State Water Project (DWR)


State Water Project (DWR)

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News Release: Oroville Spillway incident press briefing today

The Department of Water Resources will host a press briefing tomorrow, Monday, March 27 at 11 AM to provide an update on the following topics: 
• Flood Control Spillway to Ramp Down to Zero Flow Process
• Update on Emergency Response and Recovery Activities (03/26/2017) 

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Oroville Dam: Riverbend Park damage assessments begin; repairs will wait

Damage assessments have begun on Riverbend Park, but the Feather River Recreation and Park District says repairs won’t start until after spring runoff fluctuations in the Feather River flow end.

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Crisis at Oroville may be basis for renewed operations criteria – Coming snowmelt poses a problem in San Joaquin Valley

In the wake of a near disaster at Oroville Dam caused by heavy runoff and a damaged spillway, the former chief of flood operations for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said last week it may be time to reconsider how the reservoir is operated to avert such dilemmas.

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Editorial: DWR’s handling of Oroville Dam crisis keeps getting worse

The confounding statements from the state Department of Water Resources about the Lake Oroville spillway crisis just keep coming.

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Oroville Dam: Nature Center another casualty of high Feather River flows

Among all the conspicuous places closed as a result of damage from high flows in the Feather River during the Oroville Dam spillway emergency, there’s one that hasn’t gotten as much notice. The Feather River Nature Center is also closed.

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Damage, design flaws in Oroville Dam spillway point to lengthy repairs, consultants say

The main spillway at Oroville Dam is riddled with design flaws and so badly damaged that an independent panel of experts hired by the state has concluded it’s probably impossible to repair the structure completely before the next rainy season begins in November.

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Nearly six weeks after Oroville Dam crisis, authorities lift evacuation advisory

More than five weeks after erosion damage at Lake Oroville forced residents to flee to high ground, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday announced it had lifted an evacuation advisory.

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Despite Trump promise and a wet winter, California farmers don’t get full water supply

California farmers have a sympathetic president in the White House and have enjoyed one of the wettest winters on record. But those in a giant swath of the San Joaquin Valley, one of the most productive agricultural regions in the country, are due to get only two-thirds of their water allotment this year from the federal government.

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Thursday’s Top of the Scroll: California may face ’significant risk’ from Oroville Dam

Safety experts say there is no time for delay in a state plan to restore the 770-foot Oroville Dam, and they warn California would face a “very significant risk” if a damaged spillway is not in working order by fall, the start of the next rainy season.

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Lake Oroville inflows double in 24 hours, near 45,000 cfs outflows

Lake Oroville continues to drop, but inflows to the reservoir are beginning to catch up to the amount of water sent down the broken spillway and through the Hyatt Powerhouse.

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Oroville Dam builders share insight on original construction

In their 70s and 80s now, some men who built the Oroville Dam still remember those tough days well, some 50-odd years later. Most of the people they worked with have since passed on, but some of the former construction workers who are living in Oroville have continued to meet up over the years.

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Bigger walls, thicker concrete, more rebar: How a 21st-century spillway compares to Oroville’s 1968 structure

In the nearly 50 years since the Oroville Dam was completed, construction methods have changed. Chico State University construction management professor Chris Souder consulted on the Folsom Dam auxiliary spillway project which began construction in 2008 and is on pace to be completed in October.

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Department of Water Resources says cost of crisis at Oroville Dam tops $100 million; spillway gates reopened

The state Department of Water Resources Friday said the cost associated with the ongoing crisis at Oroville Dam totaled about $100 million through the end of February. … Meanwhile, dam operators Friday began releasing water down the damaged main spillway for the first time since flows were halted there Feb. 27.

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Sheriff Honea: Recounting Oroville’s Feb. 12

[Butte County Sheriff Kory] Honea shared what it was like to be sheriff of Butte County during the Feb. 12 crisis when Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway looked to be failing and thousands of residents needed to be evacuated.

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News Release: Releases from Lake Oroville continue

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) continues to operate the flood control spillway and Hyatt Powerplant to manage outflows from Lake Oroville. DWR resumed operation of the flood control spillway at 11 a.m. Friday, March 17. Outflows from the spillway are approximately 40,000 cubic feet per second (cfs). Flows from Hyatt Powerplant are around 6,750 cfs. (03/19/2017) 

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River running high as DWR opens space in Lake Oroville

Lake Oroville is dropping about 4 feet a day and the Feather River is running high, as the Department of Water Resources empties space in the lake to absorb storm runoff and snowmelt.

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Monday’s Top of the Scroll: Governor requests 4th federal disaster declaration for California storms

Gov. Jerry Brown asked the federal government Sunday to provide additional help for California’s storm recovery, including repairs at the damaged Oroville Dam.

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News Release: Oroville Spillway press briefing 9 a.m. today

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) will host a press briefing tomorrow, Friday, March 17 at 9 AM to provide an update on various topics including repairs to the flood control spillway and preparations to release water through that spillway.

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News Release: Lake Oroville releases and Feather River flows to increase Friday

As part of its ongoing management of water flows, the Department of Water Resources will increase outflows from Lake Oroville to the Feather River from the current 13,300 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 50,000 cfs between 11 AM and 2 PM on Friday, March 17 and then maintain those higher flows. … The Feather River elevation will rise between 10 and 15 feet early Friday afternoon, depending on channel geometry and location.

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Asbestos found in spillway rock; dust controls increased

Naturally-occurring asbestos has been found in the rock formations and in the air near the damaged Oroville Dam main spillway, according to a press release. Although California Department of Water Resources said risk to workers and the surrounding community is minimal, dust-control operations are being increased.