Sonoma County Water Agency is to effectively manage the water resources in our care for the benefit of people and the environment through resource and environmental stewardship, technical innovation, and responsible fiscal management.

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