Delta Issues


Delta Issues

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Keeping Water is Priority No.1

From the [Marysville] Appeal-Democrat:

“The need for more water storage and the assurance that water from North California isn’t sent south were the main concerns voiced at a town hall about water issues Tuesday night in Yuba City.

“Almost 200 farmers, residents and water managers attended the meeting, which was organized by Assemblyman Dan Logue.

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News Release: Statement of Phil Isenberg, Chair, Delta Stewardship Council, on USGS Report

From the Delta Stewardship Council, in a statement by Chair Phil Isenberg:

“This report [Land subsidence along the Delta-Mendota Canal in the northern part of the San Joaquin Valley, California, 2003-10: USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2013–5142] reinforces the urgency of understanding and better managing California’s groundwater basins.
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Blog: Mature Choices for a Mature State

From the Bay Delta Conservation Plan Blog, in a post by Richard Stapler, California Natural Resources Agency:

“As California has matured as a state, we continue to take well-conceived steps toward lessening our potential for harm from earthquakes. … Take for instance, upgrades to one of the Bay Area’s primary water conveyance, the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System. About $4.6 billion will be spent to seismically upgrade the aging system. For the 2.5 million people it serves, that works out to about $1,840 per individual.
Aquafornia news Delta Protection Commission (DPC)

News Release: Delta Protection Commission Celebrates 20th Anniversary

From the Delta Protection Commission (DPC):

“The Delta Protection Commission (DPC) will mark its 20th Anniversary this Thursday, Nov. 21 during a celebration [4-5:30 p.m.] at the Big Break Visitor Center in Oakley, CA, preceding a 6 p.m. Commission Meeting at Oakley City Hall. …

“’Throughout its history, the Delta Protection Commission has served as the voice of those that live, work, and play in the Delta,’ said San Joaquin County Supervisor Larry Ruhstaller, chair of the Delta Protection Commission.

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Commentary: Will There Be Enough Water for Twin Tunnels?

From the Santa Barbara Independent, in a commentary by Arve Sjovold:

“Can a man drown crossing a river that averages one foot in depth? The answer is, of course, yes. An average cannot describe how wet you’ll get wading a river with a deep channel and a broader shallow run.
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Commentary: Peer Swan in Hot Water Over ACWA Conference

From the Orange County Register, in a column by Frank Mickadeit:

At this Irvine Hilton conference of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) I attended last month, an administration official laid out [Governor] Brown’s [Delta] plan. Later, three other speakers outlined why this might not be the best plan …

“I quoted the conference organizer, Irvine Ranch Water District director Peer Swan, as saying this initial conference was ‘a shot across the bow’ to wake up regional interests that hadn’t been paying attention to the issue.

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Blog: State Resources Leader Told People in Small Towns Need Help During Drought

From the Fresno Bee Newsroom Blog, in a post by Mark Grossi:

“When John Laird, secretary for the California Natural Resources Agency, comes to Fresno these days, people want to talk with him about water. Specifically, the lack of it. …

“He met this week with the Latino Water Coalition to chat about the Bay Delta Conservation Plan …”

Read more from the Fresno Bee Newsroom Blog


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Blog: ‘What is Plan B?’

From the Alex Breitler Environment blog, The Stockton Record:

“San Joaquin County supervisors want to know what the state will do should the governor’s twin tunnels plan not pan out.

“The supes posed the question in a recent meeting with California Resources Secretary John Laird.”

Read more from the Alex Breitler Environment blog

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Blog: Board Game Wakens Delta Islanders on Flood Risks

From the California WaterBlog, UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, in a post by Wouter Jan Klerk and Ties Rijcken:

“The California Delta is one of the world’s most complex water systems. As a group of five Dutch students from Delft University of Technology, we were eager to visit the diked islands, or ‘polders,’ as we call them in the Netherlands.
Aquafornia news Sacramento Bee

Editorial: Big Obstacle for Delta Tunnel Project — Who will Pay for It?

