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Central Valley Project

Aquafornia news Associated Press

California Farmers to Get More Water

From the Associated Press:

“Drought-stricken California farmers and cities are set to get more water as state and federal officials ease cutbacks due to recent rain and snow, officials announced on Friday.”

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Aquafornia news Bureau of Reclamation

News Release: Reclamation Announces Update to 2014 CVP Water Supply for Settlement Contractors and Refuges

From the Bureau of Reclamation:

“The Bureau of Reclamation today [April 18] announced an update to the February 2014 Central Valley Project water supply for Sacramento River Settlement Contractors and wildlife refuges north-of-delta.
Aquafornia news San Diego Union Tribune

A sip to quench the thirst

From The San Diego Union Tribune:

“Some thirsty California cities and farms will receive a sip of water — not nearly enough to solve drought-induced woes but better than the nothing they had been expecting.

The state Department of Water Resources and U.S.

Aquafornia news San Francisco Chronicle

Court Reinstates Challenge to Delta Water Deals

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“A federal appeals court reinstated a challenge Wednesday from environmentalists to the government’s renewal of 41 long-term contracts for irrigation water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, a suit seeking greater protection for the endangered delta smelt and other fish.”

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Aquafornia news Associated Press

Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: Court Rules for Environmentalists in Water Fight

From the Associated Press:

“An appeals court said Wednesday that federal officials should have consulted wildlife agencies about potential harm to a tiny, threatened fish before issuing contracts for water from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.”

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Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

Judges Overturn Rulings on Sacramento River Contracts

From the Los Angeles Times:

“A decision by a federal appeals court Wednesday could allow for changes in water deliveries to irrigation districts that hold senior rights to Sacramento River supplies.”

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Aquafornia news

Commentary: We Got the Rain, So Where’s the Water?

From The Modesto Bee, in a commentary by John Michelena:

“I have mixed feelings when I see those blue ‘Pray for Rain’ signs along our country roads. Though I thank the Almighty for sending rain, I think our state and federal governments have been lying to us about California’s drought and water.”

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Aquafornia news Bureau of Reclamation

News Release: Reclamation to Increase Stanislaus River Flows on April 14

From the Bureau of Reclamation:

“On Monday, April 14, the Bureau of Reclamation will begin increasing releases from Goodwin Dam into the Stanislaus River to benefit Stanislaus River steelhead and San Joaquin River Chinook salmon. Goodwin Dam is located downstream from Tulloch Dam and New Melones Dam and Reservoir, features of the Central Valley Project (CVP).”

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Aquafornia news San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Drought-stricken Southern California Could Get More Water, Regulators Say

From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

“A somewhat optimistic Mark Cowin, director of the California Department of Water Resources, said the flurry of late-winter storms could cause regulators to open the flood gates of the State Water Project and the Central Valley Project ever so slightly.”

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Aquafornia news Sacramento Bee

Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: California Water Plan Unveils Hardships to Come as Drought Persists

From The Sacramento Bee:

“As California’s drought stretches toward the hot summer months, state and federal officials are planning extraordinary measures to protect drinking water supplies and endangered Sacramento River salmon, according to a plan unveiled Wednesday.”

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Aquafornia news

State, Federal Officials Officially Unveil Drought Plan, No Water Delivery Adjustments Made

By the Bay Area News Group:

“State and federal agencies on Wednesday officially unveiled a joint plan detailing how they will tackle the ongoing drought that has raised difficult questions about how California farmers, residents and wildlife share the dwindling supply of water.”

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Aquafornia news Capital Public Radio

California Drought Operations Plan for Water Projects Released

From Capital Public Radio:

“The operations plan provides a guideline of how the two water systems will deal with the drought from now until November.”

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Aquafornia news Sacramento Bee

Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: Rains Bring Relief to Sacramento Valley Rice Farmer, But Will It Be Enough?

From The Sacramento Bee:

“Water is the lifeblood of a rice farm, and Sacramento Valley’s recent rains have given grower Tom McClellan a bit of hope that 2014 will not be a wasted year.”

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Aquafornia news Gannett Washington Bureau

Feinstein Applauds Decision to Pump More Water in Central Valley, Seeks More

From the Gannett Washington Bureau:

“Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Wednesday applauded a decision by federal and state officials to release more water in the Central Valley, and pushed for much more supplies to be made available to the parched farming region.”

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Aquafornia news Los Angeles Times

Wednesday’s Top of the Scroll: California Water Managers Ease Delta Pumping Limits

From the Los Angeles Times:

“Officials announced Tuesday that they are temporarily waiving an endangered species protection to enable water managers to send more Northern California water south.”

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Aquafornia news Stockton Record

Delta Protections for Fish to Be Temporarily Eased

From the Stockton Record:

“State and federal officials said Tuesday they will temporarily relax protections for fish in the Delta in order to export more water to drought-ravaged farms and cities, the latest in a series of similar actions.”

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Aquafornia news Fresno Bee

Tulare Water Rally Protests ‘Zero Allocation’ This Summer

From The Fresno Bee:

“About 1,000 people — from farmworkers to farm leaders — turned out Wednesday for a water rally in support of east side agriculture at the International Agri-Center in Tulare.

“The rally, organized by the California Latino Water Coalition, protested the planned “zero allocation” of irrigation water this summer to east-side farmers by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.”

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Aquafornia news California WaterBlog by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences in a post by Greg Gartrell

Blog: Where Did All that Water Go? Some Dry Numbers on Today’s Drought

From the California WaterBlog by the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences in a post by Greg Gartrell:

“Various water interests lately have been blaming operators of California’s state and federal water projects for worsening this year’s drought. …

“As a longtime water manager recently retired, I had the interest, the knowledge and the time to investigate these claims.”

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Aquafornia news Capital Public Radio

More Water From State And Federal Projects Will Flow South From The Delta

From Capital Public Radio:

“The California Water Resources Control Board has approved a request to allow the state and federal water projects to export more water south from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.”

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Aquafornia news Best Best & Krieger LLP

Legal Alert: Ninth Circuit Upholds Delta Smelt Biological Opinion Pumping Restrictions

From Best Best & Krieger LLP:

“In a reversal potentially impacting the water supply to millions of Californians, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld a biological opinion issued by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) regarding the effect of California State Water Project (SWP) and federal Central Valley Project (CVP) operations on the delta smelt—a small fish located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The Ninth Circuit held the biological opinion valid, largely based on general principles of deference to federal agencies.