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California Watersheds: Our Vital Link

Watersheds are all around us. You’re sitting or standing in one right now.

A watershed is more than just a piece of land that water flows through. It is a place where people and animals live, and plants and trees grow. All life is dependent on a healthy watershed. Without watersheds, we wouldn’t have water for farms, cities, wildlife, recreation – everything!

The slideshow is packed full of useful information and photographs, maps and web links to help you explore each topic further.

What you will learn:

  • How watersheds function and how their overall health impacts all life around it
  • What issues threaten watersheds: Land-based pollutants, recreation, development, water quality, high-intensity fire and unhealthy forests
  • What’s being done through watershed management to ensure watershed health is maintained and improved
  • Where individual projects all over California are making a real difference
  • How you can locate the watershed in your area and get involved.

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