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Editorial: Time has come for ban on plastic grocery bags

From the Sacramento Bee:

Banning single-use plastic bags is not going to save the environment. But it would help keep city streets, beaches and the ocean cleaner.

The state Senate, which stymied proposed bans in 2010 and 2012, has before it a balanced bill with broad support. When it comes up for a floor vote, probably today, senators should pass it.

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Preservation Ranch Officially Preserved

From the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat:

Nearly 20,000 acres of remote forest once targeted for vineyard development in remote northwest Sonoma County will be set aside as timberland and wildlife habitat under a landmark conservation deal that closed Friday.

The property commonly called Preservation Ranch near the town of Annapolis is now owned by The Conservation Fund, a national group that specializes in forest protection.

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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: Inland Southern California Water Use Drops

From the Associated Press:

The economic downturn has had an unusual consequence for inland Southern California: water consumption has dropped, allowing the region to meet a statewide requirement to use 20 percent less by 2020.

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