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Lake Tahoe: Aquafornia Water Word(s) of the Week

IMG_0901_2-300x225.jpgAquafornia’s Water Word of the Week from sister site Aquapedia is Lake Tahoe. 

Lake Tahoe is just one of more than 200 definitions of water terms from A to Z on Aquapedia, the Water Education Foundation’s new interactive online water encyclopedia.

“World renowned for its crystal clear, azure water, Lake Tahoe straddle
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Aquapedia: Help Keep Information Flowing!

AquapediaLogo_3D_RGB-300x197.jpgThe Water Education Foundation’s new FREE, interactive, online water encyclopedia Aquapedia has been up for just over a month now.

Have you visited the site yet? If not, click here. Then let us know what you like or what you think should be changed.

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Aquafornia Water Word(s) of the Week: Flood Management

[caption id="attachment_91099" align="alignleft" width="270"]12_27_07_image164.0_018-300x200.jpg Aerial view showing levee repair work on the Sacramento River.

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Fracking: Aquafornia’s ‘Water Word of the Week’

Fracking: Aquafornia’s “Water Word of the Week” from its sister site Aquapedia.

To understand what fracking means and the complex issues surrounding it, take a look inside, the Water Education Foundation’s new interactive online water encyclopedia.

A glance at Aquapedia’s list of alphabetized topics included the following entry under Fracking [Hydraulic Fracturing]: “Hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as fracking, injects high pressure v

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River Report Summer 2013 Now Available!

RRSummer2013.jpgFrom the Water Education Foundation:

As the reality of the QSA’s future impact draws near, a sense of urgency is growing regarding what to do about the future of the Salton Sea.

For decades, it’s been known that absent dramatic and sustained action, the Sea would become an uninhabitable place for fish and birds as the terminal lake’s

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Aquifer: Aquafornia’s Water Word of the Week


Aquifer: Aquafornia debuts its new Weekend Wrap-up feature called “Water Word of the Week” with a word that coincidentally begins with the first letter of the alphabet.

A search on Water Education Foundation’s new site Aquapedia, a free online water encyclopedia, defines a

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Tuesday’s Top of the Scroll: A Major Announcement from the Water Education Foundation


Introducing Aquapedia: Your New FREE Go-To Resource for Online Water Information!

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Western Water: Finding the Fix


More from the May/June 2013 issue written by Gary Pitzer:

The 2009 legislative water package defined the co-equal goals for the Delta as “providing a more reliable water supply for California and protecting, restoring, and enhancing the Delta ecosystem.