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Aquafornia news Sacramento Bee

Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: Giant chasm revealed as water stops flowing at Oroville Dam

[Oroville] Dam operators gradually scaled back water releases to zero over a six-hour period, providing breathing room for construction crews trying to clear debris from a badly choked Feather River channel and restart the dam’s critically needed hydroelectric plant.

Aquafornia news New York Times

Trump plans to begin EPA rollback with order on clean water

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday aimed at rolling back one of former President Barack Obama’s major environmental regulations to protect American waterways, but it will have almost no immediate legal effect, according to two people familiar with the White House plans.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

California court expands endangered-species removal powers

The California Supreme Court on Monday said petitioners seeking to remove a subset of coho salmon from the state’s endangered species list could present new evidence to argue the listing was wrong.

Aquafornia news McClatchy Washington, D.C., Bureau

Despite Trump’s pledge, governors expect little federal spending on infrastructure

President Trump said again Monday that he was preparing to spend big on infrastructure. But even as he spoke, administration officials and congressional leaders were telling governors to expect little new federal investment in roads, bridges, transit systems, dam repairs and other water works.

Aquafornia news Modesto Bee

Turlock Irrigation District closes spillway gate at Don Pedro but warns it may be needed again

A week after it opened, the spillway gate at Don Pedro Reservoir was fully closed just before 5 a.m. Monday, the Turlock Irrigation District reported.

Aquafornia news Water Deeply

Study shows how a warming world is changing the Colorado River

Above-average snowpack in the Rocky Mountains this year may bring some relief to the Colorado River Basin, which has been in a drought since 2000. But the long-term picture for the region is less rosy after a newly published study found just how much higher temperatures are impacting river flow.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Trump ordering review of Obama rule protecting small streams

President Donald Trump will sign an executive order Tuesday mandating a review of an Obama-era rule aimed at protecting small streams and wetlands from development and pollution.

Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

Crews at Oroville Dam begin aggressive debris cleanup

Water gushing down the main spillway at the Oroville Dam was completely shut off Monday for the first time since the damaged outlet triggered a mass evacuation of people downstream this month.

Aquafornia news Chico Enterprise-Record

Oroville Dam operators stop flow down spillway, see extensive damage

The state Department of Water Resources halted flows down Lake Oroville’s spillway Monday afternoon in an effort to get the Hyatt Powerplant up and running and to assess damage.

Aquafornia news KCRA Channel 3, Sacramento

10 photos show extensive damage at Oroville spillway

The water releases at Lake Oroville via the damaged spillway have been completely shut off Monday after water officials began ramping down the outflows several hours before.

Aquafornia news Chico Enterprise-Record

Butte County sheriff bans use of private drones around Oroville Dam

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea on Monday banned the use of private drones in the area of the damaged spillways at Oroville Dam.

Aquafornia news Monterey Herald

Latest Cal Am desal project delay impact uncertain, sanctuary official says hope is to stay on schedule

A Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary representative said the latest delay involving California American Water’s proposed Monterey Peninsula desalination project — a 30-day extension of the public comment period on the project’s draft combined state and federal environmental review document — could push back finalization of the report by a month.

Aquafornia news Stockton Record

Wide swath of south Delta closed to boating

The southern Delta is effectively off limits to recreational boaters after emergency officials decided over the weekend that an ongoing prohibition should extend beyond the flooded San Joaquin River itself.

Aquafornia news San Diego Union-Tribune

Storm drops record rainfall, leaves thousands without power

San Diego County was deluged with the heaviest rain it has received all winter on Monday when a North Pacific storm merged with moisture from the sub-tropics, creating a meteorological beast few people saw coming.

Aquafornia news Sacramento Bee

Storms cause more than $15 million in damage to El Dorado County public works

Collapsed roads and damaged culverts from the last two months of storms will cost El Dorado County hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in repairs, officials said Monday.

Aquafornia news Orange County Register

Pothole patrol crews across Orange County flooded with work after heavy rains

Heavy rains are leaving road hazards behind long after flooded intersections have dried and downed trees have been removed. 

Aquafornia news KQED Public Media for Northern California

California’s water system built for a climate we no longer have

Many Californians are still in disbelief that after five years of too little water during the drought, now the problem is too much water. … Some say it’s a wake-up call because the state’s warming climate could mean more of the same.

Aquafornia news Whittier Daily News

New directors for Central Basin bring back ousted president, cancel investigation contract

The three newest members of the Central Basin Municipal Water District on Monday helped bring swift change to the embattled agency, voting to reverse some of the actions a slim majority of the board’s members ushered in over the last few weeks.

Aquafornia news Sacramento Bee

Caltrans’ Donner Pass chief tweets a blizzard to aid drivers

With a white helmet and ash-gray beard, Caltrans Superintendent Dave Wood exudes old-fashioned charm from his post at the snowy summit of Donner Pass. But his favored method of communicating with drivers is decidedly modern.

Aquafornia news Associated Press

Cause of most US wildfires traced to people, study finds

People have triggered five out of six wildfires in the U.S. over the last two decades, tripling the length of the wildfire season and making it start earlier in the East and last longer in the West, a new study finds.