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California Farm Water Coalition responds to Porgans/Carter commentary, ‘Howling about the Drought’

The California Farm Water Coalition has this response to Patrick Porgans & Lloyd Carter’s post, Wolf Cries – Howling About Drought – All Wet – No More Doubts Officials Exaggerated Severity of Drought:

“Coalition viewpoint…These numbers provide a clear picture of the effect that governmental regulations and the drought, during the past four years, had on water users who rely on deliveries of water through the Delta. As indicated by the bloggers, the water years in the Sacramento Valley from 2006-2009 averaged 16.39 maf, which is a 60% increase, or 6 maf more than during 1989-1992. Despite this increase, water deliveries from the Delta were increased less than 10% during 2006-2009 in comparison to the previous years. Here are the numbers:

Sacramento Valley WY 1989-1992: Hydrologic Indices: 10.35 maf, South of Delta Deliveries: 4.33 maf

Sacramento Valley WY 2006-2009: Hydrologic Indices: 16.39 maf, South of Delta Deliveries: 4.37 maf

Where did the missing water go It certainly did not go to San Joaquin Valley farms or 25 million Californians who depend on it for their homes and businesses. “


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