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Blog: Sacrament — a California Treasure

From Water | Food | Environment — The Blog of David Guy:

“In a brilliant new display on the intersection between the natural and human landscape, Butte County photographer Geoff Fricker explores the essence of the Sacramento Valley and reveals why the region is a California treasure that is unparalleled anywhere in the world.”

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Each Page Of ‘A Drinkable Book’ Kills Bacteria In Drinking Water

From NPR:

“The organization WaterisLife is developing a ‘Drinkable Book’ that not only teaches water safety but can actually be used to treat drinking water.”

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Around Yuba-Sutter: Local Author Signing Copies of New Oroville Dam Book

From the Appeal-Democrat:

“Local author Larry Matthews will sign copies of his new book, ‘The Building of the Oroville Dam,’ tonight [March 20] at the Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County in Yuba City.”

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Commentary: Writing of Rain in Los Angeles — and Elsewhere

From the Los Angeles Times, in The Reading Life column by David L. Ulin:

“We are due for a storm, of course — two of them, one this evening and another beginning tomorrow night — and we all know how badly California needs the water, in the era of the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge. …

“Rain is the best thing about Southern California in winter; about anywhere it falls, really, but especially here.”

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Commentary: Drought Preceded By Inaction

From The Salinas Californian, in a commentary by Dennis Taylor:

“When I was in college I read a remarkable book titled “Cadillac Desert” by the late Marc Reisner.
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News Release: The World’s Water Volume 8 Keeps Water Challenges and Solutions Center Stage

From the Pacific Institute:

“What do the controversy over fracking, desalination costs, and the growing Syrian civil war have in common? Water. Global freshwater supply affects a broad range of issues, including public health, food crises, and environmental catastrophes.

The just-released eighth edition of The World’s Water series, edited by Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute and the world’s foremost expert on freshwater, shows how water touches everything.

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Book Explores Ways to Be Smarter About Water Use

From the Redding Record-Searchlight:

“The most difficult thing about a water crisis, says Robert Glennon in ‘Unquenchable: America’s Water Crisis and What to Do About It’ (445 pages, Island Press, 2009) is convincing folks there’s a crisis.”

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Book Review: ‘The Fracking War’

From The Union:

“‘The Fracking War,’ written by [Michael] Fitzgerald, is a book about the practice of hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as fracking. …

“The events unfold through the main character — a newspaper reporter who has gotten wind of widespread sickness as a result of the fracking activities in the community.”

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Blog: The Delta’s Own Agatha Christie

From the Alex Breitler Environment blog, the Stockton Record:

“Joan Klengler emailed me the other day after reading about the latest effort to brand the Delta. Turns out Klengler, who lives in the L.A.
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Book Chronicles Businessmen Who Led Fracking Boom

From the Associated Press:

“Gregory Zuckerman’s book ‘The Frackers’ tells the unexpected story of how a once-obscure method of producing oil and natural gas from shale rock led to a huge American energy boom – and to a bitter debate over whether that’s a great thing or an environmental disaster.”

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Read more about hydraulic fracturing on Water Education Foundation’s

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Book: The Hardy Folks Who Found Gold in Shale

From The New York Times:

“The history of oil and natural gas extraction has largely been the story of men with long straws, as Daniel Day-Lewis memorably demonstrated in ‘There Will Be Blood,’ trying to drink one another’s milkshakes.

“Gregory Zuckerman, in his new book ‘The Frackers,’ plants a less cozy image in your mind.

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Blog: Boom — A Journal of California

From the Following Water in California blog by Stephanie Taylor:

“A new journal about California out of UCLA, with an entire issue covering water history and issues in the Southland.”

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Book Review: ‘The Ghosts of Lake Tahoe’

From the Tahoe Daily Tribune:

Author Patrick Betson is a storyteller. … He has handpicked some of his favorite tales and brought them together in a 12-story collection, ‘The Ghost’s of Lake Tahoe: The Stuff of Legends.’ …

“Some of Betson’s characters are fictional and others we recognize: John C.

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Commentary: What New Climate Report Says, What Needs to Be Done

From the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, in a commentary by Eric Pooley:

“The people who are paid to spread doubt and confusion about our changing climate have been working overtime this week, because the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a scientific body that includes thousands of the world’s best climate scientists, has just issued its latest assessment. …
Aquafornia news Stockton Record

Author to Discuss Book on Wetlands

From the Stockton Record:

“Phil Garone, an associate professor at California State University, Stanislaus, will talk about his new book, ‘The Fall and Rise of Wetlands of California’s Great Central Valley.’”

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Blog: Climate Activist Author Stops in Fresno on Book Tour

From the Fresno Bee Newsroom Blog:

“Author Bill McKibben, who is an award-winning journalist and a climate activist, will speak Saturday at Fresno City College as part of his latest book tour.”

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