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Delta Plan

The Delta Plan is a comprehensive management plan for the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta intended to help the state meet the coequal goals of water reliability and ecosystem restoration.

The Delta Stewardship Council, which oversees the Delta Plan, adopted a final version in May 2013 after three years of study and public meetings. Once completed, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan could be incorporated into the Delta Plan.

Stressing levee maintenance and conservation, the plan is designed to improve statewide water reliability while maintaining a healthy ecosystem and balancing the needs of various Bay Delta stakeholders.

The Plan’s efforts to protect, restore, and enhance are done through 14 enforceable regulatory policies and 73 non-binding recommendations.

The Delta Plan aims to recover endangered species, reduce pollution, reduce invasive species, rebuild salmon runs, and enhance habitat for wildlife in six “high priority” locations in the Delta and Suisun Marsh.

The Plan recommends the State Water Resources Control Board to consider implementing special plans that will protect water quality and groundwater resources, as well as collaborating with other agencies to conduct a Delta regional water quality monitoring program.

Other Delta Plan recommendations include:

  • improved water efficiency
  • more storage
  • development of other local water supplies
  • protection of Delta farmlands and communities
  • improved maintenance of Delta levees

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