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Solution for the world’s water woes: Rising populations and growing demand is making the world a thirsty planet; the solution lies in people reducing the size of their “water footprints”

From BBC News, this commentary by Dr David Molden, deputy director of research for the International Water Management Institute (IWMI):

Today, one-third of the world’s population has to contend with water scarcity, and there are ominous signs that this proportion could quickly increase. Up to twice as much water will be required to provide enough food to eliminate hunger and feed the additional 2.5 billion people that will soon join our ranks.

The demands will be particularly overwhelming as a wealthier, urbanised population demands a richer diet of more meat, fish, and milk. The water required for a meat-eating diet is twice as much needed for a 2,000-litre-a-day vegetarian diet.

Cities and industries will also demand more water. Ironically, even new endeavours pursued in the cause of environmental preservation, such as producing biofuels, will place even more pressure on dwindling water supplies.

Clearly, we are heading toward a tipping point that could soon bring us to a day of reckoning when we will have literally made one too many trips to the planetary well.

Given the current rate of development, we will not be able to provide water for producers to grow enough food and sustain a healthy environment. The only solution is to learn how to live with less water by making much better use of what we have.

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