Get a Better Picture of California’s Groundwater Resources
Purchase the Foundation’s poster map and layperson’s guide at a special price for August only

What is groundwater? Where does it occur in California? What is an aquifer? What is overdraft? And how can groundwater be managed? These are all terms in the news as the state moves forward with implementation of the landmark Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

The Act established June 30, 2017 as the deadline for local entities to create Groundwater Sustainability Agencies – the first step toward managing groundwater use and developing plans to bring overdrafted groundwater basins back into balance.

But what does a groundwater aquifer look like? And how is water extracted from beneath the ground to the surface for use on farms and in homes? Those questions are illustrated on the Foundation’s beautiful California Groundwater Map poster, which was updated and re-designed earlier this year.

Accompanying the map is the easy-to-understand 28-page Layperson’s Guide to Groundwater. This publication helps the reader understand how and where groundwater is used to irrigate crops and provide drinking water. Revised and expanded in 2017, the guide includes sections on groundwater law, SGMA, groundwater overdraft, groundwater quality and groundwater management.

Both products retail for $15 each, but are now available in a bundle during August for $20, plus tax and shipping.

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