Give Water a Second Chance… Recycle It!

This 16-page booklet produced by the Foundation in cooperation with the WateReuse Association California Section teaches upper elementary students about how water is recycled. The text provides background information on the process of recycling water and its similarity to the water cycle, as well as the need for recycled water. 

The five engaging double-page activities include a decoding game about the parts of the water re-cycle, mazes through a wastewater treatment plant, on-line explorations of wastewater microbe life cycles, activities to identify uses for treated wastewater and an experiment about salts dissolved in water and the challenges for water recycling. 

Members of the WateReuse Association receive a 30% discount for orders of 10,000 or more. Discounts also are available for schools. Contact the Foundation, 916-444-6240, for details.

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