From The Sacramento Bee:

“When it comes to water policy, Gov. Jerry Brown’s motto seems to be ‘tunnels or bust.’ Increasingly, as costs and questions pile up, ‘bust’ looks like a possible outcome.

“Sometime next month, water contractors and the Brown administration are expected to release a draft environmental impact report for the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.”

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Commentary: There’s a Better Way — Sustainable Solutions, Not Tunnels, are Needed for Delta

From the Stockton Record, in a commentary by Ken Vogel:

“If you believe proponents of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, there’s only one way to fix the Delta – tunnels. There’s a better solution. …

“The BDCP is the wrong solution for the Delta and the entire state.

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Commentary: Why Bay Area Should Care About California Delta

From the San Francisco Chronicle, in a commentary by Lois Kazakoff:

“The California delta’s water woes might seem distant, but if you live in Alameda, Contra Costa or Santa Clara counties, you may drink delta water.
Aquafornia news Delta Stewardship Council (DSC)

News Release: High Resolution Maps from Delta Plan

From the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC):

“The thirteen maps were originally listed in the final Delta Plan document using a standard print resolution. The high resolution versions are now available so that the detailed information on the maps can be more easily seen.”

Read more from the DSC news release


Aquafornia news Business Journal

Laird Reports on Bay Delta Conservation Plan

From The Business Journal:

“During a visit to Fresno on Tuesday, California Secretary for Natural Resources John Laird reported that progress is being made on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan that will be released for public review on Dec. 13.

“He said that although there are no specifics yet on downstream water capture and storage, it will be considered as part of the plan.

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Commentary: Extensive Planning, Detailed Analysis Have Gone Into Delta Project

From The Sacramento Bee, in a commentary by Terry Erlewine:

“Yes, Peter Gleick is confused. But in an op-ed, with the online headline ‘Why I’m still confused about the proposed tunnels in the Delta’ (Viewpoints, Nov. 6), whether he meant to or not, he misled readers about the Bay Delta Conservation Plan – the state’s proposed solution to the ongoing water system/ecosystem crisis in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.
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Blog: Revised Capital Cost for 3,000 cfs Single Bore Tunnel

From the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) Blog, in a post by Richard Stapler, California Natural Resources Agency:

“The Department of Water Resources has revised its estimate of the cost to construct a 3,000 cubic-feet-per-second, single bore tunnel that some stakeholders have proposed be incorporated into proposals to restore the ecosystem and water supply reliability in the Delta. In 2012 dollars, that capital cost of such a facility is estimated at $8.6 billion.
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Commentary: A News-Making March for Water, Told on Film

From The Bakersfield Californian, in a commentary by Lois Henry:

“Water can be such a complex issue that most people would rather not be bothered. For filmmaker Juan Carlos Oseguera, water became impossible to ignore as he watched family, friends and whole communities suffer from political decisions made about water decades ago and thousands of miles away.
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Commentary: Unreliable Water Supplies Cripple Farming

From The Fresno Bee, in a commentary by Chris Hurd:

“‘Everything comes at some cost.’ This statement certainly resonates with people like me who live and work on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley.

“We have disproportionately borne the costs associated with actions under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to protect fish species that occupy the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.”

Read more from The Fresno Bee

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Blog: Questioning Sandhill Crane Impacts

From the Alex Breitler Environment blog, Stockton Record:

“North Delta Water Agency’s Melinda Terry doesn’t pretend to be an expert on the biology of sandhill cranes.

“But she is pretty well an expert, at this point, on the voluminous reports documenting the environmental impacts of the governor’s twin tunnels project.”

Aquafornia news Stockton Record

Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: Bill Jennings — Water Officials Purposely Disregarded Issues

From the Stockton Record:

“The summer of 2013 was a bad one for fish in the San Joaquin River Delta, and California Sportfishing Protection Alliance Executive Director Bill Jennings says state water pollution cops exacerbated the situation by quietly promising they wouldn’t enforce state water quality standards.

“In particular, Jennings points to a May 29 letter from California Water Quality Control Board Delta Watermaster Craig Wilson to top officials for the State Water Project and the California operations of the U.S.