Hear All About the World of Water Data
New California law to be discussed at March 23 briefing

Data, data everywhere but what to do with it all? Water wonks have long known there are reams of information about water available from a multitude of sources. Databases contain information about water supply, water quality, water rights and other issues. But the information is scattered and not easily accessible.

Now, a new state law aims to corral all the dates, places and numbers into a useful platform that is expected to make California’s water management system more effective.

Attend our March 23  Executive Briefing and learn more about the Open and Transparent Water Data Act from Christina McCready, chief of the Department of Water Resources’ Integrated Data and Analysis Branch. A legislative analysis of the Act said “having all water data in the state compiled and publicly available in a useable fashion would drive water policy innovation and likely produce many of the benefits that robust useable data have had on energy policy.”

Registration for the event, “Wave of Change: Breaking the Status Quo,” is now open. Click here for more information and check out the special rate for NGOs and university professors/students. 

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