Aquafornia news Desert Sun

California Water Security Attainable, Study Suggests

From The Desert Sun:

“California could save more water than what its cities use in a year by ramping up its conservation and recycling programs and storing rainwater instead of letting it run off into the Pacific Ocean, according to a report released Tuesday.”

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Aquafornia news Riverside Press-Enterprise

Drought: More Water to Be Had In State, Report Says

From the Riverside Press-Enterprise:

“By recycling more water, capturing storm runoff and boosting efficiency on farms and at home, California would have more than enough water to cover its needs, even during a drought, the authors of a new report said Tuesday.”

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Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

Voluntary Cutback Falls Short in Bay Area

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Nearly five months after Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency and asked Californians to use 20 percent less water, almost everyone believes they’re doing their part.”

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Aquafornia news

Commentary: Time to Take the Big Picture in Dealing with California’s Droughts

From the Daily News, in a commentary by Diana Diamond column:

“Let’s not keep telling people to conserve more water, take fewer showers or recycle their washing machine with gray water. We need to do something much more dramatic to handle what, most likely, will be continuing droughts in our arid state.”

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Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

Avalon Bracing for Even More Severe Water Restrictions

From the Los Angeles Times:

“This harbor community [Avalon] is bracing for water rationing this summer and even more severe restrictions this fall in the face of continuing drought, dwindling groundwater and a rising demand from tourists who are flocking here in numbers not seen since 2000.”

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Aquafornia news

Commentary: Water Rationing in California Already Going Wrong

From the Los Angeles Daily News, in a commentary by Thomas Elias:

“It may seem odd, but the opening compulsory rationing measures have come in Northern California, closer to the big rivers now carrying lower-than-usual runoff from the high mountains than the big cities to the south, where water conservation is voluntary, so far.”

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Aquafornia news Riverside Press-Enterprise

Conserve or Face Possible Rationing, MWD Warns

From the Riverside Press-Enterprise:

“Regional water managers on Thursday expressed growing concern about the drought and implored people to conserve water outdoors, but they stopped short of calling for rationing.”

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Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Gets Smart Water Meters

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Across California, residents are being asked to decrease their water use to cope with the drought – 10 percent, 20 percent, sometimes more.”

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Aquafornia news Marin Independent Journal

Marin Municipal Water District Holds Off on Easing Conservation Percentage

From the Marin Independent Journal:

“The Marin Municipal Water District board this week balked at reducing the percentage of water it is asking customers to voluntary conserve even though water supplies are approaching normal levels.”

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Aquafornia news San Francisco Examiner

Water Use Continues as Normal Despite California Drought

From the San Francisco Examiner:

“California is still in the throes of an epic drought. But Bay Area water users are running taps, using hoses and watering gardens as usual, prompting warnings that The City is edging closer to mandatory water rationing in the coming months.”

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Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

Amid Drought, Water-use Penalties Hit Bay Area

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Asking people to conserve water? No problem. Ordering them to cut back or else pay up? Those are fighting words.”

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Aquafornia news Inland Daily Bulletin

Rip Out Your Lawn, Get Paid Double, Says Drought-minded Metropolitan Water District

From the Inland Daily Bulletin:

“The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is hoping that sweetening financial incentives will encourage residents and businesses to conserve water during the statewide drought.”

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Aquafornia news Associated Press

A Look at Water-saving Measures Across the West

From the Associated Press:

“Cities across the West have mandated water restrictions or asked residents to voluntarily cut back on water use to avoid shortages.”

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Aquafornia news Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert blog

Blog: Drought Hits California’s Capitol Park

From The Sacramento Bee Capitol Alert blog:

“The lush grass that normally carpets downtown Sacramento’s Capitol Park is turning into a blotchy green-and-brown rug this spring because state officials have decided not to water the lawn.”

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Aquafornia news New York Times

In California, Spigots Start Draining Pockets

From The New York Times:

“The municipal water utility in this city [Santa Cruz], home to wide beaches, sun-kissed weekend getaways and evocative alternative scholarship, just got tough. Last week it started rationing water — for nonfarmers, the most draconian response to date to California’s debilitating drought.”

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Aquafornia news California Department of Water Resources (DWR)

News Release: Californians Don’t Waste Hits The Radio

From the California Department of Water Resources (DWR):

“Save Our Water this week is launching a new statewide radio campaign to bring awareness to, and educate, Californians on how to save water every day. The radio campaign builds on an extensive statewide outdoor billboard program unveiled by Save Our Water last week.”

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Aquafornia news Santa Cruz Sentinel

Lompico Water District Imposes Fines for High Usage

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

“Joining Santa Cruz’s and San Lorenzo Valley’s districts, Lompico County Water District’s board voted Wednesday to impose penalties to its highest tiers.”

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Aquafornia news Contra Costa Times

Pleasanton City Council Institutes Mandatory 25 Percent Cuts on Water Usage

From the Contra Costa Times:

“Another Tri-Valley city has declared a drought emergency, as Pleasanton is ordering residents and business owners to slash their water usage by 25 percent.”

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Aquafornia news Capital Public Radio

Sacramento Water Conservation Cops Watch Every…Last…Drop

From Capital Public Radio:

“Tens of millions of gallons are escaping from faucets, broken pipes, and into gutters in the city of Sacramento every day.”

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Aquafornia news Vallejo Times-Herald

American Canyon Water Shortage Eased, Officials Report

From the Vallejo Times-Herald:

“The [American Canyon] city’s water situation has improved enough to abandon expensive emergency plans, city officials said Tuesday.”

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